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    Lai 4 player Tmnt cab with 6 multi switcher , egret 2 candy cab x 2, SNES, retro duo (does all nes/snes from all regions), Sega ms2, Atari 2600 woody, GameCube, Simpsons pcb, tmnt 1 pcb, tmnt 2: turtles in time pcb, cpt.America & avengers pcb, Raiden 2 pcb, asterix pcb, Raiden DX pcb, Raiden Fighters pcb, Raiden Fighter 2 pcb, galaga pcb, marvel vs capcom pcb, marvel heroes pcb, taito Superman pcb, sf2 world warrior Pcb, sf2ce pcb, sf2 hyper pcb, dynasty wars pcb, nba jam pcb

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  1. Diagonally? ... 22 cm or Inches?
  2. I think John had one but don’t know if selling. @Johns-Arcade ?
  3. Hi, which technos wwf pcb is it? (Wrestlefest, wrestle mania, superstars..) if it’s wrestlefest I’d love to grab it Thanks
  4. Hi I got one 6 in 1 switcher from RiddledTV (Jim) on Klov. He did mods for grounding, -5 and service sw. I also got a 3/4 player condenser board from him and some DuPont cables and jamma extenders etc for a 6 in 1 4-player project I’m working on. I got the other off gumtree. I also bought some nomotes from dogp on klov who sent them to Jim for me. Jim installed one on the switcher I got from him and sent the lot over to me. Holy-snes here on AA installed the the other switcher’s nomote for me (cheers mate). The nomote has a couple of great functions... first up it removes the remote (which are a bitch as when you have more than one switcher it changes all in range as they run on the same frequency) .. it allows you to assign button/s to switch between slots/boards at your discretion (eg. I selected start buttons for both player 1 and 2 to be held down for three whole seconds to trigger the switcher to change slots. It only powers one slot on the switcher at a time so the other slots aren’t chewing power and also lets you bypass empty slots if needed. It works great I hope my rambling explanation helps lol - - - Updated - - - Got the second switcher off gumtree.. can’t say off the top of my head which brand specifically for the switchers but happy to check when I get back from my hols down the coast .. cheers
  5. Candy Only the two candies at my place.. a nice pair of egret 2 though. The horizontal has a switcher with sf2ce, sf2ww, Superman, asterix, dynasty wars and psychic force. The vertical has a switcher with Raiden 2, Raiden dx, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, galaga and a 60 in 1.
  6. I have files for this .. I’ve been intending to get mamepatrol to print for me but I’ve been too busy with the usual study, work and kids lol I believe I have: I think one with the US design One with the lai design with black areas at the top corners One with lai design but artwork merged into the black areas so it look complete Also have the files for original US and Aussie lai designs marquees Also have the file for the arrows decal tha goes along the player start buttons section I’ll put them all into one file area this weekend and put up a link to share when I get a chance to sort it
  7. I use the website via my iPhone without a problem. I use google as my homepage though rather than safari. I find the apps unusable on my iPhone for whatever reason.. things overlap a lot which is chaotic on screen - - - Updated - - - Anytime I get similar I just press and hold the refresh in top right (circle-arrow) and then hit ‘request desktop site’. Got any that didn’t run to work that way.
  8. There’s one on feepay.. not mine and not cheap but yeah sega ... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172975205665
  9. +1 for the hisense. Hisense recently took over from Samsung as the biggest and best in tv sales worldwide. I worked in a retravision years ago and I can say that with tv’s, 95%+ of things that can go wrong will happen in the first two years. With the hisense 3 year warranty you’re covered. Bought two of the 65’s this year and both the kids and I love them.
  10. Saw this one on Facebook (not mine) smaller upright etc https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1232142653579596
  11. I’ll take the wrestlefest Are the carrier air wings, knights of the round, or pang 3 cps1 boards or bootlegs? If not bootleg I’d be interested in them.
  12. G’day, There’s nowhere I can think of that would be like shopping off a shelf for parts but there are arcade machine suppliers you can contact for parts in Vic. Arcadeclassics and Mancavemadness readily come to mind. I’ve gotten help a couple times from both places with restore work advice and/or parts and they were very helpful. There’s one out further east called I think 240 Anusememts but I’ve never been there or dealt with them so no feedback for you. To be honest though, if you post on this forum for what you’re looking for there’ll likely be someone on here with what you need at a decent price. Good luck with the build mate
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