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  1. Ok folks, let's pump the brakes a little bit here. Pinsanity's comments on Pinside have been noted and are under review. 1) As some of you already commented, yes, it's clear he has some kind of axe to grind. 2) We assumed the comments were largely inaccurate, just because of the above point. 3) Yes, most of us are unfamiliar with the specific details of the unfortunate Bumper Amusements fiasco. However, we also have our fair share of controversies, so we are familiar with the drama they tend to dredge up. 4) Note that we apply more of a "free speech" approach to the Pinside forums, and generally do not arbitrarily delete or censor posts, unless there is a clear and extreme rules violation. To see our forum rules, you can review them here: https://pinside.com/pinball/help/pinsidecom-community-rules 5) I don't know what your organizational structure is or who is ultimately in charge around here. We received two messages from people listed as moderators/administrators on AA. One was reasonably cordial and about what we could expect from peers of another community, the other was....well, not. Robin (the site owner) will be reaching out to one of the AA moderators privately as his schedule permits. Each member is responsible for their own words. Safe harbor provisions apply in some shape or form to most platforms & service providers on the Internet, and in most non-communist nations. On top of that, international civil lawsuits, like the one you attempted to threaten us with, are beyond complex and prohibitively expensive to pursue. We are receptive to cordial discussions, and would hope to not see a dialog opened with a salvo of unkind remarks, to put it lightly. We don't spring into a frenzy every time someone says disparaging things about Pinside on the Aussie Arcade forums. Most of the time, they're either not true, one-sided, or just selective cherry-picked facts. We have our fair share of unhappy users too, who also like to say negative or disparaging things about our site on other platforms (including your site), and I certainly sympathize with your feelings about it. We don't generally make much of a big deal about it, since it's usually obvious what those kinds of comments actually are. It goes without saying that I would hope there could be a reasonably cordial relationship between the various pinball communities on the web. It's usually those few loud/toxic troublemakers that end up unfairly representing our respective sites to each other, usually with personal vendettas of some sort or axes to grind. For instance, not too long ago you ended up banning one of our infamous banned members, who has been rotating from community to community, and usually has fairly unkind things to say about our community. But, I'd like to think most people are smart enough to be able to see through that sort of thing. Most of us are just your average enthusiast or hobbyist, and I assume the AA community is much the same in that respect. To think that one or two trolls or toxic posters is representative as a community as a whole would be a little disingenuous to that community. I'm not too familiar with the Aussie Arcade forums, but I assume the broad strokes of the community are reasonably familiar to ours--just a bunch of folks gathering together to share their interest and enjoyment of pinball.
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