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  1. This picture shows you exactly why you don't use power tools to screw the bolts back in. Look at the angle of the bolt about to be forced in. Amateurs.
  2. Those pins look correct and the pins come out of the holder pretty easy, ( we used to make a pin extracting tool out of a grinded down broken hacksaw blade), but anything with a fine point gets them out. The pins don't usually fail but it's a great way to clean all the contact surfaces. My concern is more the solder marks behind the pads on the board. That indicates at some time someone found the need to jumper the board and now they are gone. Not an issue as it was quite common on early boards on the power rails especially. On Jamma boards you can just measure the board's voltage on the pads behind the jamma connector, set your 5vDC level and be pretty well assured that voltage is consistent over the whole board. This was not always the case on early boards especially over time and voltage drop over the board was an issue and that is why "jumpers" were used on such boards. Next time you power the board up, measure the voltage off one of the chips located near the corners of the board. Usually pin 14 and 7. If you find the 5 volts lower than the edge connector reading by an alarming level, solder a jumper wire in so you get no voltage drop to that part of the board any longer. Make sure you get the polarity correct.
  3. I had three of those cabs at one time. Two were a linked Crusin' USA and the other was a World Rally. As we bought them as empty cabs they come like this..... No title header, just clear perspex No coin mech and no holes in the front door...yet No CRT or chassis No wire harness No speaker, no fan...just the grills No mains cable, switch or transformer or power supply No steering wheel or wheel mech, just the bare metal panel with no holes in it yet. Back door and coin door with lock holes but no locks fitted. We put everything in them to suit our needs.
  4. It is a Galaxy Electronics generic car cab. The metal plate will just have a serial number on it.
  5. HDMI is flippable. Your Pi setups would have been HDMI or you have your heart set on VGA with the Pandora?. https://telepromptermirror.com/hdmi-mirrorbox/
  6. Arr OK. Now I know what your doing. I'm imagining the ROM sets the English coin settings to free play?. Have you tried manually changing the coin settings to your required coinage AFTER installing your ROM?. Try in the Utilities menu 1st and then in the coinage settings. Have you tried using another countries coin settings that is not English? Have you tried setting the coin multiplier to 2........one comes from the ROMs freeplay setting while the other comes from a valid coin?. I say this suggestion because even when the machine is set to freeplay, the machine still counts and credits all coins going in the slots.
  7. You should read up on water hammer. It is well known "problem" in plumbing. This is just a way a man has worked out how to create it and control it as a means to warm or boil water. Something in the pages about water hammer... Column separation When a valve is closed suddenly, the momentum of the fluid immediately downstream tends to continue downstream. This creates a high pressure drop that can actually boil the liquid and cause vapor to form in the vacuum. When the vapor re-condenses to liquid, the bubble collapses and the separated liquid columns slam back together, creating a sudden high rise in pressure. This is equally damaging to pipes, machinery and support structures. Many such separations can occur during a single water hammer event as the shock wave slams back and forth.19 Yes you can create heat from electricity like we have been doing for decades just like we can spin a windmill to generate power but in our need to substitute for more efficient means often requires getting such old ideas that have proven time and time again to be a waste of power replaced as well. If you are serious about possible solution theory, everything needs to be on the table. If you close your mind to excepting alternatives, your point of view can quickly be understood by others as nothing more than political.
  8. Yer, not sure myself on WPC. The thought was you could of deleted the say French speech files and replace them with your Profanity and selecting French in the settings would have your profanity content being used. Go back to English and no profanity. You'd need to burn your own chip but all your settings would remain the same as you'd only be swapping speech language in the settings, not the chip itself. A work around that would cure the lose of your settings you get changing chips over.
  9. Is a normal H-6 rom multilingual as in German, English, Italian speech etc select-able in the settings?.
  10. I try to keep an open mind. Been looking into what is possibly viable for over 20 years now knowing I never wanted mains power hooked to the farm. There's no perpetual motion involved throwing microwaves into a magnetometer either by the way but it has been tested and yes, you do get more energy out of it than you put in. Would be good to see the results of some QR testing but until then only got the word of the testing professors. Maybe if those same professors said the world will be dead by 2060 you would believe that?.
  11. Yep that is what we were taught but man can be creative. Do you know what water hammer is?. Water stopping and starting in a water pipe and the pipe heats up and can break the pipes. You can buy valves to suppress water hammer from your house water system but some plumber in the US realized that heat. He made up a thing that worked and looked like a revolver as in the gun. His idea was run the water through the barrel and spin the revolver to create water hammer and therefore heat the water. The revolver section was spun using a small ac motor but he found if the sped up the motor, the more water hammer created caused the water to get much hotter to actually boiling. If he slowed the speed down, the outlet water got cooler to the point of no spinning and the water remained it's same temperature. He had it on test in a Fire Department engine house in one of the states in the US. He explained to create that hot water electrically would require a heating element where this system just uses the power for a small AC motor. So that is why I say man can be creative.
  12. Batteries for grid storage is a pipe dream. How many 1000s of acres of any type of batteries do you think will be required for a state to get through days of rain. I saw something that had me and maybe you interested but it's in the hands of the US military. Mans problem has always been changing one form of energy into another always creates losses. We have also been unable to amplify any energy source. Seems the university of Massachusetts is testing for the US military right now a microwave amplifier using a magnetometer. A small amount of microwaves are feed into it and much larger amount of microwaves come out. NASA is looking at a space propulsion system utilizing it, the military are looking at energy weapons but others are looking at using it for cheap grid power creation.
  13. I hope the General Wee has a confederate flag on the roof.... Fuckin cracker, my boys and I are still laughing.
  14. General Wee.......Hahaha. That is part of a Tesla battery bank complex going up in flames and the fire would be intense on account it being lithium that is on fire. You know lithium, the same thing that was catching fire in those Samsung mobile phones causing them all to be recalled, The same reason the Boeings 777 aircraft were all grounded till they encased the lithium batteries in a fireproof bulkhead. The same lithium that catches fire in electric scooters. The thing is lithium can be recharged but it requires the recharging cycle to be controlled perfectly and requires monitoring the heat build up, the current and the voltage and the electronics does fail resulting in a fire. You want to charge up an EV full of Chinese made lithium iron batteries using a $500 EBay EV charger in your garage and take your chances, that is up to you but I think it is criminal to demand everyone do exactly that and get help from the government to fund it all.
  15. I only have two CRTs left. Ones in the Taito 20" table I want to move on and the other is set in my bar. Funny story, the wife wanted the Taito table gone several years ago so I put a 20" CRT in the top of the bar in our entertainment room so I still had a table of sorts. Worked out sweet as you could play a table at the bar. The guy I sold the Taito 20" table to ended up giving it back after as he got the pinball bug bad and needed the space so that got me back up to two CRTs.
  16. In all honesty I've had this one warm before, after doing a whole centers machines.
  17. Hmmm, $200. plus post. I can live with that. Who wants it?.
  18. And wind and solar. A slight shift in the weather patterns and they quickly realized they couldn't rely on any of them and the war just finished off there dream. I seem to remember Donald Trump telling the German leader it was a stupid move being energy dependent on Russia. I think Germans also started seeing this happen as they are 10 years ahead of Australia using rooftop solar..... https://www.google.com/search?source=univ&tbm=isch&q=german+roof+top+solar+fires&fir=ULDyLygASQbCmM%2Cd0WYmXoy8oBmbM%2C_%3BsUGi42SLoevXwM%2C7EO5DPByLKKInM%2C_%3Bw0p_ixRJLsqHQM%2C4j3BTx-czsLzLM%2C_%3Brnen2k1WUyQW3M%2CL1sx7xqXUodXpM%2C_%3BCt7ThBt9VuiVzM%2CCwB781Y2RqFhZM%2C_%3BT6RvR-Ldacaq-M%2Cv6wXIBGFb1XXXM%2C_%3BTYUFRmgNcGFRrM%2Cf0k7F3sRj2qxJM%2C_%3BngqAH3IEbwwCHM%2CpEzFE9jgfTnFhM%2C_%3BGG0x4FXxksPvvM%2CQX8mwu1eeTfy1M%2C_%3BOek-Q0c02AaZmM%2CsANN1jUQIz7q-M%2C_&usg=AI4_-kQbd99hNPZPQ8dPK0YKKLpvifTuMQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjD4vyK6dr7AhVRfd4KHSgBBf8QjJkEegQILBAC&biw=1024&bih=666&dpr=1.25 You know that big battery idea... Tesla Megapack on fire at Victorian Big Battery, Australia. Image: Fire Rescue Victoria
  19. Yer the switch gets broken off them or the case can crack but other than that, indestructible. LAI used to sell them at there spare parts counter for around $100 but that was over 20 years ago.
  20. Like this one?. I have no use for it but it's been mine for over 20 years and used 1000s of times?. What's it worth?. I may be tempted to part with it.
  21. I take little interest in what motor writers recommend. Hell I remember Wheels giving car of the year to the Holden Camira first generation and that thing was a bucket of shit. The Camira did get better but that first model, the only one they gave the award to was just rubbish. Motor writers should go back 3 years later or actually test 3 year old cars because everything works well when it's brand new, 3 and 5 years later is when you see what you've got. No we need to see why the whole of Europe failed and is going that way right now and see for ourselves if our 25 million can make it work in a country the size of the US. Truth be known our governments like to sit in power and spend nothing on major infrastructure. Ow they will talk about it and launch inquires because there's lots of pats on the back and fine restaurant meals for all the political hangers oners not to mention the media like that as well but sadly, only who pays the taxes changes here.
  22. Well, in a round about way through your recommendations I ended up with Raffy Timelapse. It's a piece of piss to use, Load in JPegs, trying to keep in order and have a look one pic at a time. Change a pics order by highlight and up or down the list. Ended up with around 115 pictures. Go down the bottom and hit start. took about 5 minutes and I have a .mpg4 but at 25 frames a second, video doesn't last to long🤪. Can't go lower than 25fps, only up to 60 fps. Pictures are all there but quicker than my eyes can see them all. Might give it a go using 5 copys of each .jpeg. That might give the desired outcome, about a second a picture time lapse style.
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