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  1. You couldn't get a nicer guy to host this event people. Im always made to feel welcome when i deliver machines in QLD
  2. I want to play i just have no time... Most people that keep them in a box make more money from them.
  3. Whats stupid prices i have my CE still in box i just have no time delivering the spoiled their Pinball Machines :)
  4. This wont beat Maiden but hey its another pinball and that's a good thing, But the price fuck me same as a GNR LE now but half the weight.
  5. Being Fathers Day maybe he is being normal for once and having a nice lunch somewhere. Nah not the Bill i know.
  6. Never Ever. I still cant finish Maiden.
  7. Might be up again in a week or so to play yours no reason to unbox mine hahahaha
  8. Nope delivery man always misses out he needs to be paid.
  9. Such a great game still enjoying my LE i even like it more than my Metallica i think.
  10. WOZ is the heaviest i have moved. Its not 180kgs though more like 145kgs out of the box. RFM with original monitor is the heaviest but that shouldn't count imo.
  11. I ordered one but not sure it went through. Absolute joke of a system stayed up all night and had to work and still missed.
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