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  1. Any chance your getting some backglasses @BallypinballWayne ? IDE be in for one
  2. And now SE+. Backglass option & HD glass sounds good
  3. Did you end up getting one for yourself Wayne ? You certainly deserve one. You must age 5 yrs every time CGC releases a new pin. Love ya work !
  4. Maybe Wayne can now chip in ? Or is his NDA still in effect ?
  5. Pictures make it look mint, it’s not ! It’s a solid 8/10 in my books though. Slight wear above the PF window and that’s the only wear spot on the PF. Cab left has a few touch ups. Plays perfect. Am going to change LED’s on the mini PF. All offers considered
  6. Wanted : Congo manual. Can trade for RollerGames manual or buy outright, or if anyone needs a RollerGames manual let me know. Cheers Scott
  7. Any news on #4 ? My ducks are getting restless
  8. Two Games released at the end of the month ? did i hear right ?
  9. Not sure about the reputation thing. If one of the people in the Purple Circle dislike something the rest will follow.
  10. I know where there is a HRP one possibly for sale ? Apparently after ten years still mint
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