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  1. Mains power cable connects to the side marked LINE. Top terminal is brown, Center terminal, (the one have have already connected) is green/yellow, bottom is blue. Looking at your picture of the power board the brown would be the one coming from your inline fuse box The green/yellow from the black mains cable. And the blue from the same black mains cable To the other side of the noise filter marked LOAD....The right side. Again, looking at your picture you have a "screw wire to 6.3mm quick connect block" and it's leads run off to the switch mode power supply. The brown wire from that quick connector block connector goes to the top right terminal Green / yellow wire goes to the metal frame of the noise filter...(you have already done that) And the blue goes to the bottom right terminal. Your work looks OK to me, very tidy actually. I'd put an inline fuse on the brown wire to your stepdown transformer though. It isn't protected as it is and if that tranny shorts, while it will blow the mains fuse, it will blow your brand new noise filter as well. Installing a fuse to the stepdown will just blow that transformer fuse. The power supply is internally protected so no need to fuse it and the monitor chassis has it's own inline fuse on the chassis so it is protected. The board behind the fusebox, (with the blue wire going to it), I'm assuming is the relay control to the de-gauss? Make sure your power supply voltage adjust switch is set for 220 and not 110 volt or you'll blow the hell out of your power supply. To me it looks like you had it right all along and just wanted confirmation. Good luck.
  2. 12 bar blues like most rock and roll. Basically master playing those 12 notes that can be made all over the guitar fret board and you can play just about all rock guitar. When my mate that played lead guitar told me that, it was pretty much the day I started listening to heavy metal that isn't restricted to just 12 notes. While I still love the Aussie rock I always take into consideration the guitar is certainly not as challenging as some of the performers of such songs like to make it look. Gluefoot of the Angels was never one to make it look any harder than what it was however Angus of AC/DC was one that loved to make it look far more difficult that what it actually was.
  3. https://www.drive.com.au/news/holden-commodore-magnum-new-record-breaking-nurburgring-lap-time-still-on-the-cards/ A bit more about the record but more about the Holden utes in general. Only owned 3 Holdens but they were all 2 door vehicles. A 1975 ute, a 1976 one tonner and a 1974 LS Monaro.....Still, many years of great service.
  4. Is she dead @Railways ?. I had no idea. An amazingly talented driver in all forms of the sport. Last Commodore ute made by HSV that just so happened to have an "Australianised" version of that corvette motor fitted set a record on the Ring. Fastest ute ever and highly unlikely to get beat in a hurry. During GM prototype testing of the corvette that was carried out at "The Ring", it took them months to get the brakes cool enough to handle the speeds it was capable of doing. Looks like they sorted the brake cooling issue I would think. Thanks for showing the video. Makes me appreciate just how much torque that Atom has in 4th and 5th gear. The driver only hits the limiter once in that whole video but 4th and 5th gear, he rings it's neck. To think a corvette was somewhat sticking with him. I'd love to hear that corvette working.
  5. You may be right but I will tell you there is no shortage of machines coming on the market right now that aren't going to auctions. Six months ago I heard of maybe a machine every month or two offered privately. I've heard of 4 this week alone and that is only from people that know I do pinballs. When quizzed why they are selling, same answer. They are expecting prices to go down.
  6. Yer I suppose nothing stops you installing conduit for the wiring and piping for the water in the last layer laid when the machine is working on the other walls and as for reo bar, you could knock in pins to hold each layer together much like log cabins are held together. You don't have to use full wall height reo bar like a normal concrete wall. Multiple pins holding the last laid layer to the one under it would achieve the same result. I think it's a brilliant idea. Massive saving on labour.
  7. Nice concept and pretty safe in a bushfire once the windows are covered.😆 Wondering how well it would go in an earthquake though as I didn't see any reo bar in the walls. Still, in Australia and in bushfire zones, I think it may be perfect and quick to replace the houses that still haven't been replaced since the fires in 2019. Thanks for showing that sir.
  8. We need heat and energy more than a road trip too.......EVs
  9. Sounds like the manufacturers protective wax wasn't removed from the board / pressure pad or both. Had this problem before on non pinball pressure pads and is very common with TV remotes that start becoming had to operate with crap entering the remote. Gotta clean them as the excess pressure required wears the pressure pad conductive material off and then you need replacement pressure pads. Also very common on game console controller buttons. Good advice @Timbo
  10. I see no reason why synthetic fuels wouldn't be a better alternative. It gets around the biggest disadvantage using EVs that being you can only transport electricity with a battery where as a liquid fuel is any container that the liquid inside doesn't melt. The fuels vehicles use these day is synthetic when you consider model T Fords ran originally on a form of kerosene and was certainly nothing like what we know as petrol. I thought you would have seen the writing on the wall in regards to EV use in Australia. Look how the EU nations are back pedaling out of UN commitments now that gas is hard for them to get. Germany is bring back on line coal power plants quicker than we are shutting them down. In a couple of years when Biden is done destroying the US what do you think the US will be doing? How did those power shortages go in QLD last week?. Try not to use your dishwasher after 6pm was the advice down here. Not quite enough evidence yet?. Within two years Liddell closes in NSW and that I can assure you will have a massive impact on the whole eastern side of Australia with not only price but availability. Here's the specs of exactly what the Hunters coal plants are currently supplying and there is no viable alternative at this current time..... AGL Macquarie is one of Australia's major electricity generators. Around 620 people work at its 2,640 MW Bayswater power station and 1,500 MW (available 1,260 MW) Liddell power station. Over recent years Bayswater power station has produced approximately 15,000 GWh of electricity a year, enough power for two million average Australian homes and families. Liddell power station produces around 6,000 GWh of electricity or enough power for approximately 750,000 average Australian family homes. Production from AGL Macquarie meets approximately 30% of the electricity needs of New South Wales.
  11. Attach a piece of timber to the back of the large hole so your speed bit can center or if that isn't possible, shave a piece of wood to be a tight fit in the existing hole. Doesn't need to be pretty, just needs to center the speed bit till the speed bit gets a hold. A totally different idea is use the existing hole and blank off the back of the hole. Drill a small hole in it and attach a bedside table light switch or smaller diameter suitable switch. To activate the "recessed" switch either your finger or a suitable pen or pencil.
  12. There is only one 500 point relay and it requires the score motor to spin one full revolution before it can be used again. On your JP hit one target down and knock down the others within the time of the 500 points being scored and you will score 500 points, total. Do this same test on a Gottlieb system 1 solid state and it will do exactly the same thing as even though it is solid state, it still has no memory. I used to love testing the memory on Williams and Ballys SS machines to see just how good there memory was and found it varied depending on the machine. The test was manually hit as many targets, drops , spinners and rollovers you can as quickly as you can and drop the ball straight into the outhole and see exactly what gets scored before it starts counting down the bonuses.
  13. https://www.igtaustralia.com.au/contact-us/australian-offices Try an Email first regarding spare parts. The gaming industry is full of ex arcade techs, unfortunately I only know Aristocrat employees as it was me that nearly got poached to work at IGT and everyone else, mainly ex LAI workers went to Aristocrat. I did employ an ex Aristocrat worker that had heaps of pokey parts he acquired so yes, parts are out there. While the laws are vague regarding poker machines, you are only after a spare part and it's not as if anyone at IGT is likely to trace your call or EMail to hand on to the authorities. That really is conspiracy stuff. No, they are just regular workers doing there job to get paid at the end of the week. I suspect you will have no trouble getting the part you require if they still have it.
  14. Just a fuse...I'm sure you've been told that before. Scary when the person then asks you to bring some good fuses because his are unreliable and keep on "breaking".
  15. Never saw a clicker upset a Williams or Bally but Gottliebs hated them. It sent all the Gottlieb displays to display a weak 888888, the machine wouldn't coin up and was quite unplayable without a power down power up reset. Occasionally the machine would start with endless credits but you couldn't read the score other than just 888888. A couple of hits and it brew up the series 1 cpu. Just wondering if anyone had any luck zapping the Williams or Bally pinballs? Videos didn't like being zapped but it usually just resulted in either 9....or 99 free games and it didn't effect every game. Some it had absolutely no effect but others, you could build up a charge walking over carpet and that static charge was all that was required. Tell me, what success did you have using a clicker?.
  16. Never been a fan of diesels including after I bought one as a Sydney to farm only commuter. Taught me a few things about diesel powered vehicles though. They are reliable and can sit unused for months with the weakest link being the battery as in the battery will discharge over time preventing you from starting it. After doing that same trip for years using a petrol powered vehicle I can also say the usage of diesel doing the same job remains pretty constant irrespective of loads carried as opposed to petrol using more to substantially more as the weight loads increase over the exact same trip. The farm's tractor is also diesel and probably exaggerates the dependability of diesel. It can sit for 6 months at a time and a charged battery has it starting within two cranks every time. If the user is interested in a vehicle that just does what it is supposed to do without any human intervention, basically turn the key and drive on demand when you want for as long as you want, I think diesel is the way to go. Diesel in the city as a daily commuter?, I think I would miss the quick low down torque petrol offers from one red light to the next. Take away the red lights and get on the open road and the far less maintenance required to keep the machine ready for use when you want it no matter how extreme, very hard to beat diesel. Probably explains why farmsheds are full of diesel powered, rarely used vehicles.
  17. Importer of Playmatics use to be on Canterbury Rd, around Lakemba NSW if I remember correctly. Had a showroom you could see from the road in the mid 80's. There were much cheaper than the big 3 brands to buy at the time but they were still pretty rare on site. In Sydney I can only remember 3 arcades that had any and only had 1 or 2 Playmatics in the mix. I'm sure there would have been operators running more in there fleets because of the cheaper NIB pricing but I don't believe any large operators had anymore than a couple to asses. Main problem being having to tool up for yet another pinball brand, three was enough. All three had earlier high earning machines from the past. Playmatic didn't so I imagine hard to get a foothold.
  18. Low pinball number manufacturer in the big picture of pinball numbers. I can't help but be reminded of companies like Segasa and Atari and where are they now.
  19. Never did get a Blue... I ended up with a batch of 40 (non working) XBoxes from a games place that couldn't fix them. Worked out around $15 each so plenty to play with repair and sell. Here's a couple of family machines I made...(It may inspire you 😉) Otherwise some may find it interesting.... My eldest sons machine. I had just cleared the army camo paint job a day earlier and hadn't built it up yet. It ended up being my first 500Gb sata HDD machine and that let me go on to using 1 and 2TB sata HDDs in Xboxes. Xboxes are normally IDE hard drives so an adapter was required. Tortoise's name was Peter Sam....(T the Tank Engine) I found the 3rd and 4th ports were never getting used, (multigame you just grab another machine and TV, connect on the LAN network and your playing the same game anyway)....so how about a clock with alarm that can turn on the Xbox in place of the unused 3rd and 4th port? Not using the DVDrive any longer so re-wrote the bios so it would think it didn't need one any longer.... This board has a different power supply fitted. This machine runs on 12volts, (car battery power), and was used for years in a stock Xbox case down the farm where we have no mains power with a 2Tb sata Hdd loaded with movies, music videos and games for the boys.... Before the different power supply, this was common down the farm..... Anyway, stick with it. If yours is softmodded I would go the extra step TSOPing it. Softmods have a habit of corruption where as TSOPs, once done, not very likely in fact I never heard of one becoming corrupted.
  20. I chipped most of mine. I think I did around 50 and sold on heaps but still have around 10 machines and years of parts. I did softmod a couple but that was solely to TSOP mod them so I could compare a chipped VS a TSOP modded machine. (You must softmod a machine before you can TSOP it)...I found little difference between both hardmod styles but softmods, the harddrive must be locked and I liked an unlocked HDD so I could just swap around HDDs between machines....(real handy when you sell machines like I was at the time) Excellent advice but I will add, do take out the board....power supply comes out first then the main board and dust the whole board both sides with a soft brush. Pull the fan out, (it just clips in), and gently holding the center of the blade, dust the crap out of it...Don't be tempted to run a blower through it or it WILL kill the fan bearings. When dusting the fan be real careful not to put to much pressure on the blades or you can bend a blade or damage the bearings and your once silent fan will no longer be silent. Don't be put off cleaning the fan, just take heed to those warnings and you and your machine will be happy. The crap that comes out of those fans is insane as is the crap under the board and jammed in the metal mesh. Most machines lived on a carpeted floor and the fan just sucked crap up and through the machine. Fan actually extracts air from inside the case and the air is sucked in through the slots in the case and through the metal mesh. The mesh works like a coarse air filter and catches heaps of crap between it and the case. Good luck with your classic and hope you can save it. I'd like to say they are near bullet proof but that is after you have done what is mentioned above by the people that have answered otherwise they have there shortcomings.
  21. Not unusual for the very top of the tube to go that colour and that runny. Just mix it up manually till the product becomes what you expect lower in the tube. The runny stuff actually sticks perfectly in fact I'd say a little better and I've been know to target it over PVA glue when gaps between the wood are not desired. "If it's Selleys, it works" Well mostly, didn't like the clear version of Liquid Nails now available nor the "fast dry version". Neither seem as strong.
  22. I believe animals really don't care once the trust has been established. I always put out wild bird seed when I visit the farm and the most unlikely mix of birds I've seen is a crow eating the seed, (so much for them being carnivorous), less than 300mm away from a green grass parrot. They were both facing each other and neither could care less. Quite amasing seeing totally different birds quite happy eating beside each other. All the different species we get i have seen mixing at one time or another except the black cockatoos. Don't know why as they only really eat pine seed unless some easy to get human supplied seed is there for the taking but when they come in, all others go. Probably because they sound like dinosaurs.😃
  23. Machine isn't modded is it?. Modded means no need for the Supa Cap used to retain data and the supa cap leaking and chewing through board traces has killed more XBox classics that any other reason. A modded Xbox also means you don't need the 2nd most troublesome part on an Xbox classic, a working DVDrive. Once the game is loaded on the Hard drive of a modded Xbox, the games are played from it rather than just the DVDrive and you can load games on a modded Xbox HDD via the network cable from your PC or another modded Xbox.
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