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  1. Hello do u still offer color dmds for the large sega pins 


  2. Hey Guys, I'm proud to finally present a project I have been working on for the last year. Bit of a journey and will get a bit nerdy, so if you want to just check the final result you can jump to the bottom. Bear in mind, this was never meant to go into full production. I started with the intention of just building one for myself and I ended up getting a small lot of extras made up. I obtained a beat up TMNT DE a few years ago and decided to install a Pin2DMD in it. The first issue I faced is that the x16 Pin2DMD did not physically fit the back box door due to the location of the pin connector. The second issue was that the existing colour file was based on virtual pin dumps and would not work correctly. I set out to fix these issues and things grew from there. I initially contacted Malenko to see if he could fix the issues of his colour file but he was very busy and had sold his TMNT pin. Around the time I started, 64 colour support was added to Pin2DMD hardware, add to the fact I needed to redo a lot of the triggers I decided to start this project from scratch. If you have seen what this pin looks like for it's DMD then you probably know it's pretty... basic. When I first saw it I couldn't believe it was licensed as most of the content did not resemble what I had grown up with. I decided to replace the majority of the original content with updated, more recognisable content. So I created my own colour file using the arcade game as inspiration. I won't get into too much detail of how I did mine just in case, but real hardware was used and every frame was imported, edited by hand frame by frame and then exported with a unique palette for each scene. I then ran into an issue with the editor because it had a palette limitation and I had broken that. You will be happy to know that the latest firmware supports more than 250 palettes so that is no longer a problem. The colouring process has many components, it's not just creating, colouring and editing the frames but also key framing scenes so they start at the right time and display as they should. The difference with this project is, the majority of the original frames have been replaced with new images and scenes. While it can save some time colouring, you end up exporting, importing, exporting and then importing again and you still have to manually colour each frame and any dots that don't look correct. As for triggering, the last thing you want to see is the old original frame pop up. I battled with this for months and worked with Lucky1 the creator of the Pin2DMD to get some bugs squashed that were causing issues. He was very quick to send me private builds to test and as long as I could reproduce the issue, the bugs were quickly dealt with. This not only helped my project but anyone else who had a colour file and anyone else who buys a Pin2DMD. As this whole project started a year ago I started on Firmware 3.15, I went back to update not too long ago and it is up to 4.38 as of writing! Every time throughout the development process that a new build of my file was created, I would check its compatibility against the latest firmware. There was a little issue recently and Lucky1 managed to find the bug and put out a brand new firmware that made TMNT even better! I could go on but there is so much more to tell. I can confidently say though that my latest file is compatible with the latest firmware. I've spent 100's of hours on the colour file alone. During the colouring process, I contacted Lucky1 to see if we could get the original x16 Pin2DMD modified to fit a standard TMNT back box door. It took a while to get this happening due to everyone schedules so this was when I decided to relocate the DMD to the speaker panel and the light box to the back box door. It made sense on so many levels, this would allow for a full size Colour DMD, a better position for viewing and it would retain full functionality with the light box so you could easily see what mode you were in. What's better, when I started my colour file I made sure it would have both full screen and half screen scenes that was compatible with real hardware (half size) and virtual pin which can use full size. This was like the safe area on 16:9 footage, if you had the half size DMD, you could still see all relevant information but if you had the full size DMD you could enjoy more content. Making this choice from the beginning saved me a lot of work for this step. After this was all decided, Lucky1 came back to me and I helped him redesign the original x16 half size display to fit natively in a DE TMNT and a Checkpoint without using a saw to chop up your back box. This was uploaded for everyone to access. While the colour file was coming along, I started on designing the layout needed for everything to work as a converted unit. I wanted to make it as plug and play as possible and I wanted it to be up to a certain standard that I would be happy with having it in my own machine. This process took a lot longer than I had hoped and it was a massive learning experience too. Basically I tried to get as much done in Australia as possible, WA specifically. Unfortunately this was when WA was free as a bird and not only was every business in the manufacturing industry busier than ever, they had seemingly increased prices across the board. While I tried for months to make it happen in WA, even getting replies was becoming difficult, so it was Victoria to the rescue! For the speaker panel, I wanted it as close as possible to the original but with a larger cut out. The way this thing was folded, pressed and manufactured was not as simple as I thought. Thanks to Holy Snes, who without him this whole project wouldn't even exist, he was able to help me find someone in Victoria to build a sample for me. Not only that, he helped design a new speaker panel from scratch using the original as a base to work off with a few improvements too. After I was happy with the panel I got a small order shipped to WA which I then got sample powder coated. After going to a bunch of local powder coaters and trying different finishes, the end result was a triple coating with prep and a textured black finish. The light panel was also being designed at this stage and it had a lot of prototypes. It had a PCB, light boxes and acrylic which went on top. These were also designed by Holy Snes from the PCB to the light boxes. We went through so many different designs and materials to try and get the best looking result. I didn't want it to detract too much from the game but also be enough so you could keep track of what mode you were in. The PCBs were hand soldered in Victoria, the light boxes were prototyped and produced in NSW and the Artwork and acrylic was printed by Noodle Shirt in Sydney. I had purchased an Arcade Marquee for TMNT from someone on AA who told me Noodle Shirt printed it, so I finally decided that it had to be him to print these to get the quality I required. The harnesses for everything were also hand made as I always see a lot of people use screw terminals and wire. I didn't want to do any of that so I opted for molex connectors so everything could just plug directly into your existing cables on the TMNT Pinball machine. This makes installation much easier and straight forward to understand. Another touch was the speaker grill inserts. The first thing that did my head in was finding a green that wouldn't clash with everything but also blend in somewhat. I think it's a personal choice so I also got them done in plain black as well, just in case people wanted that option. It was a small number overall so that wasn't much of an issue. Holy Snes also designed a bunch of inserts made of stainless steel that went over the grill. There were 3 designed and he got a sample of each done up. After much back and forth and doing a survey among people I had to pick one and the Sai's won. He loved a different one which didn't win, probably don't bring it up with him or mentioned Checkpoint to him ; ) One of the main components has been sitting here waiting since last year, that is the actual Pin2DMD. The manufacturer offered some new finishes on the PCB so I chose a matte green for the DMD PCB as well as the light panel PCB. No one will see either of these details when the machine is on and closed but I thought it would be fitting for this project. There were lots of other components to consider for this project that I didn't really think of until a problem or situation presented. These were items such as stand offs, screws, nuts, what type of acrylic to use for the main DMD, testing a heap of speakers, and finally the actual box to ship it in. I searched online and ordered some ready made boxes but I wasn't happy with the strength. I ended up getting some custom boxes made locally and they finally arrived today. This is the reason for the post as I told myself I wouldn't announce anything until I had absolutely every part of this project on hand. So that's it. If you made it this far without skipping the entire post, congrats and thank you! I have attached some pictures of the product as well as some videos of it running on a real machine. I plan to list the small amount of units I have shortly for sale for anyone who is interested in upgrading their DE TMNT. A lot of hard work and love has gone into this project, so thank you for taking the time to check it out! and for anyone who actually wants to play it on their Virtual Pin, it's actually a free download which I will also attach here. I would like to thank the following people for helping me throughout this whole project, everyone played a meaningful role in getting this completed and I thank you so much for your help! @Holy-SNES Without him the project wouldn't exist. Lucky1 Creator of the Pin2DMD! @Wob for testing the colour file in its infancy right to the end and for his massive contribution to the Pin2DMD scene in general. Martin Knoppke for his help with LCM and just in general! Malenko for his original works that led to new work. Noodle Shirt for printing the artwork! @Arcade King for giving me a platform to post my stuff on! and anyone else I may have missed who contributed some way to this project. Thanks, Andrew pin2dmd.pac
  3. The HD panels could fit with making some extra space but the firmware needs to be updated to support the input for this machine. I believe lucky is waiting on actual device data for this machine to try and implement it. Currently I don’t think it is supported.
  4. Looking for the DMD PCB used on games such as Maverick, Frankenstein, Batman Forever & Baywatch. Preferably working, but will take a non working PCB if it isn't too bad. Thanks!
  5. Have messaged you. I haven’t started one here but people are welcome to ask questions and discuss on my thread. In terms of Pinball, Pin2DMD is the only thing I sell so all my time and energy goes into supporting that and the community. I understand there are others who sell them, but the majority would also be selling something I’ve been a part of (and many others too that have). These could be things such as firmware features, fixes and most importantly I’ve had involvement in some shape or form on over 20 colour files now and there are about 10 future games that aren't released yet that I am across at the moment. Sometimes that can be weeks or months of testing, dumping, ideas, fixes and help or creating one myself. I’ve also created a master list and a creators list and have been working towards dumping and helping get every single game coloured one way or another. Wob & Boofhead have also contributed to this as well among others (thanks guys!) The community effort from everyone means that anyone can contribute and anyone can benefit from these contributions. So by supporting me you’re supporting the future creation of more content for Pin2dmd. That’s not to say that other sellers don’t contribute, I can’t speak for them. But the time and money involved in getting the colour files etc isn't for everyone. I don't make any money off others colour files either, so any work I have done will benefit the authors directly. I also work direct with the factories and I've helped on a lot of competitors orders help fixing issues without them even knowing (at a factory level). It's a bit of a tough one due to the nature of the model. Someone can spend no time and not contribute and can sell them and others can dedicate a good proportion of their time to produce content and further the community and also sell them (and some choose not to sell them but still contribute). Again, nothing against those who don't contribute and just sell them. I cover all the machine types, all sizes (x16, x32, x64, HD) and know them inside out. TLDR; I spend many hours each week on Pin2DMD colour files, creation, improvement and help and it would be awesome if you supported me. Others also sell them and that is fine too! 🙂
  6. Hi there, Yes I offer a plug and play solution that is fully activated with colour file installed and power cable provided. You plug in the existing data cable from your pin and the power cable provided goes into your power driver board. All my units are also pre assembled. If you have any other questions let me know. Thanks
  7. A Complete all in one Extra Large HD Colour Display, speaker panel and speakers for WPC Pinball Machines. Very limited quantities available. These are massive, see the second picture for a comparison to a standard colour dmd. (Standard size, Sega and DE small panels are also available, send me a message for more information) Includes: - Fully Plug and Play, Setup with everything - New HD 256x64 Pin2DMD Colour DMD (Activated) - New Custom made powder coated metal speaker panel - New 30w Speakers X2 - New Speaker Grilles - New Acrylic cover - New Power Harness - New Speaker Harness - New MicroSD Card - 12 Months Warranty $799 + Postage & Colour file if a paid file. Will support ALL WPC games listed below. Please see details on each game. Any game with a light bar/lights in the speaker panel will not be able to have it transferred over at this stage (TAF, Dr Who etc). Games without a colour file available can run in a single colour of your choice. Paid colour files when purchased with the display are a flat rate of $30 each. Please note the colour file is produced by the author and not myself. The money for the colour file if any will go directly to them. It may have minor glitches etc but I am working with them to get updates out as soon as we can. Generally if a file is unfinished I won't offer it but you can request if you are happy to have that. Also please make sure your pin is in working condition, issues with power may affect the display. Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Free Colour File Available Hurricane - No Colour File Available The Getaway: High Speed II - Free Colour File Available The Addams Family - Paid Colour File Available Fish Tales - Paid Colour File Available Doctor Who - No Colour File Available Creature from the Black Lagoon - Free Colour File Available White Water - Paid Colour File Available Bram Stoker's Dracula - Paid Colour File Available Twilight Zone - Paid Beta Colour File Available Indiana Jones - Paid Colour File Available Judge Dredd - Free Beta Colour File Available Star Trek: The Next Generation - Free Colour File Available Popeye Saves the Earth - Paid Colour File Available Demolition Man - Free Colour File Available World Cup Soccer - Free Colour File Available The Flintstones - Free Colour File Available Corvette - No Colour File Available Red & Ted's Road Show - Paid Beta Colour File Available The Shadow - Paid Beta Colour File Available Dirty Harry - File Available Theatre of Magic - Paid Colour File Available No Fear: Dangerous Sports - No Colour File Available Indianapolis 500 - Free Colour File Available Johnny Mnemonic - Free Beta Colour File Available Jack·Bot - No Colour File Available WHO Dunnit - No Colour File Available Any questions, feel free to contact me.
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