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  1. Doubled up on a machine there I see. Only one of them is a proper SS though.....😉 Looking really sweet Jeff. I like it how you got it actually looking like an arcade that you would have play in. It's got character already and you've just built it. No good having a line up of pins in a straight sterile white room. All the posters and trinkets give the room depth. Only thing I'm thinking you need is a mezzanine level just for those Bally SS you've had to let go of the years because you just never had the room for them in the past......😉
  2. Don't know how long ago these guys put these together but the last 6 Xboxes I made all had HDMI converters fitted internally. The desire was to use more convenient HDMI leads that you can buy any length rather than Xbox only component cable sets. Was a cool mod that did exactly what it was designed to do. We tested HDMI converters from all over the world and these tested the best for the job so these are what i used. These pictures are from a tutorial I did showing how to do this mod. Xboxes were fun. I had a heap to get things right....
  3. Yep video jukes are cool and I like Mp3 audio with a good visualization program as long as it has randomize. To much dramas organizing each and every song I want to hear. I'm interested in being able to do this. I think you are taking about displaying the game in 4:3 but using the remainder of the wide screen for game instructions and title header?.
  4. Is it heavy like pokeys normally are? You've done well not to change it to much I think. It still looks like a pokey but lives another life. I like it.
  5. Another visit and the weather was brilliant. I arrived at 5pm and the sun was going behind the hills. Yep that is winter down here. 10c inside and outside the house and about to get colder once that sun is gone. Lite up both woodfire heaters and let them do what they do. Took a quad out and had ta quick look at the bridge. Always concerned after loosing a bridge I guess and I know there was one day that had 15mm of rain followed by the next with 30mm right in this area a couple of weeks ago. Much relief when I see it is still there so back to the house before the sun is completely gone. Turned out that night I got the house interior up to 22c but outside, not a cloud in the sky, it hit -1c around 7am outside the following morning. No clouds and a bright sun, a lovely winter's day with no wind. Lets go finish the approaches on this bridge so we can use it..... This is the house side of the bridge. Need two suitable logs to extend the beams further up the bank, cut them in so they can bolt together make the top surface flat so the slabs I brought down can go on, oww and throw some paint on them as they get pinned down. Grabbed the 4 X 4 and took it over the old crossing hopefully for the last time and I remembered this log I was undecided to turn into firewood or timber. 4.2 meters long and perfect for both beam extensions so chained it around the towball and dragged it down here ready to cut into the two pieces it was being turned into... Cut it in half, onto the log trailer behind the quad and onto the bridge. Didn't want to carry when machines can do it for you...... The log trailer was the ideal location for cutting the log to suit. Worked out perfect and held the log while I chainsawed it to shape. Pity the beam I had to attach it to wasn't quite such a convenient location to chainsaw..... All good and pinned together nicely. One down one to go. Dug a trench in the bank for each log to sit in and once done dig out the remaining dirt and attach the slabs. Drop the 2nd one in, pin it together with the other beam and maintain the 1300mm between the beam centers. This last part, 1300mm beam centers is important as you will see at the end of this post. Put the slabs on painting then as we go. Finally the last couple and out of sun light....... Ready to try the 4 X 4 over it but tomorrow, If something goes wrong, I want to be able to see in the sun.... The next morning and I'm straight onto it, finally, after around 3 years....... Cool, a far better way to get over this f***ing creek. Ended up taking the time left to burn off a few wood piles as the day was actually prefect with no wind...Pretty rare in the middle of the day down here...... Ended up back at the bridge to do another pile and the gully near the bridge.... Pigs have been rather active here lately as you can see..... Idea was keep this burning down beside the bridge approach. The approach road to the bridge is on the other side of this blackened patch where the quad is. The gully was cleared when we first started the bridge but over the years has grown back over so time to burn it out. Thought we better get the 4 X 4 back over the bridge dropping off the firefighting tank on the bridge so we don't blacken the bridge approaches. I went to grab the 4 X 4 but actually thought, I've already been over and although it will be mainly me driving over it, better to get my mate to have a go and that we he knows all is good and can do it again. Pretty straight forward, line up and drive across. What can possibly go wrong?...... Arrrr, you can cut the corner...... Not recommended Doesn't look much but that 4 X 4 is not getting out of there and the hole in the deck this side of the yellow Ryobi radio is where the front left wheel went down. Was able to reverse back to that location but that was it. The car was bellied with the front left wheel spinning and the two rears. Ended up digging the 4 X 4 out and I thought it best I drive it over the bridge as broken as it was, we made sure the wheels lined up on the 1300mm beam spacings and all was good...... Hell, could of been a lot worse. We obviously have a bit of work to fix it but still usable. These slabs were not new slabs as they come from a retaining wall used to hold dirt back at the top house dam and had never been painted but your not supposed to put a vehicle over the end of them either. Still, it pointed out others may do the same so I thinking slabs going the length of the bridge over the existing ones you put your wheels on when in a vehicle. That will also spread the load over multiple slabs. The doggy driver..........I can't say a thing, he has spent as much time working like a convict building this thing as I have and therefore is equally entitled to break it... Until next time.......hope you enjoyed.
  6. That square slot, that can be punched out, is for the bill exceptor and a lot now days, a card reader. Not widely used on those doors when on pinballs but used a lot on the same doors when in machines like Buck Hunt. Have you thought about using BluTooth for the sound instead of cable?. These things work perfectly for me on TVs so should work just as well on a pinball. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144937109510?hash=item21beecc806:g:2OEAAOSwylpfq5Nl If you don't have a powered USB port to power it, just grab a usb female plug, cut the wires and solder the red wire to the pinballs 5vDC + and the black wire to ground. Leave the other two wires in the cable just cut clean as you don't need them. Plug the Blu Tooth into the female USB to power it and put a 3.5mm socket on the sound, pair it up and your done. Only requires pairing once as they hold that setting in memory. If your hell bent on the wired solution put your finger in the coin return flap and the back edge of the coin return makes a perfect location to mount a 3.5mm audio plug. You put the audio female plug in that back wall and lift the flap to plug in your headphones. When your done, unplug the headphones and the flap comes back down and no one sees a thing.
  7. Trev, here's a couple of suggestions you may or may not like but I'll put them out there so you can decide. I'm not happy with the adjusters just going into a tee nut. That tee nut will pull out I believe. I think this idea will give a better result. It involves cutting a rectangular slot in the leg as marked and a piece of 5mm X 40mm X 30mm flatbar steel, pictured below the leg, sliding in the slot with a thread tapped in the hole that suits the leg adjuster thread. As the flatbar is contained in the leg, it can't pull out unless it snaps the lower half of the foot off the rest of the leg...not very likely. Wood is a great material but a little steel can make it a heap more useful. The top of your legs I asked what size so I could see if there was a suitable steel tube size to clad that part of the leg. You can get square steel tube in 60 and 70mm X either 2, 2.5 or 3mm thick walls so you have a range to choose from. The wood by itself with leg bolt holes and the wooden holes will enlarge over time where as if the wood is sleeved in steel tube and the bolts go through holes in the steel and the wooden leg, they will last for years. If you did clad the upper parts of the legs in steel tube you could weld a flat plate over the top, drill 4 holes in it and use those bolt holes to bolt the legs flat to the underside of the cabinet. I make a lot of projects out of wood but any opportunity to add steel and I do. The wood is there for the cosmetics or eye candy, the steel is there for the strength.
  8. Yer I understand what they are trying to do. Somewhere back in the 66 pages this topic takes up now I mentioned the rail line that does this energy production along it's whole length and can have multiple trains all generating power as long as they are going on the downhill run as the other return track is uphill. They have been using that system for decades now. The problem with this system here though is just how much power are you expecting from the drop of one building? Then it becomes how many of these buildings do you require and who controls it all so the the end user gets a constant supply of reliable power?
  9. Hmmmm, no. They are rubbish compared to what you could buy. Life expectancy is a fraction of what is was and NOS parts are in high demand as a result. How many years did you get out of an old CRT TV compared to a "modern panel TV"?. Small unfortunately means a part working hard to barely do the job and the materials used inside are not pure as purity costs more money and better to sell you 10 at the cost of what one cost, so many think.
  10. Cool, 24 tonne of bricks to power the building. Now we're thinking outside the square. How about an entrance fee for every person entering the building has to carry a brick to the top......🤣 Brick goes in a bucket with all the other 24 tonnes of bricks others have carried up so we can create power by lowering it while it spins a generator. Hay, that sounds practical. 🤨 I heard a electrical engineer talking on the radio the other day with some rather alarming facts regarding "renewable energy and it's storage" You need over 4 times the demand in production capacity as both wind and solar are under 25% efficient with the world average being around 18% but the shock to me anyway was the storage capacity needs to be 10 times the demand. Rather worrying when you actually look at what is required just to replace what we need now but then don't forget we are adding another 400,000 people here to our current population in just one year, this year. I wish the Australian people were asked in a referendum if they agreed to that one. Hmmmmmm. That is another Canberra in population added in just one year and the next year 2024, NSW looses another power station but this one will hurt. This one does 1/4 of NSW's current power needs. Glad I don't live in an inner city high rise with lifts. Be interesting to see how the lift companies will be able to get all people out of all there now non powered lifts though rolling brownouts that have trapped people. Koni lifts obligation was 1 hour to get people out of failed lifts but that was when power failures were rare. I suspect they will just get swamped with callouts and those trapped will just have to wait..... You can't battery backup a high rise lift by the way. A technician needs to get on the lift roof and work like a large handbrake arm to control the decent to the next available floor. Never did the job myself but was there as union rules stated two technicians required for safely reasons and a few times I was close by and dropped in to meet the lift technician even though I didn't do the lifts didn't matter, just had to be two "company" men. Should be interesting to see how long the lovers of all things renewable are after being trapped in a few lifts. I can tell you most people just laugh it off but some in the community absolutely freak out.
  11. There is a roll bar beside the console and one around middle door height. That is what I held onto. There is also a bar over the door but what really surprised me was the Gees, they are high gees braking and accelerating but sideways, no where near what you would expect. I will be going again but I'll take my Go Pro and mount it looking out of the passenger door basically how I was looking as it will give a better sensation of traveling sideways than someone holding a mobile phone like in that video.
  12. So many great gun games on the Wii with many after market guns. I have a projector with a roof mount screen and only use it for a Wii and the Dangerous Hunts series of games. The guns are shotgun design and the aim is pretty bloody good. Using consoles for such purposes I love as the things are common and once superseded, cheap. We did a few operations generic car cabinets using Dreamcast consoles and a timer interface board, still got those boards, and when the customer put money in you bought time. These machine actually made pretty good money for a very little cost. The games were Daytona but unlike the arcade version, 7 tracks. 16 wheeler I think it was called was another. And Sega Rally but again more tracks than the arcade version. I had a generic car cab at home but went the modded Xbox route as the console as I could load the games on the HDD rather than disc. Was rather easy just requiring the steering and pedal pots be changed from 5k to 50k. That machine had the Need For Speed series, Midtown Madness and a few other Xbox car games all selectable using the buttons on the generic car cabinet dash. When my boys were sick of the car games on the Xbox Classic, in went a 360 but while they liked the later 360 games, I hated the game disc idea. The thing is though these consoles are so cheap and easy to get, it is a very viable option maybe not in dedicated cabinets but in generics, why not. It is so much better playing these games with a arcade steering wheel and pedals than a controller likewise a gun game with a gun. Love your T2. That is one I would love to try as that game is hard and dedicated cabs are not an option I would like to take.
  13. My mother had a HD wagon X2 powerglide. https://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1965-holden-hd-x2-special-sedan/ Yep my bad, I thought the 179 went into the HR.
  14. 161 for the pro, 179 for the premium and 179 X2 for the LE.😄
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