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  1. I nominate Bill to go on your podcast :)
  2. Pinball each to their own we agree on Rush but disagree with this one mate a lot of fathers out there that will enjoy this with their kids. Its just a light game with plenty of fun i was not bored at all. Gonna be lots of pinballs for sale soon full stop just like houses. I'm saying someone asked to buy my CE already. At Pauls pinballsales
  3. Played yesterday actually a very fun game i liked it better than Wonka. Top players might find it a bit easy but im average at best so it suits me fine. I didnt find it annoying at all and i was worried i would. I got asked if i would sell my CE spot the other day so plenty missed out for all those that pulled out.
  4. Really weird as i was actually in his office. But i am ok with it if i am mistaken.
  5. CE list is very long in Australia i spoke to Paul the other day. I personally know of about 20 people getting a CE and the LE are selling quick also. I think it will be a fun game and shoot well. For me game of the decade is Rush what a surprise that game was fark me. I hope to play a Toy Story soon and i really hope it is as fun as what is talked about. Toy Story Ce will be worth 30k by the end of the year!
  6. Damn a Hendrix homage im drooling just wish i could play better to get to this mode. Is it possible maybe a Hendrix pin on the horizon
  7. I think between 10-20 LE's I know of about 10 for sure. I am really loving this game.
  8. Yep what a game this will be the biggest sleeper in Australia it is soooo good could be Borgs best even better than my Metallica. I loved Godzilla didnt play it enough but i am liking this better yes i Like Rush the band just my thoughts on it. Getting Godzilla later in the year so side by side will be interesting.
  9. I think it is about 50/50 both as important as each other. But you don't buy machines so who cares what you say hahahaha. Rush LE this week yay!!! great band great theme.
  10. So with that logic JP on My Little Pony would be just as good.
  11. Theme has a lot to do with it thats why Maiden shits on JP in my eyes.
  12. Looking for either of these machines Cheers
  13. I'm in on an LE. I gave up smoking years ago and can still justify 1 new pinball per year. I also work bloody hard and deserve fun. I like Rush not love them would prefer Pantera or Slayer or Sabbath but this actually looks pretty damn good way better than Led Zep and that was a dream pin of mine that i passed on an LE. Borg games i normally like and the code looks like it could be going places. I read something about a pretty decent Wizard mode or something to do with multi ball that sounded great but can not remember the details it was late at night. How many people on AA are in on a Rush pin i know of about 5 i think so super rare. I still think Godzilla is the pin to own this year though.
  14. I had my name down for an LE as new this would be good and missed so looks like a premium down the track for me.
  15. Did you get an LE you lucky bastard!!!
  16. After playing Godzilla i delivered an LE the other day i think i know what my next Stern purchase will be.
  17. Apparently this book was copyrighted 2020 no conspiracy theory here. https://www.amazon.com/UNDERSTANDING-OMICRON-VARIANT-Questions-Informed/dp/B09MYL7R13
  18. I Identify as a conspiracy theorist everything i now say you have to accept and learn just like the non binary.
  19. If i wasnt saving for Toy Story i would have snapped this up great buy for whoever bought it.
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