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  1. Two issues: 1 - That's so low res you can't read it 2 - Hosting Gottlieb schematics on Aussie Arcade's servers isn't a good idea. There's a reason IPDB pulled all their Gottlieb stuff.
  2. ffmpeg will assemble jpegs the way you want if they're named in an order that makes sense. Here is an FFmpeg one-liner that does the job: ffmpeg -r 10 -pattern_type glob -i "*.JPG" -s 1920x1440 -vcodec libx264 output.mp4 To break down the different parameters a little: “-r 10″: the framerate (fps) “-pattern_type glob”: to allow for selecting all JPGs using “*.JPG” “-s 1920×1440”: downscales the images to a pseudo-like HD format “-vcodec libx264”: force to use this codec
  3. Halfway: $1820 raised so far. Would love to get to $3000 by the end of the year. You can read a bunch of stuff about why I do this on my MoSpace, and there's also donation buttons etc there: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/
  4. Shit, I knew I'd forgotten something this year... Here's the rundown thus far in the face fuzz fiesta. I'll be running things a little differently this year, so pay attention to rule #4 (not #32). Welcome to the style playoffs for deciding the monstrosity that graces Andrew's face in Movember this year. One round every week through October. Each week I'll link to a google form on which you can vote for your favourite (or least favourite) facial hair. The form asks for an email address to try and keep things balanced. I promise I won't use it for anything else. 1. Please enter a valid email. This is to prevent certain nefarious elements attempting to subvert the voting process (like my wife repeatedly voting for the least offensive option) 2. If you select the option, I'll notify you via email when the next round starts. Facebook pages aren't great at letting people know so this is a good option to check. 3. Democracy is great and all, but we all know that money is really what gets things done. So in that spirit, every $10 donated at https://mobro.co/ajfclark/ increases the worth of your votes. Make sure to multiply your voting power! It's way cheaper than last year! 4. Due to inflation (and some serious vote skewing last year) each $10 donation is good for only a week of vote tampering. So you'll have to keep track of results and donate a little each week to keep your favourite in front. 5. Share this far and wide. Like and follow the page for updates. Thanks! May the best (or worst) facial hair win! Round 1: Results: Round 2: Results: Semi Finals: Results: The final two: Voting closes 2022/10/31 24:00:00 AEDT (GMT+11) Vote: https://forms.gle/MMQEF4wYjeTnBzGr7 Bribe: https://mobro.co/ajfclark Please like and share with your friends! Rally support for your favourite! Root for it if you're from the USA. Barrack for it if you're from anywhere else! All money raised goes to suicide prevention and mental health services.
  5. I've been slack this year and forgot to post about this on AA.... I'll go revive my Movember dumbness thread...
  6. Technically, real neon is red... 😄 Argon, mercury vapour and krypton all spring to mind for whites and yellows... And yes, I know they're all generically called neon lights, even when they aren't using neon. I just find the fact the different gasses make the different colours fascinating, much like the additives in fireworks.
  7. Contact your telco. They may be able to take the IMEI and give you something magical. Otherwise, google some stuff and have a go. Miracle Box seems to be the software of choice:
  8. On my phone I use youcut. Actually pretty decent for putting together multiple clips, cutting, trimming, volume adjusts, text overlays, etc. Since I record a bunch of stuff on my phone it's often easiest to edit it there too.
  9. I feel like those aren't the right relays or is this something older that I'm not familiar with?
  10. Pinball Resource for Gottlieb schematics and manuals. They defend their IP pretty strongly, so I wouldn't discuss pirating there stuff.
  11. And there's loads of stuff they have that isn't on their website. If you know the part number, shoot them an email. If you don't,,, find the part number. For an example, search for GTB-986 on the news page. It's the only place this part is listed. http://www.pbresource.com/news.html
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