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  1. Ive just bought an original Xbox and am going to softmod it. First consideration is how to connect it from composite to HDMI ? Ive watched a few Youtube videos,but it seems its a bit mode difficult on the Euro/ Aus Xbox as the setting were locked on 420p ? The was a cable mentioned worth buying https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D19QQHW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=metaljcom0e-20&linkId=278a50766c0193528cf1bc92ceeed6d1 Should this do the trick ?
  2. I design cabinetry and program a variety on CNC routers at work . I would be really interested in building a D.I.Y CNC router myself, hope you post some progress with this .
  3. I'm selling my Mame cabinet. This was designed and built from scratch I work in the furniture industry , and every part of this project was cut on a CNC router . Its made of 18mm laminated MDF, and held together with pin and cam fittings . This thing will never fall apart its solid. The CP panel has 3 joysticks ( centre is dedicated 4 way ) , LED lit track ball , and LED play buttons. The LED's are controlled by a LEDWIZ board, and are fully programmable . There are some labelled function buttons too, and an extra two for mouse control used in conjunction with the trackball . The cabinet has two hinged doors on the front, and a large one to the rear. As you will see from the video, the main front panel has been CNC drilled in the shape of a Space Invader and Illuminates from the light from inside the cab . The side are was CNC etched onto the machine, and red and black adhesive vinyl used for colouring . That went on about 4 years ago and its as good as when I put it on . PC and software . Ive had GAMEEX on it for some time,but for some reason recently a lot of the games launching from the front end wont open . This should be easy enough to bug hunt, I've just not got round to it . Anymore questions please ask. I am also happy for viewings - Melbourne outer western suburbs . I looking for a fixed $700 guys . This cab was designed and built in a professional cabinet building enviroment to a high standard. I think a viewing will speak for itself. Leave me a message if your interested . Gary
  4. Hey I joined this page quite some time ago . I'm looking to sell my arcade project and was hoping to put something up on Aussie arcade . I see that there are conditions on the sales pages so I cant post there . Is there anyway I can do this ? Thanks
  5. Just wondering if anyone has had a crack at building a Pi based Gameboy ? There seems to be quite a few versions out there . I'm not that interested in hacking an original Gameboy, just the built from scratch projects that fit into 3d printed cases . Anyone ?
  6. Hey thats sounds great where are you ? Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  7. I completed my mame cab project a few years ago , and I drift in and out of getting a Pin cab started . I was wondering if there's anyone in Melbourne (western suburbs preferably ) that has a finished project , or one started. Would really like to get an up close look at whats involved. Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  8. Ive just completed my first Hyperspin build, and am doing the final fluff ups. I used Gamex previously, and when it went into attract mode it would load games randomly into MAME , for around a minute at a time. I like seeing the original attracts of the games. Ive looked in the options of Hyperlaunch for attract mode,but cant see anyway to achieve this. Anyone know a way ? Gary
  9. I'm finally coming to the end of a Hyperspin setup , and am looking for a default vertical bezel for a 4:3 screen. Ive seen plenty like this but only in 16:9 Anyone got something like this in 4:3 ? Gary
  10. Thanks Mark thats worked a treat. Looked on a lot of torrent sites for this but couldnt find it
  11. I'm trying to get Dragons Lair up and running on Daphne 1.0 I realise that you need an original DVD for this ( I'm sure there's a work around but I cant find one ). So, where do I get my hands on the Disks, I cant even find a page online where you can buy a PAL version. Any help guys ?
  12. lol,as much as I would love to have the room,the cash,and an accommodating Mrs to have had the required pinball experience, alas I will need to make do with a digital one ;)
  13. There's only one certainty here, I'm building a virtual pinball. Ive built a MAME cab from the ground up,so I'm not exactly new to this, but after spending the last two hours looking at various forums and youtube videos, I'm absolutely lost on where to start . The bits Ive mostly worked out - 1) I'm running 3 displays, 42 or 46 inch for the main playfield, a 32 inch for backglass, and a 15 inch for the DMD. 2) Its easy enough for me to build a cabinet as I work with CNC routers and CAD for a living, although I am not ruling out buying an old cabinet shell for a bit of vintage meets new tech ( is there anywhere in VIC for this ? ) Then there's the software, which at the moment feels a bit overwhelming 1) The front end - I'm reading Hyperpin and PinballX a lot . Is it common to launch more than one pin emulator on a virtual pin through a front end, like you would on an arcade cab ? 2) Virtual pinball,Future pinball,both ??? Last Consideration is the PC spec. I understand I am going to need to 1TB vga's for play field and back glass, but I was thinking a usb to hdmi for the dmd ? I use one of those on my current pc for a 2nd screen,works fine and surely a dmd doesnt need a dedicated card ? Any guidance greatly appreciated :)
  14. Sorry just seen this,message me and let me know what your trying to achieve
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