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  1. A quick question to the DK aficinados: What are the key differences with the romsets? Previously to the MGL I'd only been playing the Japanese set 2 but have switched to US set 1 for the MGL. My PB was made on the former rather than the latter, but I hope to change that. 🙂 @outrun86. G'day Sean - we met a couple of years ago at Bartronica. Nice score mate! We need more MGLer's of yore to drop by and even better, drop a coin.
  2. Pessimeister: 14, 100 It's slow motion improvement, but I'll take it. 🙂
  3. Pessimeister: 13, 740 Every time I hit the ship when it's parked in the top corner and see the "AaaH" I hear the following in my head from the great Impossible Mission. Turn it up loud - your neighbors will thank you. 🙂
  4. Pessimeister: 56, 670 Happy to at least have beaten my old score from MGL 35. Still can't high jump to save myself though. I reckon Fly would make for a great drill sergeant for some of us; the more slack MGL'ers. 😄
  5. Quick everyone, there's a sub 65 k score coming up if you want to see it! 🤣 Pessimeister: 62, 800 I didn't really grow up with DK, but it'll be fun to try and improve on it for the MGL. Kongo Kong on C64 was probably the closest game I played to it. 🙂 Still, such an ingrained classic now - curious to see how many more DK forum players we get in the final week to push the scores higher.
  6. Pessimeister: 12, 590 What a fun little game. Plays like a mixture between Space Invaders, Lunar Lander and even Choplifter. The collision detection might have me shedding what little hair I have left once the two weeks are over though. 🙂 Combines well with some nice space synth in the background.
  7. A fun video which amplifies the MGL vibes with the additional date factoids. Love it! Even Sonic's smile looks gritty and competitive. 😉 I've got my nominations in - all games that I've never played before in the MGL. Hellooooo friday.
  8. Ohh goody! 🙂 The MGL 50 hype is most certainly real. Hopefully I'm not being too greedy here... 1 MGL Gamer's Kit 1 MGL Black XL (I've been after one of these for awhile!) A great initiative Paul. 🙂. Nominations incoming soon...
  9. Pessimeister: 604, 435 I keep mucking up my strategy in Round 6. 🤔
  10. Pessimeister: 524, 554 Yes, that eiffel tower bonus is nifty. 🙂 I'll have to try out the Bee, that's new to me! I haven't sussed out the fish either, but I've been trying different timings on the jumps. Thanks for the ideas Terence!
  11. Yes, it all revolves around R5 for me as well. I've tried a few different things. My last game wasn't very efficient though with some time wasted, so I can hopefully push it a little more. That said, I think I've only seen R9 twice! So definitely more to play for. When it's all over, we'll have to compare notes - would be cool to know what I'm missing. 🙂
  12. Pessimeister: 470, 035 Slowly but surely running out of ideas. It's almost only about pure progress now. Still having fun with the game.
  13. What on earth? Is that like a developer easter egg? At first I thought it was a youtuber's addition. Well If it were in my game, I'd be trying to blow Andrew's horns clean off! 🙂
  14. Pessimeister: 460, 675 Got to start chipping away I guess...hopefully discover something new in the process.
  15. Moo-hahaha?! 🙂 10 measly cud points difference. Great improvement though Terence. I felt like the game started to click with me on my last run and sure enough the bosses started going down. Made all the practice worth it. Experimenting with the order was crucial as well.
  16. 😲 My goodness, I've evidently got some work to do. Kudos to you sir, a dangling carrot score of the highest order. Pessimeister: 439, 075
  17. Pessimeister: 494, 950 Similar to Ace, I wanted 400 k today and finally got it after dying so repeatedly in stage 4 in the 340-390 range.
  18. Pessimeister; 387, 556 I see Wirre went 336 k - had to counter that score.
  19. Pessimeister: 390, 650 Another couple of bullets improvement - at least made the boss this time. On my last credit I also died on my last life whilst trying to retrieve the 1Up on level 4. Brutal game. 🙂
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