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  1. Has 1 coin mech and confirmed working Credit button is black Changed out 2 displays with ones from a Meteor as 2 that were in there had a segment missing in player 3 and 4 but these ones do the same thing so may need new ribbon cables. Thanks Peter
  2. Stern Electronics Stars Pinball, plays great. Solid state machine with chimes.Frosted Dome Non Ghosting Warm White LED'S though out the whole machine, changed some lamp sockets , Anti flicker boards installed for the LED's, AA batteries removed and coin cell battery installed. New door lock and backglass lock. All new rubbers and all plastics are flat and mint except little chip on top left corner one. New glass as well. Pickup Templestowe Lower PRICE: $5000 Firm
  3. @radirgymanNice pickup mate, some very nice mods, Stern Amber shooter rod is sweet. Playfield looks mint.
  4. Thanks for posting the pics. I'm after the big plastic with the S on it but mine is in better condition but is broken on the corner. I might just end up buying a new set myself. Peter
  5. Hi After the below plastic for my Stern Stars, not after a full set as the rest of the plastics are perfect . Thanks Peter
  6. So which is the best one, they cant all be the same.
  7. I'd buy 2 sheets but Bill wants $50 a sheet for delivery, maybe if there was a group order we could get it down cheaper. Ive always wanted some but held off because there is no one in Melbourne to supply
  8. Well done with the sale. How's the Alien?
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