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  1. Getting to the pointy end of the style Play-Oofs. The voting in the quarterfinals was fairly lopsided (like some of my Mos over the years), but still very important to determine which styles went head to head in the semi finals. The D'artagnan (the style formerly known as... ) was the clear favourite, facing the style with the least votes in the quarters, The Double Decka. Should be some stiff competition there as two favourites face off! The DC universe will have to decide between Batman '66 and Questions Must Be Asked of (The Riddler). Will good triumph over madness? Here's where the voting sits at the moment. The dark bars are the straight votes and the lighter portion are the purchased ones. We can see the clear people's favourite for the first matchup is the D'artagnan, but the people buying votes are distorting the result! You'll need to rally against the corruption if D'artagnan is to survive to the next round. It's FREE to vote. Just click on the link. Send it to your friends! Submit votes: https://forms.gle/p2jkuFNSnmHbL12f9 Increase your voting power: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/ Don't forget, it's a twofer! My brother Matt will be annoying Jillian with the same horrible face fuzz! #movemeber #Movember2021 #suicideprevention #depressionawareness #MensHealthMatters #ProstateCancer
  2. Round 1 closes with a strong showing from the main contenders but a few close calls in their midst. Last year's Swirl was nearly last year's news, Doucheus Maximus bowed out early and the people generally picked the more interesting things and felt Uncle Chopper past his use by date. A week in and $620 raised for suicide prevention services already! I couldn't do this without your support so thank you to all those who have donated. Round 2 is now open! The new kid on the block takes on last year's champion, Questions will be asked of Chopper, Batman matches against 2019's champion and the Gypsies see who can steal the other's thunder... Voting on Google Forms: https://forms.gle/QRTrRHf4XyA2KzPF6 Multiply your voting power: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/
  3. Gotta do something useful while I'm still here. 😄 The current standings: This round ends midnight Sunday. Get in and vote to keep your favourites in the running. Voting via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/uSn644ohhrT4GFuV7 Multiply your voting power: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/
  4. With the AFL and NRL grand finals out of the way, it's time for the real excitement to start! Welcome to the style play-oofs for deciding the monstrosity that graces Andrew's face in #Movember this year. One round every week through October. Voting via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/uSn644ohhrT4GFuV7 I'm collecting email addresses this year to do three things: 1. Prevent certain nefarious elements attempting to subvert the voting process (like my wife repeatedly voting for the least offensive option) 2. If you select the option, I'll notify you via email when the next round starts 3. Democracy is great and all, but we all know that money is really what gets things done. So in that spirit, every $25 donated at https://mobro.co/ajfclark/ increases the worth of your votes by one. Make sure to multiply your voting power! May the best (or worst) facial hair win! Voting via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/uSn644ohhrT4GFuV7
  5. Is there a stable 5v line you could tap a USB female to? https://www.amazon.com.au/Alligator-Clips-Female-Adapter-Cable/dp/B011IZQAPY Failing that, the 240v comes in at the back? Tap that to a socket and just plug in a normal charger? https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-10a-miniature-plug-base_p4430736 Could also use one of the female tails you've cut off gods know how many extension cords replacing the line cord on old machines...
  6. Nice work to the po po and/or whoever else helped get this back to the rightful owner.
  7. You like hugs too... but I won't... ...hold that against you....
  8. It is a great machine. I think it would do really well on site in the right location. It's very bright and friendly and the 'bump buttons' thing is a surprisingly cool toy. The flipper buttons pulse when various things happen like pop bumpers or pulsing before the start of multiball is weirdly effective.
  9. Thanks. I'm thinking about putting in a shed and hoping that 4.36 x 6 will work for the main room.
  10. Bit of thread necromancy... In the end, I got a few PEM Studs in an order from marco: https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/20-9393-6 Punched out the busted one and punched in a new one with some loctite and it seems to be holding up.
  11. I do, and I need to move it on at some stage in the near future (currently n+1 or +2 depending on how annoyedc with me my wife is...). Just have to get Dr Dude back together so I can get Al's out the door... though if someone wants it they should just PM me and I'll dig it out.
  12. Al's Garage Band has a drum solo video mode. Buttons as fast as you can. Good stuff.
  13. That would explain the size of the codpiece in Labyrinth.
  14. For a hold relay on a coin door or something? I usually use a rectified A-16890. I have 2 which I could leave in my mailbox if you're through town picking stuff up? They don't work that well on a 'tilt hold' as they tend to hold their magnetism too long though. Still you're welcome to them.
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