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  1. Don't rule out the cabinet switches. When was the last time they got filed?. Electricity works like this to better understand. Power jumps and causes carbon build up on the switch contacts, (both EOS and cabinet on an EM). Carbon cuts back the full voltage getting to the coil but the coil needs the same watts, (watts = voltage times amps), to work so the circuit draws more amps to compansate for the lower voltage the coil sees. It is the amps that heat electrical components, not the voltage or atleast in a flipper circuit. Don't necessarily replace as the cabinet switches and the EOS are designed to be filed many times in there natural life on an EM. If the coil gets quite hot it can burn off the paint insulation used to stop the winding wire shorting to the wire wound next to it in the coil and the shorter the length of wire, (still working as a coil), pulls more watts causes more heat so don't be surprised if you killed your brand new coils through excessive heat if they too got hot after changing.
  2. My issues I'm still blaming fully on Firefox. Settled down enormously but still crashing if I leave logged on for too long with no activity. Funny thing is even after Firefox crashes and i get a crash report screen, if I reload Firefox, it automatically goes back to the page on the forum and all is good again. I use Gmail to log in and the pass is stored on Firefox. I'm wondering if I log on with Google or one of the other methods of logging in if this will still happen?. @Arcade King personally i think you've got the forum itself humming nicely. If I had to bitch, I say the size of the Emojis would be better twice or 3 times largers instead of text size as is now maybe. I do have a question regarding JPeg usage though. I love the load on site method rather than the link to external picture hosting but I'm not noticing any decrease in space still avaliable. Is there a limit and if so when I reach it can I delete old pictures to regain space?. Not a real fan of deleting myself because people do read old posts but I also understand storing pictures costs money as in forum costs.
  3. Check you wires in the head actually have 12 volts on them. Check where they splice for 12 volts and then check on the edge connector if you have 12 volts. Gotta get that LED lite. Remember I said you could tidy this up earlier?. This is what I meant but I would prefer you to get it working prior to attempting this. Wire a 12 volt regulator, (like a LM7812), onto the coin door lockout coil and grab your 12 volts from there. Won't work on a Bally with 49 volts but a Williams with 28vDC driving the lockout coil, well within tolerance of a 12volt regulator rated at 38volts max. The coin lockout coin gets power when ever the credits aren't maxed on the machine and then it drops out so the customer isn't ripped off and his coin is returned......perfect for your application as well I would think. ........Priority........Get the LED lite
  4. That would have to be the most totally unsuitable vehicle for either of those jobs and indicates the level of idiots the stories are about. I say this not because they are EVs, I do think it is a stupid idea though but read this article, something they should have both done prior to buying a Tesla S and putting a towbar on it. https://justdownsize.com/can-a-tesla-model-s-tow-a-caravan/ Notice the S is not on the "approved Tesla factory" vehicles for towing and voids the warrenty. To many people buy totally unsuitable vehicles for there needs. Ever seen someone in a front wheel drive trying to pull a boat up a wet boat ramp? Three guys sitting on the bonnet while the front wheels are spinning was one case I saw. Sure, can be done but totally unsuitable when far cheaper, more rederly avaliable and more suitable vehicles are on the market. Looking closely at that picture of the excavator note how close the towbar tongue is to the ground?. Makes me think the picture is staged because every bump would have that tounge hitting the ground. Picture that going over a speed bump and you'll see what I mean. I'm no professional at towing but when i tow the tongue is close to 3 times that height from the road for that exact reason. The crap around this subject is rediculious. Seen the Toyota ad on the TV with the girl riding up the hill on a go cart?. The proven for decades Bridge and Straton petrol engine she can't get to the top of the hill but that's not a worry because her girlfriend has managed to make herself a Hybred power plant in her garage with her mother and with that fitted, the go cart goes all the way complete with blue flashing lights in the wheels. Both girls in fact. Really, couldn't get a proven technology petrol motor to do it but can get a homemade Hybred to do it.
  5. Old demonstator models of toys from a sex shop?.
  6. Looks like a T2 mpu board I had to do many moons ago. Become a "your not beating me" project in the end but I did win. While some like to sand and make it look better I prefer to just neutralise the corrosion and check with a meter if the trace is still intact. Many times it is but sometimes no so out comes the Kynar wire if the trace is stupidly thin or the "conductive pen" when the trace is better suited. Best to discribe what a conductive pen is using there words.... A common method of repairing a broken trace is to solder on a jumper, which is basically a wire bypass around the broken trace. This can be time-consuming and visually unappealing. Chemtronics offers CircuitWorks® Conductive Pens, which contain a highly conductive material like silver or nickel suspended in a liquid polymer. These pens allow you to literally redraw the trace. Either way you choose to do the repair, just rememeber while boards hate corrosion, they also hate flexing so I figure sometimes it best just to neutralise and repair with these two methods rather than stressing the board trying to make it look like it did. If the trace is broken and your using the Kynar wire method follow the trace to a solder point on the trace and solder to that rather than trying to clean a trace for soldering. Far less stress on the board than trying to clean a corroded trace. Run the Kynar wire directly over the old trace and dots of clear nail hardener drys fast and holds the wire to the board. Many ways of doing these repairs but I figure if I am less stressful on the board, a better chance of having no unrelated problems elsewhere on the board to fix.
  7. Good points there. You'd think these machines were out earning money wouldn't you?. Still, never bought a machine myself unseen, never bought anything major unseen to tell you the truth. Have read some stuff about up and coming machines before they arrive and nothing has changed really, there always the greatest must haves made to date, (until the next model comes out of coarse). The only thing I have really noticed different though over the decades is now it is the new owner elsewhere or a first time player as in first time they played that brand new machine doing the talk up rather than the factory hitting you with words like "massive earnings" and slogans like "Reach for sky high earnings with Bally Supersonic"
  8. Point taken. I have seen some of these pits and that picture actually doesn't do it justice, some of these things are absolutely massive....100kmH in a car and it takes 1/2 hour to drive past one of a couple of pits. In saying that, I saw where a site had been rehabitated, probably after 30 years of mining use mind you but, it struck me how good of a job they actually did. It was signposted by the company that did the rehab work but shit, I'd put my name on that if I did it too. It was a slight hill, ( about 5-10kms long mind you), but the trees were all different sized and species but nothing was in rows and if it wasn't signposted, I wouldn't have known what it used to be. I actually like the idea of flooding them like they have been doing in Germany for years now. Doesn't seem to have any bad effects after all, we use coal as filters as pointed out on the story I saw about it. They become recreation sites for humans mainly but some become storage water sites and like everywhere in the Australian bush, put in a good supply of water and you bring in the wildlife and it booms. Something I could never understand why greens oppose dams so strongly. There is another point you need to understand though. Because it is generally flat where the mines are, you don't really see them till your pretty much on top of them, (being a hole in the ground), like you do a 10 story bright white tower with spinning propellers on a hill in the bush. The other problem is wind turbines up to date aren't being maintained, just replaced elsewhere with other new turbines because only installations are subsidised. Not ongoing costs or disposal and there is no land/site rehibilition clauses in the install contract.
  9. Already spent more than $10-30 billion on solar and wind subsudies and according to the " Where is my Power Coming From" site right at this moment, I would say it has all been to date a waste of money by governments ignoring the inevidable https://www.energymatters.com.au/energy-efficiency/australian-electricity-statistics/ Wind shows some promise but those things have to be maintained and replaced as they aren't lasting 50 years like a power station does. Solar panels need regular cleaning, "just like your windscreen in a car does), and no one ever does nor do they get electricians to ever "regularly" check the cabling that sits in the sun and weather all it's life like they are supposed to. Back to the wind, the longer the transmission lines carrying the power, the larger the waste as in power loss. Seeing as the major consumer of the countries power is in the cities it seems quite logical to me to mount the wind turbines on top of the highest building in every city rather than all the way out into the country as wind turbines don't need coal, do they?. Would certainly cut the massive waste of power simply trying to get to the consumer like it is right now using coal plants out there "because that is where the coal is". Been atop of many a high rise and I can tell you there most certainly is always wind. When every building within each city has every roof with a wind turbine on it and they see they still are running out of reliable power, someone might actually listen. No, we'll go out in the pristine Australian bush, flatten the trees and construct this massive 10 story high bright white tower with it's massive spinning propellers that can be seen for 10kms and then put power lines over the land for 100s of kms back to the city. Not sure if QLD is the same but in NSW this is going on and it truely is disgraceful the vandalism going on where not enough people life to oppose it happening. Been along the Great Ocean Road into Vic and seen those turbines and while I think they suck being there, that is nothing compared to NSW. For these reasons I am opposed to wind especially when you do the maths and realise just how many more of these things are going to be required to subsitute coal plants. Thank God it looks like the small country NSW town of Numble isn't getting this in there neighbourhood. https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2021/02/10/tamworth-council-votes-to-object-plans-for-proposed-nundle-wind-farm/ Just doesn't look right does it in a town of a couple of hundred that has looked as it does for over a century. Is this progress?. Looking after the planet are we?. Very short sighted vandalism I'd call it and you know the irony, not a green to be seen. I guess it's to much travel for them. Quite frankly I could give a shit where the power comes from or how it is generated but.... It must be able to do exactly as we expect it to with no shortages. It must be priced as expected And don't destroy my country doing it. Some of us actually love our country.
  10. You can trim down any ribbon cable to suit. A shape pen knife is idea for this job. Not as good as a proper, made for the job cable but it certainly works and who hasn't got an old PC sitting around somewhere with a couple of ribbons in it. If you want it a specific length, you lever the connector apart and locate it on the cable where you want, line it up and re-clamp it back on the ribbon and cut the ribbon to size with sissors. Just make sure you don't invert a connector. You can buy brand new ribbon cable and connectors if you want it all new. I think there is actually a proper tool for putting the connectors on but I've never used one myself preferring to line it up on the vice and a mild hit with a hammer. Others prefer to clamp the connectors on using a vice but the hammer has never failed me.😄 It's a quick, easy job to do making your own ribbon cables and pretty hard to stuff up. Just take the time to line everything up but even this you will find indents in the connector halfs that match the ribbon cable making it near impossible to get it wrong unless your pretty pissed I guess.
  11. I think a far more viable way of addressing our problem here in Australia for our transport needs is an alternative liquid fuel. Sugar cane production ramped up and our fleet could run on Ethenol. The last of the Commodores ran quite successfully on 85% ethenol as do the V8 supercars in motor racing. I know, it has a carbon output but so does biofuel that the EU is quite happy allowing some EU nations to burn as an alternative to coal in EU power stations reasoning being, it is renewable as they can regrow more trees. Unfortunately it takes years to regrow a tree where as sugar cane is a yearly crop making it far more suitable as a "renewable" crop. When it comes to fossil fuel use, I too have my concerns for Australia but my concernes are regarding a blockade of supply via the shipping lanes all our oil comes in through, namely the South China Sea where all our oil comes now from production plants in Singapore. If an enemy were to blockade those ships we have just a little over 2 weeks supply of any fuel and if that was to happen the military would take all that stored in the country immediately and without fuel for transportation we are still very reliant on, there would be no food getting into our cities. That is precisely the reason the government threw in that money to keep our last two refinerys operating as crude oil can be stored indefinately where as refined fuel products have a shelf life. Petrolium for example is under 1 year but crude oil, no shelf life. EVs need electricity and it is estimated to take 10 years to build a power station be it nuclear, biomass or whatever and that would take us well past 2030. We are both thinking along the same lines all be it for different motives. Problem is nothing is being done and not nearly quick enough. One thing I really am ashamed about with our Australian culture is that "she'll be right" mentality.
  12. I think in this country but likely to be the case in many other countries where they simply don't produce enough electricity to run there vehicle fleets solely on electricity. We have prospered as a nation because of our ability to produce cheap electricity through coal but as we speak like most days, NSW is not quite supplying all it's own needs fully and pulling power from the QLD grid. In 2023 NSW looses one of it's power stations that at the moment is providing around 1/4 of this state's needs. This is going on in a country that currently only has around 3% EV use. Ramp that EV use up and it doesn't take long to realise there simply isn't going to be enough electricity so then it becomes a case of who actually gets the power and for what use?. Remember what I said earlier here, EVs are a power hog. When there isn't enough of a commodity, the price goes up so less can afford it so that feeds into less wanting or being able to afford an EV making it more in need of government help to try and make it viable. That government help will probably come from charging those that are still using fossil fuels for what ever reason only compounding the problem for more requiring more assistance. So now you end up with the whole transportation industry of a nation requiring government help solely to keep the nation running causing prices of everything to go through the roof and shortage of supply in all products. In 2021, the world burnt more coal than ever before by the way. I see this only ramping up the less fossil fuels the world uses for transportation needs.
  13. Set the dips on Nigel's board as follows... 1-on 2-on 3-off 4-off 5-off 6-on 7-off 8-off 1 and 8 tell the board it is for a pinball, 2-6 set the coin pricing to $1-1play / $2-2plays............................Yours isn't set in your picture. Nigels board also has a green LED on it. This should be on whenever the board is powered up. Now look at his "Example of connection to a Williams Pinball" ........ Page 4 of 4 in his manual and note he uses solderside only connections as indicated in the diagram with an "S" after each number. Just check you have ground going to pin 1s and pin 21s and or pin 22s..... 21s and 22s I'm suspecting are connected on the board but just confirm this, Also confirm pin 19s and pin 20s for 12volts. Pin 17s goes to the white and blue wire in the williams harness Pin 18s goes to the green and brown wire in the williams harness I wouldn't have thought that being as 17s is NC and 18s being NO on the relay but lets just try exactly as he says as the way you have it wired on the component side of the edge connector was never going to work at least not will configured as a pinball. Your ribbon cable will also only work if you use the 2nd ribbon cable port as solderside connections when configured this way use this port only. Make sure pin 16s where your diode will go is the correct way around but also when the board is configured this way it is actually ground as the pin 16s connects to pin 6 on the ribbon cable and that is "Inhibit All Coins" on the C120 and is active high, ( this must be ground to accept any coins) Confirm this when Nigel's board has the dips set correctly and you've altered it's wiring on the edge connector. Your dips on the C120 should be set as follows.. The 4 bank 1-on 2-off The bank of 6 dips 1-off 2-off 3-on 4-on 5-on 6-off See how that goes but 1st, make sure that LED on Nigels board is on. No on= no power to anything.
  14. Such optimism but it is only one of millions needed and as always, who paid for it and are they prepared to keep on paying for more or does it become another government funded operation where only a few ever get a benefit. Think of how many service stattions they are in Australia and I think you'd need to have more EV charging stations on account of the short range most EVs are capable of and the longer time required by each vehicle at such charging stations. Now think of all the people in Australia that litrally run there fuel cars out of fuel per year and you think EV is a good idea for this nation?. Cooking oil collection costs money as does the maintenence of such equipment and I imagine the power isn't being paid for by those that actually use it so it appears to be not a user pays enterprise. Would it not be cheaper for all if those that are stupid enough to try going to WA in a EV simply carry a generator for there own use?. Great ideas that are going to flood the planet never need others to fund them and when they do, they aren't good ideas really are they?.
  15. It varies by teachers I guess but how I was taught at Taito was a quick pulse on each of the 4 sides to pull some of the crap away from the corners of the tube followed by large deceasing sized circles as you pull the wand away. Pretend you are slowly making a large softserve ice cream cone and when your in the center after a couple of deceasing sized circles and the wand is about a foot away, take your finger off as you quickly pull the wand well away. Any areas still of concern, wand about 6" away and a quick pulse over it or several times if required and start over the soft serve process again. It may take a couple of goes to get it right. If the machine has a cross hatch test pattern check your work after and repeat as required. Any tubes that don't come good, look for missing permanent magnets from the back of the tube or shielding missing from around speakers near the tube. LAI Turtles machines were a major offender which is why we moved away from top mounted coin mechs and located them in the front door like LAI did in later machines. It's also far easier to clear jammed coin mechs requiring just the door to be opened and mech removed without tools rather than pulling off the glass, the mech shielding and finally the mech itself requiring tools.
  16. Travel around Australia and see just how much mobile phone coverage you actually have. It is claimed 90% is covered but in a lot of cases, only the road corridors are covered. This is wireless, with electricity for EVs this is going to need to be heavy wiring to all these points or is it just a case of bad luck for those effected?. You say left and right wing views but one thing I notice is many left wing views are very much, "it suits me so bad luck for anyone else" and then use the excuse, "I'm looking after the planet" to justify there view. What if there isn't enough electricity generated in the nation to run our entire vehicle fleet over to EV?. Who misses out then?. You take fuel use out of the country regions and when the mining and farming industries collapse, where does the wealth of this nation come from then?. One thing people in the cities hate to admit, the high population areas of this country don't make a great deal of wealth for the country as a whole. There are also the biggest carbon producing areas per person and are the most dependant on the nation to provide for there needs. An intersting thought is look at your own local government area. (LGA) Ask these questions of your own LGA... Does it produce food you can eat?. Does it produce power to power the needs of those that live there?. Does it supply the water needs for those that live there?. Does it take care of the rubbish it produces?. Does it supply anything that is sold overseas to increase the wealth of the nation? Does your local LGA still have enough trees and green lands to offset the carbon output produced by the LGA?. It's a totally different way of looking at it but when people realise that aren't quite as rightous as they preach when they don't impose changes for others to do in many cases, they might be a little quicker to see where the problems actually arise. Your belief is a World problem should be tackled by countries, I'm saying take it further down to the LGA level and address these problems first.
  17. We use to do every machine when it left the workshop especially when it was a tube change. Sometimes some would need doing again a truckride, some didn't. They all got done on site when the monitors were cleaned. A lot of auto de-gaussers we disconnected as they did more harm than good prefering to just do it manually with a wand.
  18. The company gave one to every tech and that's got to be in the early 90s. Used it millions of times and just wondering exactly how you guys use them. Be interesting to compare technecs especially when you get one part you simply can't get right. Sort of surprised I have never heard anyone ask how to use these things or is it a case of not many people having one?.
  19. Hmmm, not that rare I'm afraid. That makes 3 of us so far. How much should I flog mine for as I have no need for it any longer?.
  20. The poms should have Djokovic as a opening batsman because Australia can't get him out.
  21. Do you guys think the idea is sound as in a flipper that works by itself?. The electronic theroy to make it work correct? Replacement for a bumper or slingshot kicker on the playfield?
  22. Dizzy Chicken the redemption machine works using camera detection of the ball as well. Interesting someone got it working on a pinball. I don't think to many operators would mind if it got more paid play on a pinball.
  23. One of the best attract features on a pinball I think would have to be Bally Centaur's where it spits out all the balls. The playfields bumpers, slingshots and all coils have power in this mode and work exactly like they do in gameplay so the machine appears to be playing itself drawing in people around the machine and potencially get them to put a coin in after they try to play but realise in this mode, the flippers buttons don't work. Once all the balls have drained, coil power turns back off and the machine goes back into normal attract mode ready to play. Very cool feature for attracting potencial players that works really well and as far as I know, the only machine that ever did it. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Always wondered why more machines with an auto launch didn't have this attract feature. What if you could get the flippers working as well by themselves? I come up with this idea to get the flippers to work themselves on a home brew as part of normal game play as a substitue for a slingshot kicker but figured maybe someone with a Centaur would like to try on a Centaur as it is a relatively easy mod that can be reversed quite easierly in comparison to a machine that has no such a feature. I know exactly how I would do it as I have complete Bally SS flipper assembies here as well as Williams DMD assembles and Gottlieb SS assemblies. Williams are actually easier but this is about Centaur. I also owned two Centaurs in my time. There is simple electronics involved and an extra switch on each flipper assembly so if that isn't your piece of cake, this isn't for you. This is the theory.... Put a switch on the flipper assembly to detect the flipper getting hit back slightly in the flipper down position. ( Replace the flipper down backstop bracket with a switch). This switch turns on a transistor that grounds the flipper coil's pullup winding for a one second pulse. When this pulse is triggered, it also open circuits the installed down position switch circuit for 2-4 seconds delay. This is to prevent the flipper from firing again when the flipper returns to it's unpowered position when this feature is engaged. After the 2-4 seconds delay has expired, the activate circuit is ready to "autofire" the flipper again when the next ball hits it. Thinking about it this idea may be of interest on the battle pinny? Only problem with head to head pinballs was you need a second player unless you go the Gottlieb flippers with the wire activator idea. I like this idea better as you see nothing above the playfield. Like I said, Williams flipper assemblies are easier. Pull the backstop rubber out and replace it with a micro switch with it's activation arm through the rubber's hole. Get the activation pressure of the micro right and you've now got "rubbers" that won't wear out. The actual electronics is fairly simple. One "one shot" circuit driving a transistor and another "one shot" to made a timer circuit and of coarse, completely isolate this from the machine's electronics, (not as hard as it sounds but very important). This original homebrew idea was going to use the flipper working on a factory bumper circuit with it's switch to activate it during game play using the bumpers coil as no holdup winding is even needed and no electroncs required when used this way. Machine just thinks it's driving a bumper but it is now a flipper. A bit like a Gottlieb series 3 "kicking target" only better especially if it had a Williams "banana" flipper bat just to mix things up a bit.😆
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