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  1. Quite easily my most challenging and difficult MGL with many great classic games where I felt way behind in knowledge and experience. Rob and Darren pushed me all the way but the inclusion of Solar Fox and Vanguard definitely saved my tournament in the end; the former of which I really enjoyed. It's also super humbling to be playing alongside arcade legends like the redelf and DBH. Thanks very much once again to our resident game master @OOO for truly making this a festival of fun for gamers. It's made for a memorable summer indeed. 🍻
  2. Sounds awesome, Evan. I love such big adventures and visiting arcades. It'd be great to see a photo of that classic Williams line-up that Tracey has amassed all of those great scores on. 🙂 If the venue has a high score board, seeing that would be cool too! Also, be sure to congratulate Darren on his MGL 50 performance for me. He had an excellent event; quite a few of his scores kept me motivated to try to do better. Have fun!
  3. G'day Legin. It's great that you've been experiencing a taste of both worlds. 🙂 I know a couple of MGL'ers that have done that, Bishop83 being another. I reckon maybe send a PM to my mate @Arcadinator - he loves his pinball and even got 3rd at the Brisbane Masters a few years back. He'd make a great addition to your player roster.
  4. Pessimeister: 428, 570 Had a breakthrough run to rack 40. Failed several later challenging stages so there's room for more points. 🤔 Previously, I hadn't been shooting to clear fuzors so much as I did here. Shooting them in the tighter places is really useful to avoid danger. I'd also been fixated on shooting the 300 point "volcanic shots" too much in other games. Chasing them is a fun point pressing strategy but it's very dangerous of course. A more prudent way to play is slowly emerging. Needless to say, loving the game! 🙂
  5. Pessimeister: 259, 380 Made rack 30 but didn't quite reach the scoring heights I expected. I also tested the C64 conversion today for fun and got 350k. It's definitely easier and not as busy but the core gameplay is well realised.
  6. Pessimeister: 214, 090 🌡️
  7. Pessimeister: 107, 150 As they say, yay for 100k. 🙂
  8. Here's my biggest "stupid" which I somehow never learn from and keep repeating: 1) Enthusiastically jump up to the top platform, shooting all the way. 2) Super soak Kong until unable to do so due to incoming bee swarm 3) Merrily jump downwards to conceivably avoid incoming bee swarm. 4) Get hit by a bloody stinger on the downward trajectory. 5) Repeat!
  9. Pessimeister: 82, 220 Some of the music sounds almost inappropriately cute for such a brutal game. 🙂
  10. Pessimeister: 95, 270 This game is damn bananas. It feels like some kind of cyberpunk hacking mini-game.
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