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  1. You couldn't get a nicer guy to host this event people. Im always made to feel welcome when i deliver machines in QLD
  2. I want to play i just have no time... Most people that keep them in a box make more money from them.
  3. Whats stupid prices i have my CE still in box i just have no time delivering the spoiled their Pinball Machines :)
  4. This wont beat Maiden but hey its another pinball and that's a good thing, But the price fuck me same as a GNR LE now but half the weight.
  5. Being Fathers Day maybe he is being normal for once and having a nice lunch somewhere. Nah not the Bill i know.
  6. Never Ever. I still cant finish Maiden.
  7. Might be up again in a week or so to play yours no reason to unbox mine hahahaha
  8. Nope delivery man always misses out he needs to be paid.
  9. Such a great game still enjoying my LE i even like it more than my Metallica i think.
  10. WOZ is the heaviest i have moved. Its not 180kgs though more like 145kgs out of the box. RFM with original monitor is the heaviest but that shouldn't count imo.
  11. I ordered one but not sure it went through. Absolute joke of a system stayed up all night and had to work and still missed.
  12. Does Australia get a different access to this game or is it just first in?
  13. It just goes to show theme is everything for me. Utraman does nothing for me but Halloween im drooling
  14. @Jfed well you could sell me that ACDC and make room for Halloween. Remember when i said get on GNR well this is similar.
  15. Dream horror pin for me considering i once owned a horror dvd shop. I cant miss this!!!
  16. Imagine this as a multiball just Wow with the lights off.
  17. Gee if Thailand was possible I'd sell these and flee.
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