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  1. Hey I am after a replacement dell computer and dongles for a big buck hunter .was sending mine for repairs and freight company lost it . Mine was a safari upgraded to a world .If anyone has a dead monitor or bad cabinet i would love to buy the pc and dongles.
  2. I think we should close it now and get it happening .anyone wanting to order pm me city and number of sets you want to order and which option below . will have sent to city with most orders and it will be up to that person to send on at purchasers cost .Or can have sent to me and i will on send at cost . eg wayne rockhampton 1 set option 1
  3. will give it a little while see if anyone else is keen
  4. emailed him a while back he said couldnt do much with price $ 10 discount .
  5. anybody want to share freight from pinball pimp 1 set is $ 90 US 2 sets $ 120 US ?
  6. Hi guys .Chasing a small plastic from a gottlieb jungle princess or queen . plastic located just above mini flippers .
  7. did you find one ? I have a beautiful one .new cab decals clearcoated p/f shitload of mods etc 1 of best in country i would guess
  8. I sent was sending a bb safari dell computer and dongles off to re repaired and the freight company managed to lose . Does anyone know where i can get a replacement computer with the security dongles ?
  9. Prefer pinball pimp Abra Cadabra stencils if available
  10. Got a gottlieb mustang $ 2750 can smash it up a bit for you if you want
  11. Just saw a video from Tim trying to raise money for completion of new Hall . Can someone post here or set something up so AA members could donate if they want to .I reckon its its a pretty good cause with money raised going to charities .Staff are all volunteers . https://gofund.me/0ccf1d66
  12. after a complete set of target decals for a stern pirates please
  13. After a set of target decals firstly and possibly any other mods etc for a pirates of the carib
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