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  1. I read in that link from @wiredoug the rom swap they talk about mods the game with a timed skillshot, not real sure if that is checkable but it also mentions the mini playfield now has lane change when in use which the original roms do not. Should be easy enough to check if it does have these Home Roms.
  2. Your the man if that turns out to be the problem @wiredoug . Be hanging to see this Jungle Lord get the @Dedrok treatment and this most frustrating bullshit problem comes up. Oww well, all good things take time. I say frustrating because it really is a problem that shouldn't exist.
  3. Yes if they work in attract mode, that confirms the wiring, bulbs and sockets are all good back to the board as far as I can see. What does it do when you put the machine in lamp matrix test?. They still work correctly like in attract mode?. Found some sweet play cards though....
  4. Those lights on the mini playfield are controlled by the lamp matrix according to the diagram. They call them "mini playfiled illumination" on the lamp matrix diagram so I asume that would be the lights that aren't working correctly? Funny they use a number of drives to run the collection of bulbs that all make up the mini playfiled illumination. These are the matrix lamp numbers.... 24....it drives two bulbs 32 38 47 48 K1 special relay looks like it does just contol all the GI like you suspected but it is broken in two circuits all feed from the one 20amp fuse. One circuit is lower playfield and the other is upper and cabinet. These two circuits are after the relay Not sure how you'll view this on your phone but... https://www.ipdb.org/files/1338/Williams_1981_Jungle_Lord_Manual.pdf Let me know if you need the wire colours to the bulbs. not listed on the JK diagram.
  5. I'm thinking it may have the earlier style power supply board fitted. Should have the GI relay mounted on PS board itself rather than an external relay on a seperate board like that used on Blackout.
  6. Question for you. What Williams was the first to have the scores that strobed slowly to indicate what player was playing?. I'm thinking Black Knight but not sure if it was Alien Poker or Algar? They all flash till you score but this slow strobing went on through the whole ball whenever you hadn't score for a couple of seconds. Any ideas?.
  7. I'd locate the knocker in the head. Couple of reasons. Less wire and less connections. No need for the spring or a plunger with the spring keeper. Any nylon tipped plunger will do and it all works on gravity. Basically, less to go wrong. Apart from these reasons, I do love a loud knocker and the backglass does nothing to quiten them unlike in the cabinet. Pretty sure earlier Sterns did have it mounted here but if not have a look where the knocker is mounted on Ballys like Mata Hari.
  8. The wires to the fish coil broke regularly when the games were getting over 6-700 games a week. Simple solution for wires breaking through fatigue at a solder joint is form a spring in the wire. I had this shown to me many moons ago but I thank that guy, long dead now. Grab a pen and twist the wire around it a couple of times to form a spring shape. Not to many twists or the extra weight of the wire will work against your intention. Now solder the wire on. The wire suddenly stops breaking. Magic.
  9. If the machine worked prior to being stored chances are your problem will be wiring connections related rather than board problems but you may be lucky. At least sending them to Ken takes out a board fault as your problem and he can put them on a test bench and test properly that would take you hours so pretty good value for money if you ask me.
  10. Big hours mate. I hope this isn't a love job. Creatures never did much for me but that Snack bar mod looks excellent.
  11. Should be a few getting around. We had a couple stolen on site. Ebay has the fish.......Singing fish Both major parts suppliers in Vic have the plastic doom. One has the fishtale ball launcher complete I think I read you were after as well?. That just leaves the board the fish mounts on and the coil attaches to. I'd have a go myself and make something better if I was you. Getting a 2nd hand one may take a long time and probably cost far more than it's worth.
  12. My work bench I'm using at the moment is a footstool I kid you not. Can't really stand for to long ATM so footstool it is. My proper workbench in the garage is a injected old approach lane 2400 X 1100 X 80mm thick from a bowling center. Approach is the part you walk on to get to the part of the lane you bowl on. Injected with resin so it if very hard and heavy. Took four guys to lift the top out of the ute and place it on the legs. Sits on 50 X 50 steel tubular legs bolted to the floor slab and the bench. Back of the bench is bolted to the house wall. Not exactly mobile but it doesn't move when using the vice for bending steel. I would say I win the heaviest workbench comp if there is such a title.
  13. Arr the 6 wheel drive. Noot story there. I was well underway making one after building the buggy. A machine the wife and kids or whoever could come remote camping and just a damm fun machine but then we bought the farm. Best machine for the farm was quads and the farm, building the farmhouse took all my spare time so the 6 X 6 was one project I never did get to finish. He's some pictures of it during the build before I stopped....
  14. So, now I have some pictures, worthy of a restoration and keep in the family or sell it on?.
  15. Vid's guide...Bally/ Stern driver Board Repair / Bulletproofing...... https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/vids-guide-quick-bally-driver-board-repair-bulletproofing Pages 8, 9 and 10.
  16. Putting in the link cables on the Bally and Stern soloniod driver boards is worth the 5 minutes it takes. I agree with @ocyen as well though. the old rectifier boards were rubbish.
  17. We always ran twin slot machines with the two outer slots used. Not only does it look better, you can link them to display one coin total. Bit of trivia, the left slot gets used nearly twice as much as the right if they are both the same value. ( Human nature I guess). LAI WPC supplied machines all came with the multicoin slot on the left and the $1 only coin slot on the right for this exact reason. Paragon was 40c for 5 balls or 20c for 3 balls originally. if you wanted. It was around this time with Ballys were you started getting multiple coin options plates in the envolope. Prior to this it was just your standard 2 spare 20c 1 play. These are most that were avaliable Aussie wise to suit SS. The dollar ones started appearing around Dolly Parton after the US dollar diamond started appearing on the front door. I was using the dollar ones for the center in my machines when A$1 coin mechs become standard but when Bally started supplying such inserts originally, there was no Aussie $1 coin mechs. Slight oversite by the Yanks I guess.
  18. Well boys, that does look promising and thanks for the help so far. I think I'll go the tablet route simply because I have them just sitting here. Is it possible to alter the boot of the tablet?. Have done PCs and consoles before by altering the bios but I know nothing about Android or tablets. Not even sure if they use a bios or if it can be altered.
  19. Yer, yer I know, "never lubricate a pinball machine". Been reading and seeing that for years.........Put the smallest drop of WD40 where the spinner goes through the frame and then take a video. Ideal time to see the difference while it's easy to clean completey off if your unhappy with the results. Never checked the results with a micro switch activated spinner but the old school leaf switch spinners were good for about 5 times as many spins.
  20. Yer I thought Samsung tablets were running android but wasn't certain. If your into touch screen games or probably better decribed as adult games, the Touch Master games are for you. Not that they are adult games, a touch screen just seemed to excepted by adults better. As for using other than a touchscreen to control them, I think it would kill some of the games. One game comes to mind where you are throwing basketballs into a hoop and the ball comes back at the screen and you touch that part of the screen to grab the ball. Drag your finger to move the ball and tap the screen to fire the ball back at the hoop. I think it would be a bit like trying to play Missile Command with a joystick instead of a trackball. There were a few shooting style games like that. Most of our machines started life as a 4000 but LAI that imported the games would get upgrade roms from Midway. We would order the new roms, swap the pretty sure it was 6 roms and the machine now had a collection of new games and it was no longer a 4000. This turned out problomatic as sometimes this meant a popular game would go and the clients let us know and we would swap the roms back to get that older popular game back. If MAME allows me to have all the games from all the roms, I'll be a very happy boy. There were some cool card games. It had the best version of Patiants I have ever played not that I'm a real fan of the game, I did quite like this version. Puzzle games were popular especially with the women. Yes, women play coin op games if you move them into the bar area we found. Really hopeing I can get this working correctly one way or the other. Tablet operation would be superb. I'd velco the tablet to the post beside my bar area but I do have a couple of these tablets so a bar top version would be nice as well. The tablets I have are Galaxy Tab 3s and they are definately 16Gb units by the way. Is this suitable?.
  21. That is so true. A Bally tech once told me these pinballs are designed to last 5 years. Fortunately that old US technology was designed with repair in mind and not throw away and that is why they are still here.
  22. What about if I used a tablet?. I have 3 Samsung tablets I did use but seem to do no work at all these days because they were only 16GB unless you put in a OMG adapter to a usb hard drive. It was not really viable once I made the RPi into a media center but if I could load MAME on one of those solely to run these games, I'd be happy. They aren't exactly doing anything for me ATM. The pluses would be the tablets are charged off USB. Screens have touchscreens. Speakers are already there and it frees up a RPi for other takes. Downside is they are all widescreen, not 4:3 but that isn't that important. How does that sound?. One wish would be if the tablet could boot direct to MAME rather than going through a series of screens if the current operating system remains but if not, it would still be sweet and would definately get used. Can I run MAME on a Samsung tablet?.
  23. That might explain why the UK is now facing power shortages and the countries power pricing is going through the roof.. So much so they are firing up old mothballed coal fired power stations. Heard that on the radio just last night. Here's some things only Tesla 3 owners would be aware of....."Usable" average range is 220miles and you loose 1/4 of charged battery capacity every week. Park the vehicle for 4 weeks somewhere like at an airport and 4 weeks later when you go to drive, it is dead. (From a Tesla 3 owner that was rather disappointed) The usable range figure comes about taking things like using the heater, not limiting your driving, just driving like every other vehicle, using the vehicle's security system into consideration. You can get greater range out of them but that means not using the heater, limiting your driving to SAVE power and not using the vehicle security system that is quite a power hog on it's own. Interestingly, all hybreds and pure electric vehicles all have a normal car battery in them as well. That battery's purpose is to maintain the "software" should the main battery go flat. On a Tesla if that backup battery goes flat as well, your calling Tesla. Heres something you may not be aware of, one state, pretty sure it was Canberra but don't quote me on that received it's 1st electric fire fighting vehicle one of many to come just last week. Still undergoing tests.
  24. how about something really exciting like trying to reinforce an already reinforced with star pickets boundary fence that doesn't have any concrete footings and 3 fencers came to quote and weren't interested?  Thinking 25mm x 25mm x 2400mm minimum right angle steel hammered into the ground, 2 on each post?

    Goodaye mate, dig out around the exising star pickets and put 1/2 a bag of concrete in maybe?.

    That's how i put in start pickets around gates etc or is the star picket actually bending.

    If your replacing the star pickets I'd be using tube. Tube is cheap and you can get it 2nd hand everywhere. Often called steam pipe but is just galvanised pipe about 1 1/2" in diameter with around 5mm walls. Comes in handy when doing long runs as long as you can knock it in the ground. Excavator is a fine hammer for doing this job.

    Round tube is far stronger than just about any other shape.



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