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  1. hey Ross, great chatting with you today. Welcome aboard, lots of info and people here to help you get your 1st (2nd, 3rd...........) pinball. Keep in touch and good luck.
  2. Anybody know when I can buy the full size Garlando/simliar playfield decal that goes under the playfield glass within AUS?
  3. hey Chris, try Swyftx, its has a demo mode so you can try buying and sellling coins - its a wild ride but thats what makes it exciting. Heaps of youtube tutorials - sing out if you need more info. This is a massive space - start slow.
  4. lovin my GnR but after playing my 160th game my flipper rubber just snapped and my others are looking worn out already. 🤬
  5. now sold - thanks to all for your interest in it.
  6. Advertising this pinball for sale on behave of some else. Boards are all good Works and plays very well. DMD is good Manual and flyer Come with a new set of MT pinball cabinet decals - but current decals are ok with a few marks/scratches playfield is very nice STNG balls Other parts included (see pix) email me at judgeboz@gmail.com if youre interested. IMG_6184.heic IMG_6185.HEIC IMG_6186.HEIC
  7. Just wondering how you can extend the video and audio to an external tv and speakers.
  8. just got an email from PS saying shipping update due 9th August.
  9. just the arm - I have everything else.
  10. Im looking for a DE Tommy blinder arm within Australia before I go overseas. Let me know if you have one or know where I can get one in Australia.
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