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  1. Wanted, The Beatles pinball topper, official Stern version FOUND, thx
  2. Oh cool, a mate of mine is looking to buy but wants to try it out first
  3. Anyone know if there are any Beatles pinball machines sited in Melbourne? There was one at Moon dog in Preston, but that’s now gone Cheers
  4. Anyone want out of Godzilla Le, LMK we can work out a deal Cheers
  5. Wanted: Godzilla Le,  anyone need to move on their Godzilla Le LMK

  6. Took me a few plays, but now that I’ve got the feel of the game, it’s great fun Very interesting layout and the mini playfield is pretty awesome Easy to backhand the big left ramp, but I do find the right ramp to be difficult to backhand, not a big deal, but would be nice if that shot could be dialed in
  7. Congrats mate, it’s always awesome when a new pinnie arrives I’m hanging for the call from AMD to say my Le has dispatched, was told it would be this week 🤞
  8. Confirmed by Bruce, container with the Le’s will be arriving at AMD tomorrow Should be receiving it next week!
  9. Here’s hoping this week we get our Mando Le’s
  10. Anyone have a pair of inner art blades from Stern for Star Wars Not fussed on which design cheers
  11. 30 + years of Stern pinball book From Data East, Sega, Stern inc and Stern pinbal Keeping the ball alive Kickstarter book, nearly 250 pages As new condition Pretty hard to find these Autographed, with pullout poster Sold - pending payment Cheers
  12. The Beatles Diamond edition, cabinet (both side’s) decals I ordered a set of cabinet decals for my Beatles diamond (no longer have the machine) Was going to use these as wall art Both are mint and unused $125 posted
  13. AC/DC translite Original pro design In perfect condition $125 posted
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