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  1. The original BALLY is a pretty machine but boring as sh*t to play IMO! your missing all the style
  2. Any left Jordan ? IDE like one plz mate
  3. Interested; message or call on xxxxxxxxxxx Cheers Scott
  4. BSD Return to left flipper ramp wanted, the ramp behind the lift ramp. just noticed the mounting tabs broken on it near the lift ramp 😞, yep, i know its a real long shot. any help will be very appreciated, thx all. ( Picture courtesy of ipdb )
  5. Yeah not interested in arcade, what’s the damage for MBr ?
  6. scotty

    RIP Lyman

    Way too young; rip
  7. There’s a guy on pinside, username: XPablo, has the 2 Original manuals $55usd for both. Contact him directly
  8. Wanted = BSD Original manual. Thx all
  9. LOTR ? I don’t see anything new here, not only that but for me; I’ve never heard of them, but that’s not the deal breaker, the game has nothing that interests me, everything I see has been done many many years ago. GZ was ok, some newish ideas…rant over
  10. Any chance your getting some backglasses @BallypinballWayne ? IDE be in for one
  11. And now SE+. Backglass option & HD glass sounds good
  12. Did you end up getting one for yourself Wayne ? You certainly deserve one. You must age 5 yrs every time CGC releases a new pin. Love ya work !
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