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  1. Ok they must have paid a bit to air freight one. Yeah TS4 was a hard pass on theme alone, then I saw it and heard the feedback. Someone will buy but I'm definitely in the 76% of 1100 or so on Pinside that are passing. Really wondering how they will indeed go selling here in the current market. Lot of disposable income that would have gone on it is going to people's holidays at the moment. Thens there's the folks starting to sweat with the economy and stock market. I've had mates cancel out of holiday plans even due to the market. Don't know I was personally ever into Rush as a theme I've never had any interest, I'm sure it shoots well though.
  2. Wow, literally first positive report I've read. Where did you play it?
  3. Yeah hopefully JJP make Godfather as rumoured next. On the other hand classic Godzilla by Stern is hardly a kiddie theme, nor is Rush obviously. Next in the pipeline from Stern could be Bond or JAWS. The only slightly kiddieish theme rumoured from them is Venom, but depends if you class comic book themes as 'kiddie', as not everyone does of course.
  4. General rule of thumb, but Covid has done crazy things to the market. The boating market, just like cars, caravans and other stuff like guitars, keyboards, pinballs etc, has been really inflated since Covid. I'm getting out of a share in one as we speak and set to get back quite a lot and it's been sold at 7.5% less than what it cost as an already 20 year old boat. This is why I've had a strong feeling for a while now the pinball market will come right back with the rest of these markets. I originally used the example of people no longer being so home orientated post Covid originally with only the possibility of interest rate hikes. But now we've seen two interest hikes in quick succession and the stock market and crypto going down. This can't be bode well for the local appetite to both hold or buy machines in over $20K level, let alone $15K+.
  5. I'd say that calcs about right. Pretty absurd for what you're getting really and a hell of jump since GNR.
  6. I'd say you've summed up what many have said so far across the 'interwebs' on it. That's a good way to put, distract kids away from their devices with another device looking thingy on the pf lol.
  7. This theme has always been an easy pass for me. I wouldn't buy a machine with 16 yr old daughter in mind as she'd barely give it a look in. I'm sure there's plenty of people who'll fork out for this 'family pin'. The design is pretty underwhelming on top thought, not what I'd call Pat Lawlor's Swan Song by any means - too much rehash as people have pointed out. Bring on The Godfather, then I may finally buy another JJP. Meanwhile lets see if JAWS and or Bond turn up from Stern. I also reckon JJP's claimed TS4 CE sellout is based on their website allocation, not games through their distributors as wouldn't have the feedback so quickly to announce it.
  8. I'm going to say, too many gun NSW players ruled out like Latrell, Trbojevic, and especially Papenhuyzen. Sets up a good game 2 in Perth though. Get those Sandgropers watching something other than the AFL for a minute!
  9. I was in a typing class in high school briefly before moving, from there it was just all computers anyway. Yeah for me it was the moment I saw it was Ashley Klein refereeing the match. To start with, the absolute bs penaltly for Critchton lifting Munster above the horizontal - he landed flat on his back, just his legs fold up on impact (not his torso and head angling down at the ground in the tackle) and it was hard and fast tackle. Then the Paulo being held in the scrum was what really cost the Blues the game.
  10. Lol, it definitely comes across that way in forum response. Not surprised you say you're old regarding typing caps, I could have guessed you'd say that. I'm over 50 but I guess I've used computers too long. I don't think anyone gets offended but they do assume it's an age thing like I just did lol. Go the Mighty BLUES!!!!
  11. Yeah I've seen enough of the machine man. Theme doesn't interest me at all. Purely curious how many in the end actually cane in given AMD weren't expecting many at all to be ordered here in Aus due to Rush's specific lack of following. Plus I'm more than happy right now with GZ. The Rush gameplay seems to be decent enough though in the end, significantly better than LZ say. BTW, turn off your caps maybe when you post.
  12. Yeah I've had my ebbs and flows in pinball. Probably 12 years ago was my last time I fell out a bit. More recent years I've been back on probably since I picked up GB, and kept going. JP was definitely a high point for me in recent years. I played Maiden at the distribs and appreciated the work Elwin did with it but ultimately just couldn't come at the theme, like so many Stem rock themes aside AC/DC. JP got a big uplift with the custom software and definitely going nowhere. R&M was a nailed it theme for me and damn hard game to keep me going for a long time to come. Remember when I played Alien at Flipout when it first came out, couple games on it and I was cured, similarly with the guy I played a game with. Definitely a theme I wanted but the game just didn't grab me at all sadly. So if GZ doesn't ignite a bit of passion it might be time to take a break for a while, I know it helped me immensely back in the day.
  13. That's a tough one. In an ideal world, JP would be very low on my list to move on. I know to make way for GZ, I has less qualms about selling my DPLE over my JP Prem.
  14. GZ is definitely giving me plenty of enjoyment, won't be going anywhere for a long while. Certainly won't be swapping it out for a Rush either 🤣. It's also definitely ascended past JP as the fav Elwin in my collection. Love how they keep adding all kinds of new features with every update rather than just boring bugfixes.
  15. I'm really curious now to know how many machines have landed so far. I'm counting like 5 I know of from people here.
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