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  1. Maybe Wayne can now chip in ? Or is his NDA still in effect ?
  2. Pictures make it look mint, it’s not ! It’s a solid 8/10 in my books though. Slight wear above the PF window and that’s the only wear spot on the PF. Cab left has a few touch ups. Plays perfect. Am going to change LED’s on the mini PF. All offers considered
  3. Wanted : Congo manual. Can trade for RollerGames manual or buy outright, or if anyone needs a RollerGames manual let me know. Cheers Scott
  4. Any news on #4 ? My ducks are getting restless
  5. Two Games released at the end of the month ? did i hear right ?
  6. Not sure about the reputation thing. If one of the people in the Purple Circle dislike something the rest will follow.
  7. I know where there is a HRP one possibly for sale ? Apparently after ten years still mint
  8. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the weight in a game manual, not that I’ve ever looked for it either.
  9. I know it was a Question :nothingtoadd::headbuttwall:
  10. All my ducks are in a row, im not missing this one...put me on the list :)
  11. Too many people like you and that other fuckwit here that think your opinion is the only one that matters - whatever cunts ! go cry somewhere else. Anyone would think its YOUR for sale post ? op could have answered my question... how about you just mind your own fucking business !
  12. Just as if i was interested in buying anything, thats why i fucking asked ! Arent you allowed to ask legit questions ? when spending that much money ide want to know if its a common issue or not. Fuck me, hit a sore note here, i guess that answers my question
  13. Alot of talk about quality issues puts me off. Are they true ?
  14. Did they come in today ? any classic editions ? or all SE's ?
  15. Hey all, im looking for a No Fear in solid condition for a HRP build. Players condition i suppose, show us YA .... NF & we'll go from there, cheers.
  16. transferred two mobiles over to Vodafone from Telstra & then ordered the PS5. 2 easy !
  17. Well it worked, thanks very much for that info, ps5 ordered :)
  18. I’ll check that out, cheers
  19. Hey all, just wondering if anyone got a few pre orders or already has a PS5 console or a few they wouldnt mind parting with ? cheers Scotty
  20. your gunna miss it, youll be looking for another one in a few years :D
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