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  1. The original Street Fighter as in SF1 was hard to make money out of. Not a nice board design either and rather hard to keep going. I don't think SF1 was actually a Capcom game either but I may be wrong about that. No interest in the game at first and didn't take long to work out how to get 9 free games out of it using button combos in attract mode. Still, maybe those free games got the players introduced to the caractors and game play technics had a big impact on the future Street Fighter series being so successful? The whole series went on to make great money but the original SF1 would be hard to find I would imagine not that I'd be after one other than to make the whole series.
  2. A great way to see just how good your machine is too I would imagine. How else can you see if it can still do what it was made to do?.
  3. That style of Neo Geo LAI cabs were all made using MCA parts however they were not your normal run of the mill MCA buttons. They were always the much harder to source white ring convex colour button style like the "D button" in this picture.... These style MCAs had a bad design flaw with the way the micro was held in place where if you hit the button hard and shape enough, it would pop the micro out exactly like the illuminated series of MCA buttons had. Most were changed relatively quickly for the far more reliable standard MCA buttons to solve this problem. That would go some way to explaining why not many still use the original white ring style MCAs they were made with. I would completely agree with your "Australia needed MCA sticks, as we are such troglodytes that we would completely trash any Japanese style stick," In the bowling centers the arcade section become a default child minding area for league bowlers. Many times I walked in only to see kids litrally hanging there full body weight off just the two joysticks. Even the Taitos would often bend the joystick shaft from such actions but the MCAs just laughed it off.
  4. The MCA equipment come out as a reliable Australian arcade generic part to be used on any arcade machine and back then, $20 for a joystick with a choice of colour, outstanding value, it quickly over took everyone using what they could get. We were using Taito parts as we had millions of them but they were heavy on maintence and replacement parts and quickly swapped to MCAs. MCAs were sold as nearly nil maintence, for about a year or two depending on use and unfortunately a lot of operators thought nearly nil meant no maintence at all thus the shit getting used these days with probably the same parts it was made with. Many of our players originally didn't like the MCA joysticks as on our machines, once a Taito joystick required parts, in went MCAs so we got a very good comparison. Main bitch was to heavy and liked the older lighter joysticks as they were lighter. The micro switches got changed on the MCA joystcks on the "fighters"as the original Swan brand were heavier than the Japanese Taito micros which did make a bit of a difference. It certainly helped that the Jap micros were low voltage DC micros not 240vAC 5 amp micros like the MCAs come with. On control panels always try to use low voltage DC micros and not AC parts, you just get a cleaner signal. Can't comment really about better joysticks but I think the lighter the better. This picture here shows you still have both spring clips there to hold the original fluro tube and both fluro fitting, one on each end of the tube are also there with there wiring still intact. That went off to a common Australian made ballast and a simple starter and holder. I'd go that route and get rid of that hidious thing shoved in it's place. It may just be a starter failure, they do die, or one of the tube end fittings that also failed but it could simply be the tube failed and one wasn't avaliable at the time. You mentioned speakers, yer, I'd agree they probably need a change. Just be aware plastic doesn't like fluro light so maybe replacement cardboard speakers over plastic ones?. Great thread by the way.
  5. I recond that's how I felt and looked after carrying one of those things up the two flights of stairs at the old Mayfield Bowl, NSW.
  6. Very interesting read mate. Thanks for shareing that. It goes hand in hand with my pet hate, waste. Not interested in recycling when better to not make short one time, one human use products in the first place. Why make 100 million cars a year for the world when you could make them to simply last 3 times longer in the first place if you made them better and actually supplied spare parts like cars were made in the past. You won't see a 30 year old Tesla in 30 years but you can still find model T Fords. The most popular cars being restored are said to be 1969 Chev and Ford products because if you can't buy original OEM parts, others have made replica parts and that is the reason why they are so popular for cars made originally over 50 years ago. Companies should be fined for turning out short lived, non repairable products and banned from manufacture. What gives any manufacturer the right to make and sell such one use products using the excuse of recycling. Make such products out of totally recycled materials in the first place with all it's costs and problems involved and they will quickly make better long lived products in the first place.
  7. It was the Instiutute Of Public Affairs that conducted the study about the effects of net zone on this country. 12AM Thursday on the Radio 97.3 ABC was the same story and author I heard the other week on another radio station. I put these ABC radio details...date and time imagining it would be on a podcast. You really should try listening to that report and there findings as it is the first conducted about this subject and this country. It isn't about whether climate change is fact or fiction as they, the authors of the study clearly believe in it. There total point is what will it cost this country to achieve it and how far we are ahead of every other nation , excluding Iceland and Norway I think they said in achieving it so far but at what cost? No mining, no agriculture in a country that can't even move anything around it with intermittent power that will be so expencive, the average family won't be able to afford it let alone put it in a vehicle for transport. They do mention the projected costs of electricity but that doesn't matter because no one will have a job including government jobs as the government will have no money to pay such workers anyway. No mining and no agriculture and this country dies as you would have heard the phrase, "this country rides on the back of what we dig out of the ground or what we grow". No money from these two industries that alone make 70% of this nation's wealth. There point is also the total cost far exceeds other countries costs and for what gain? Is it really worth doing all this to ourselves and our nation to get this country to net zero when this countries total yearly Co2 emissions, (1-2%) is surpassed by China's every 16 days. (38% now but expected to rise to around 60% by 2050) So we have no power, no food, no mining, no jobs and no money but we get to net zero by 2050 and all this is so China can exceed all our efforts of going fully net zero in just 16 days that will probably be around 10 days as China has no such restrictions imposed on them as Russia does not nor a host of far more populated countries in the world. Are your kids aware of this?. I think not although this is the first report I have seen that actually goes into such details and costings as neither political party has actually done any costings as it is all to simply to say. "net zero by 2050" to pick up votes by Australians that don't really understand exactly what that means for this country. I want to get hold of the full report as they only alude to, "a country that has no means to provide for itself has no ability to defend itself". As for my views all I can say in my defence is if the world really faces a problem of man's doing with such catastropic outcomes in a mere 30 years, why isn't every person in every country on the planet tackling this catastropic problem right now. Why is a country like New Zealand able to exclude agriculture for it's Co2 obligations but not Australia? Same sheep, same cows. Why isn't the world forcing countries like China and Russia to cut Co2 emissions right now instead of in China's case, starting at 2060. And what country is going to enforce such a move on such countries in 2060 when all the western nations have crippled themselves a decade or two earlier?. These are my concerns mate. Not my problem as I'll be long dead as will the polititions signing this country and other countries to such agreements but I do question what is this all for really?. Our 1-2% will not save the planet when China is currently pumping out 38% and rising and if it is such a problem why aren't they tackling it right now because I'm sure some of the world's scientists would have told them and not only us of this impending doom that will effect them as well.
  8. 5 days of rain so not exactly paradise this visit. Solar was next to useless. Good thing I was able to get something in the batteries using petrol in the generator and that running a 30 amp battery charger.
  9. Maybe you can be forced to buy the Mazda EVs or be penalised and leave the diesels and petrols to the nation that don't live in the cities?😁 Reminds me so much of the plastic bags being banned. The people in the cities couldn't stop throwing there rubbish plastic bags in their harbours and waterways so everyone in the nation can't use them either. As for using the internet as your source of all things to be believed, here is something you should try when using Google. It may just change your views on trusting what you read on it and how it can be so easierly be manipulated. It was in my opinion the world's largest and greatest library until around 5-7 years ago till money and GEO region locking dictated what you saw. Here is what you see in Australia when you do a Google search....... Global Warming Facts (This is just the top of the opening page)..... Now lets see that same top of the front page when we trick the net into thinking I am now in The Netherlands and repeat the same Google search....Global warming facts..... Notice how it changes what you see depending on where it thinks you are?. It actually gets much more sinister than that as I'll explain in a minute. You can check and see the results for yourself by using a VPN. This one I'm using is free of charge and is a FireFox app. In my case I simply changed my location to The Netherlands. I then took a "snip" of the top half of the each page to give you guys a demonstration to show the difference what you see changes by Geo location on the planet. I didn't want to alter exactly what appeared so I ran this test for Australia, grabbed what I wanted and a minute later did the search for The Netherlands. This was so there was no chance of the page being updates by chance in the time between both searches. I later went back to confirm neither page had altered as I'm not out to trick anyone. Neither had changed. So that shows you where you are on the planet dictates what you see on Google. Now the sinister part. Google has for a number of years now allowed companies to pay Google to get there net entrys elevated up the list. The more you pay, the higher up the list on a particular subject you go in your Geo location on the planet. Many news items I want to check details about on Google, I am finding the main entrys, often pages, are sometimes dominated by the ABC Australia. They always agree with each other and to me this is not necessarily all the facts I'm after so using a VPN I can see other views on the same subject from other locations and not who pays Google the most in my Geo planet location. ( ABC Google stacking.....that's your hard earned tax dollars doing that. (Explains why the ABC demands more goverment money every year doesn't it) This shows what you see can also be dictated by money. If you add to this Google themselves using algorithims to detect phases written on the net to weed out what they themselves disagree with and then delete, you can see the net is not a place that can be trusted any longer or atleast I can. Many parts of the net that I looked up years ago have for some reason simply vanished. As we are now becoming a nation of learning from the internet rather than written text in books that can't be altered, deleted or ammended at the click of a button from anywhere on the planet and knowing how the net can be altered to suit some views, I question if you are not able to see all the facts and only being able to see limited views on a subject some believe you should see, is that not a form of propaganda?. I also wonder what a powerful tool this internet really can be in the hands of some people. Imagine if the Nazis had in there time access to such a powerful tool?. Food for thought. Not out to push my views on anyone. Just giving the facts as I see them so you can choose for yourself. Now on with the show Danny. You're educating me about EVs and I personally love other people views on all subjects so I can gather the all facts and make decisions for myself and your doing a fine job at that on this subject. Steve.
  10. I watch a lot of Alaskan wilderness shows on Fox like "Mountain Men", "The Last Alaskans" and "Alaska, the Last Frontier". It was on one of those shows I saw a guy using a hand tool that looked like a machete with a handle on each end and you drew it back towards you as you sat on the pine log. It peeled the pine bark quite quickly leaving a clean somewhat slimey bare length of pine. I've also seen others using exactly as @narf_ discribed, " like a odd trenching shovel with no sides". that you stand behind pushing the "trenching tool" up the length of the log. The guy using the trenching tool said it peels with little effort at the right time of year, summer in Alaska as the slime or pine gum works like a lubricant allowing the bark to just slide off the trunk. He was using that tool to expose a strip about 50mm wide the length of the log back to the trunk on one side of the log and just spreading the remaining bark off the trunk all in one piece. That is exactly what I want to do if that process works in Australia. In Alaska's winter the process become much harder as the bark stuck to the log and you litrally have to scape all the bark off the tree. I could just run the chainsaw up the length of the log the depth of the bark twice with a 50mm gap between the cuts, chisel that piece out and "possibly" peel the remaining bark off but I'm thinking that may mark the log inside with the chainsaw blade. Something the hand tools don't appear to do. Neighbour uses the Cypress in there woodfire as they have little gum. I have some Cypress I use as my backup supply already cut and split stored in a metal shed exposed to the sunlight so it drys out completely rather fast. I find it burns well leaving little ash but not as long burning as the Alpine, Ghost or Squiggly Bark Gum. I'll often throw in just one log of Wattle simply to get the heat up and start an ash bed. It burns about twice as hot as the gum, (probably explains why they warn not to burn Wattle in woodfires), thus the reason only one ever goes in just to get the fire going and it also burns to little ash but extremely fast. The gum I cut about a meter long and leave it stacked in the field to dry out if it was green. Gotta rotate it about twice a year or the logs touching the ground start to rot. The meter lengths are the easiest to handle lengths to get back to the farm house when dried and the bark usually falls straight off. One strap holds them in the quad trailer. Once back at the farm house I run the chainsaw through it and any over 200mm in diameter go through the splitter as the woodfire seems to like halves better at that size with these types of gum. The pine doesn't seem to care what diameter it is providing it is completely dry. The pine also rots very fast when it touches the ground with the bark on. If you peel the bark off, this rotting process takes quite a while.
  11. What I say here is what my generation was taught out of books by untainted teachers at schools using history learnt by previous experiences from hundreds of years of humans. To not learn from history is to repeat the same mistakes others have made in the past. To blindly follow modern science has all been done before as history shows. Human Eugenics is one such "science".
  12. What you write here is so true and I agree with every aspect of it except the part regarding no humans. Greenland is called green land because it was green and they grew crops on a land that is now ice and snow. There solution was move. Many Australian towns flooded regularly so they moved. Parts of the Great Sandy Desert in Australia were seas and as a result, sea shells and aquatic fossils are found today. The middle east was tropical forests but today is sand. To say without man there would be no problems is incorrect as we in Australia often see nature itself is quite capable of exploiting the land. A rabbit plague stops only when they eat absolutely everything and they starve along with every other animal that lives there. An area that has multiple bushfires in a short period of time kills all the life in that area and turns to desert. A part of a river infested with European carp will kill out every species in that river and will die out themselves and in turn kill the river. All natures doing that shapes the land. The problem is our generation of humans now thinks they can actually control nature. Nature you have to work with and around it, not try and control it or change it. Every time man thinks it can be controlled, he is quickly made a fool of or does more damage till nature itself decides to repair it. We now with all our technology and complicated infrastructure are mere specks in the timeline of this planet and nothing we do is going to alter that. Oceans will rise and fall at nature's timeline and if you think we can understand how to control that, she may decide to hit the coastal parts of the nation with a sunami with no warning as being discovered right now with evidence of an ancient sunami that hit Australia's east coast going inland to the Great Dividing Range. History says we are right in the timeline for another mini iceage. The timeline is between 2000 and 2060 using ice core records as the data source. Nature does have a habit of repeating itself and if this "ice core prediction" is correct, maybe we should be using these high Co2 levels to our advantage, ( working with nature), and be storing and growing excess food we at present are setting world record food production levels for a potential low sunlight period of time nature may have install for us. You think predictions of man made Co2 will effect the planet's human population, you should give some thought to a planet right now being effected by another ice age.
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