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  1. bump still after a working final lap 1 pcb.
  2. I took a break from the pinball and I went back over it and the cables for the interlocks were hooked up incorrectly and was causing the spike in the voltage now i just have to sort out a few issues with switches and coils on the playfield. thanks for the help.
  3. bump still chasing one thanks.
  4. Thanks, guys lucky I got to celebrate it one day before Victoria got locked down again.
  5. hi guys i am chasing a 1162 in 1 elf PCB or similar amount of games Thanks for looking
  6. i changed the rectifier and no difference the fuse was correct. this is the voltages i got from connector J17 and J11 this is a non working project that i picked up originally J17 pin 1 : 4.9v pin 2 : 10.8v pin 3 : 10.8v pin 4 : 4.9v pin 5 : gnd pin 6 : 1v pin 7 : 55.7v pin 8 : 8.9v pin 9 : 8.3v J11 pin 1 : 27.8v pin 2 : 1.2v pin 3 : 10v Thanks
  7. Hi guys i am having an issue with my striker xtreme it is blowing fuse F7 I believe it is due to the transformer putting out too much voltage, as i have unplugged everything but the power from the transformer and it is still blowing fuses. also i previously had a rottendog board in and it blew up a capacitor and the 20v test point was reading at 50v. it currently has a Sega power board in the machine i just do not want to blow the board up and i am not sure how to check the transformer as when i have tested while unplugged i was only getting about 5v instead of 48v thanks
  8. bump I am still after a working final lap pcb thanks.
  9. Thanks guys I’m still around just don’t have as much time anymore to get online busy chasing a toddler around now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi guys I am after a working final lap pcb Thanks
  11. Hi guys i am chasing a working Final Lap PCB Thanks, Coolspot
  12. Hi guys I am after a working big buck hunter or golden tee fore red pcb thanks guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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