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  1. Looking for a set of pinball legs for a Sega Twister. Does not require levellers. Thanks Steve
  2. Can anyone reccomend a good transport company from Eastern States to Perth?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Always interesting when it comes to opinions on condition. The main takeaway I think is, always inspect it yourself (if you can) and pay/offer what you think it's worth.
  4. Taking a straw poll. Yes or No if you would describe the below as "playfield is good" ?
  5. Firstly there are some legitimate seller's at these auctions putting up good quality pinballs however, the biggest annoyance I have is the fact some absolute junk gets put up and then gets price pumped into scam territory waiting for a sucker to make the final bid knowing inspections are not always possible. If it doesn't sell, then it's just rinse and repeat. I have seen some of these pins list on gumtree between appearances at Lloyds. Fair enough if someone pays what they are willing to pay (usually seems to be about 30% too much) ..that's the buyers choice BUT what's seriously flawed is you can pay overpay for what is supposed to be a good condition pin and wind up with a pile of junk that's been pillaged for parts.
  6. Looking for Jurassic Park steel ramp guides for the Raptor Pit and a main playfield ramp that's in OK condition.
  7. Thanks Jaybee. Given the crazy prices that some of the average condition pins are going for at lloyds there is little chance of them selling privately for less I would assume.
  8. Hi all, Is pinballmaster . com . au legit or shady? They have a huge list of pinballs for sale. Operating out of Sydney. Has anyone one business with them before? Assuming these are container pins. Cheers
  9. Yesterday I had a Gumtree user "Mat" claiming to be from QLD sending pictures of an already listed pin from a different Ad in Melbourne. Was going to do a good deal on shipping for me :lol
  10. I bought a RD replacement a couple of months ago. My understanding is RD is now shut down but xpin may be taking on production of whitestar boards. There were still a few Driver Boards around in the US but the prices were increasing. I have a spare power driver board but it's from a redemption machine so requires additional parts fitout to work in a pinball.
  11. Looking for a DE or Sega pin in project/refurb condition.
  12. Thanks for the info. Will follow up.
  13. Thanks Doug. I would be willing to pay double handling for someone to pick up and pack for shipment locally in Sydney and then send with a larger provider. Maybe this is something Bill does?
  14. Does anyone know who may pick up and ship 2 pinballs from Sydney to Perth? I understand Bill only does as far as Adelaide.
  15. Still down for me
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