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  1. She is an Iranian and left the place because it sucked. Just says it as it is. Can watch another show at a different time of day but on the same channel and the report will be more like the ABC covering the story so while Danny is correct to a degree regarding how some Fox is biased to the right, there is pretty much the same level of leftist views on the same stories just a different time of day on the same Fox News Channel. You take your pick what time you may want to watch or watch both sides of the story and decide yourself. Personally, I just like to hear a news story with no smart comments, no facial expressions, no wise cracks, no video editing, no opinions, just what happened as accurate as they can. SBS World News seems about the closest to doing that ATM.
  2. I don't claim to be a farmer. I own a farmer though and I practice solar and in the past wind generation of electrical power and it's storage. I do that and have done for over 10 years now as the farm is TOTALLY off grid. Have you?. So why do you talk about it as if you have some knowledge on the subject?. This is the brave new power grid you talk of and what you preach as you lean over and click that power switch to adjust the heat and go to the tap and grab some of that mains water. Ever had to provide your own food that didn't come wrapped in plastic from the supermarket?. Any idea what it is like having a bushfire coming at you and you are seeing full sized gum trees literally exploding in flames 20 meters away and your there with a shovel or in suburbia with a garden hose trying to defend your $1 million house from the roof?. We can't all cower in our seaside apartments can we sitting on a computer claiming it's climate change. No, much easier and more comfy sitting in your aircon inner city apartment looking on a screen grabbing links to what others have written on your religion yet never actually knowing the source is credible as you have never actually met any of them have you?. Just blind trust as it is what you believe be it with no personal responsibility should you have been horribly wrong. A good example of no responsibility taken regarding climate change by idiots thinking they know it all is quite local to you. 3 flood mitigation dams on the upper reaches of the Brisbane river solely built to prevent Brisbane from EVER flooding again. Some unaccountable CC idiot in some government department believes the famous quote by a paleontologist that "the water that falls will never reach the dams, it will go down the cracks in the earth" and orders the dams not to flood mitigate as there were originally designed and built to do resulting in billions of dollars damage and massive flooding of your major city. Was the state government handed the bill for this major fuckup? How about the unnamed idiot in the government department that ordered the engineers at the dam not to open the dams till it was to late, still employed no doubt. No accountability, just like like there is no accountability for anything you say. I don't need accountability as it isn't me pushing for major nation changes, you are, with nothing other than talk and writings by others that you don't actually know in person, only ever seen them on a screen and spreading there word. I wish Flannery was held accountable for the billions of dollars of tax money he directly and indirectly has cost this nation. Climate Scientists or climate salesmen?. A climate scientist not doing the talk won't be a climate scientist for very long will they?. Sounds like a sales job to me. You would never know as you haven't ever met them.
  3. Would be so much easier if we were a communist state wouldn't it Danny. State run media, shut down any descending voices. Erasing unsettling posts aye Danny?. Wouldn't surprise me, it's the communists way.
  4. Great work on the trackballs guys and you can still get Atari shafts, yes? Well spotted John on the imperial /metric bearings. How are the bearings retained? Might be the solution machining the Taito bearing retainers from metric to imperial to suit the imperial bearings. If the difference is minimal ie. the imperial bearing OD is slightly smaller than the Taito retainers ID, there is a Locktite product called Bearing Lok. You use it after a bearing has spun in a retainer and is now "slightly" loose in the retainer. I have also seen a single emery paper sheet used to cure this problem. It can only be one layer thick but the higher the grit number on the emery, the thinner the emery sheet thickness. Another possible solution is flange bearing retainers. They come in most bearing sizes and the retainer is bolted in place instead of the normal retainer welded in place. Just check you have clearance as you have to allow for the flange thickness as well in most cases using this style of bearing retainer. As for the optos, yes you can locate them as you wish as long as it has the interrupter wheel spins between the readers, it will work. If the opto is reversed, you'll need to address that electrically.
  5. Yep I agree 100% with that Landline comment and I often listen to it still on ABC radio while at the farm as I have no choice of radio station at the farm so therefore I don't miss it when it's on. I don't go looking for it in suburbia but if I knew when it was on, I would watch or listen as it is a brilliant show. Still, it is one show I occasionally watch and is it worth the $101 a year I and every other taxpayer pays for the ABC every year........ $1.4 billion this year of taxpayers money goes to the ABC 13,765.200 is the current employed and taxpaying number. Divide $1.4 billion by 13,765,200 and you get $101 per person. Pisses me off every time the ABC wants more government money, the first shows they threaten to cancel are Landline and the Kids shows, As for Australian really, they went over to Afghanistan offering money ......(the equivalent to one years afghan earnings)....... to any one prepared to tell stories about a Victoria Cross SAS member. (Candy, The VC is the equivalent to your Medal Of Honor. It is Australias highest military award) Could you imagine what would happen in the states if say NBC tried this stunt on a living Medal Of honor holder? If that is how ANY Australian company treats any military members let alone a VC holder in the SAS, I would no longer regard them as Australian. @BigEasyYou were in the army helping to protect me, my family and all Australians and for that I honor you sir. Thank you for your service.
  6. Ow Candy, your going to love this clown show. This would be Australia's answer to good old Greta. This is EXACTLY why I don't believe anything out of a climate scientist's mouth as this guy was the very top of the chain here in Australia in that field. Idiots still believe him and probably went a long way to "educate " Danny all those years ago. I'm not a scientist, but I'm seriously thinking of doing a two week crash course to become a climate scientist. The ABC turned this palaentologist into a climate scientist and he went on to the climate advisor to the Gillard government. We all have him to thank for those Desal plants all rusting away in every state and the increases to seaside house insurance rates. His predicted sea level rises, think his words were "the seas will hit the great dividing range", didn't stop him buying up a lovely river level house on the Hawksbury River well in the tidal flows of the river. Unfortunately, once the people found out he had to find somewhere else to dream. Still gets wheeled out as Australia's leading "climate scientist" by the ABC and the Guardian.
  7. What you just wrote is crap and I for the life of me see no fact in it at all. Greta Thunberg, a brat that here parents couldn't control and was out of school at 13. Parents were known activists that no one listened to so they used there uneducated, uncontrollable idiot child to do there preaching for them while they grabbed the money. About your aluminum cans, here's a test for you so you can learn something through education and not preaching. It was demonstrated to me years ago but it should "maybe" teach you something. Cut the can in half with a Stanley knife. At the cut note a plastic inner liner. Grab the plastic liner and pull. If your careful you can pull this plastic inner liner completely out of the can. Weigh the plastic liner and compare it to the weight of the now just aluminum can. An aluminum can without this plastic liner will allow the drink to react with the aluminum and the result is aluminum oxide which is poisonous if ingested. The outside of the can is painted and that paint just like the plastic liner will all be burnt if the can ever sees heat in a smelter and is in itself is highly toxic. Still believe we recycle these cans in Australia?. The last known place I know of that did actually recycle cans was the Alcoa plant at Yennora NSW but that was when aluminum cans weighed around 3 time what they weigh now. The demise of that Alcoa plant come when a can with as little as one drop of liquid still in it hit the molten pool inside the smelter. The resulting blast destroyed the smelter and surrounding buildings in the plant and it was lucky it happened while no trains were going past as a passenger train would have been blown off the rails as the main southern line pasted around 20 meters away from that smelter. You want to hear about plastic recycling industry in this country?. It is a rather sad story as well but both do the intended outcome, to make people feel batter. No one questions either of these "recycling" industries so the story of recycling continues to this day being inadvertently pushed along with people like you just have. Lead on the other hand is completely recyclable as it's mass weight doesn't alter though melting it down or sitting in acid. Lead acid batteries don't even needed to be melted down as the acid has no effect on the lead plates as it is completely inert. A slim forms over the lead plates as the battery ages preventing the acid from coming in contact with the lead plates and the battery looses it's ability to hold power as more lead on the plates is covered till the battery finally dies. If you clean out all the built up slim and refill with new battery acid, the battery is restored but the common method now used is swapping the sulfuric acid with an equally strong alkaline and the battery becomes an alkaline battery that produces the same amount of stored energy as the original acid battery did with the only difference being the poles on the battery are now reversed so + becomes - and - becomes the + terminal.
  8. And what attar level do you need to achieve to become a climate scientist in Australian universities?. A very low one. And what exactly does a climate change scientist do?. Repeat potentially tainted data found everywhere in the universities after all, what actual scientific testing do they do themselves from inside the confines of a university to test any of this data. Well none required actually because the data has already been read by thousands of like minded people like themselves and any descent from "what is written" is a sure fire way of getting yourself removed from the university. Ask Australia's leading expert on the Great Barrier Reef and his dealings with the University of Queensland when he questioned the "what is written" As for the farmers and your ABC clip..... They have no choice but to watch and therefore be educated by your ABC. They have no other choices in the location of there farms. It is often the only channel they can get. As for Fox News, You have been saying for months Fox News said this Fox News said that and I suspect you only know that was said by the links the ABC selectively have cherry picked but this is the real story.............Fox has many News channels Sky News Fox Sports News Sky News Extra Sky News UK BBC World News Fox News Channel CNN CNBC Bloomberg Television ABC News World Watch Aljazerra CGTN NHK World News A pretty good list of many world news channels I would think with a variety of views on all News stories quite unlike your one channel fits all ABC. Problem is, you have to pay for FOX don't you? Pity every Australian doesn't get the choice on where there Tax dollars go because I'm sure if they had a choice....... fund the ABC or put there money towards a Fox subscription most Australians would prefer that 1.4 billion dollars a year the ABC gets from the government going towards there costs to get Fox with it's 14 News channels and around 70 other channels non News related. Education is king but not when it all comes from the one tainted source.
  9. Just the pool ball rolling on the metal shaft wore the metal shafts thinner as the part itself never broke, it just wore out and at the bearings or bushes contact points as well through memory. These on the Taitos were replaced regularly. Not the whole trackball assembly, just these shafts.
  10. The "Total" human impact on CO2 in the atmosphere is also acknowledged to be only 2% of all the CO2 created on the planet. Whether this 2% has any impact is where the science is not settled. If this 2% has any impact is actually being negated when you consider China with a population of 1 453 598 787 set to become full 1st world status in 10 years from it's former 3rd world non fossil fuel burning culture. That last part is clearly being seen with year on year increases of all fossil fuel world sales irrespective of "progressive" nations attempts that only seem to cripple themselves.
  11. You could try using mild steel bar and blue the metal once the shape is machined. The blueing process will harden the steel....(gun barrels) and while not entirely rust proof, it is far less prone to rust. It is also an easy process to blue the metal yourself. Heat the metal till "straw colour" and dunk slowly in oil. Make sure the metal is shaped before blueing as the blueing process is only skin deep and further machining will remove it. You can also reverse the blueing process of the metal by heating the metal to "orange in colour" and allow it to cool naturally. The use of "blued metal" is quite common in arcade machine parts.
  12. All the Defenders used originally in Taitos were the multi board with ribbon cables versions with the tables using another version with yet another external board to handle just the screen flip function. Needless to say there wasn't much space left in a table top with all these boards fitted in a TT. A bootleg version of Defender called Defense Command was acquired and it become the single board version better suited for the TT as the board count went from 4 or 5 boards down to just one and was a more convenient dip switch to change from upright to TT rather than an extra flip board. The bootleg board was a more reliable version of the game and many went into uprights as well after the original multi boards fitted started to give issues.
  13. Polar shift doesn't make you money like the CC cult can. Love watching wind turbines destroying themselves. Cheap overseas rubbish not fit for purpose for very long anyway. Got a windmill company here in Australia we could use but no, some foreign company in to grab that quick government money, install the rubbish, grab the cash and gone. No maintenance, no removal from site after the unit is dead, just left there to show how stupidly naive we were at this time in history for generations to come. Could of been Australian made by Australians.... Company still going..... https://southerncrosswindmills.com.au/ As you can see , totally recyclable being made from Australian steel.
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