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  1. Hi Paul, things are ok here, we sometimes get some heavy rain after hurricanes up here, but everything has been calm here. It's good to be back playing mgl. It was a good break. Not sure if I'll end up playing all the games, but at least for Circus Charlie was already kinda warmed up from yolo a bit, got a pb in the tourney, and my post here was a pb, 500k goal I guess.
  2. looks like you may have played with 10k instead of 12k
  3. Yeah, there's alot of great games that use these special controls, whether we see those or not, it's definitely a great addition to your gaming arsenal. These first 2 games aren't encouraging me to play haha, I really do need a break, but if I dont put a score up for every game I'll definitely be around.
  4. Looks good mate. Now, if only we had a trackball game in MGL. :lolWouldn't it be funny if none were picked?
  5. Hi John, I haven't experienced that behavior, either with the directional or buttons. I have owned a few snes usb controllers though that have had some ghost inputs. I think they did have problems like you described with the older models. I believe I read that somewhere.
  6. Oh, I bought the token top knob, thats the one you can adjust the resistance, worth it in my opinion.
  7. I own xarcade tankstick and own turbo twist 2 spinner. Spinner fits perfectly in a buttonhole. Bought it from groovygamegear a few years ago. You can also adjust the resistance.with allen wrench. I swapped out player 1 joy for a 4 way so cant play Robotron with it in current state, but I use ps4 controller dual sticks for that and while not as good as the real thing, it gets the job done. They also sell mini steering wheels you can attach to the spinner, but find the spinner knob better for say pole position. The wheels just seem awkward on the xarcade for me at least.
  8. I love it Paul! Was planning on sitting this season out, but you are luring me back in. :)
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