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  1. What model phone you using? I've found this package from nch called video pad. It looks OK and i can do narrations and stuff pretty easily. Might play with it for a little bit before buying. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  2. I'll try to get there, just need to arrange some swimming lessons. I'll see what the Amigos say and get back to you
  3. no didn't know there was one? What's it called? thanks
  4. Can anyone recommend a good starter software that is somewhat easy to understand and use? I'd like to have a go at uploading some youtube videos but am a complete newbie. Want to add text overlays, combine multiple videos etc etc. I'm not wanting to purchase some high end package that blows me away and I bail on the idea all together. Forgot, a windows 10/11 based package.
  5. thanks guys looks like Nhil would be a good 2.5 hours plus one way. Might need to wait until I get home to play lol
  6. I visit Portland in Victoria a bit these days (mainly weekends) and was wondering if there any places in or nearby there to play? I miss my daily hit of pinnies every now and then and it would be nice to know where I can get my fix Thanks in advance
  7. Yes this game is a premium all the way. Gameplay wise it's great they have kept it's integrity between models but the theatre of blowing up buildings and bridges is enhanced with the mechs. I don't think you can lose with either model enjoyment wise. The premium will just heighten that enjoyment a fraction.
  8. Covid has played a part but this price thing has been going on for years now. I believe the housing market is more the contributor. In my day I'd pay more off my house and gain equity. Now people have a shit and their equity has risen $10k. Paper millionaires. So as their equity, through uncontrolled circumstances increase, they redraw and buy pins. If there's a correction I fear we all will bear the cost. Now granted that's my cynical view on the market but I think there's some truth in it.
  9. Fair enough. But when it comes to nib I prefer the warranty, Unboxing experience etc. So waiting is worth it to me.
  10. I wish companies would stop releasing stuff like this. I think it hurts the product more than showing it in a good light. Looks rubbish to me but it could be just the bad video and pix. They should release Quality video and pix from the beginning showing the game at it's best and let the public decide from there. I find it hard to change my first impressions.
  11. Thanks mate but unfortunately tanks are quite far away from the house 5m plus
  12. I'm glad my thinking is somewhat on the mark. Btw the main reason I don't use my tanks is that there's nothing in place to feed water from my roof to the tanks. The prick ex owner had the auto watering system feeding them. So town water was filling the tanks DOH. I got quoted over $1k to do the job right and that ain't gonna happen
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