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  1. Okay so I successfully cloned my original SD card but only after buying an identical Kingston 8GB card. The clone boots up and works fine. I did this on my Mac using DD to create and image then writing the image to the new card. Trying the same process with a different 8GB card using AOMEI (sector by sector) didn't work so I'm also trying it via DD right now. I suspect this one will need to use the boot "fuse" process. I also don't think that boot 1.29 is the correct one as there's a version.txt file on the SD that mentions 2.60 (I think). Not sure if this is the boot version or not. It looks like the 8GB 412-in-1 is different (newer) than the one that have been covered so far so I don't know if the customisation and game save instructions will work. But I'm going to give it a try now that I have a clone. Does anyone know any more about the boot image and extraction of it from my SD image file? There are instructions in the other forum (I still don't have a login yet) that tell you to search for a particular hex string near the end of the SD image and then extract from that point on to create the boot file. I'm quite happy with the method but the end of my 7GB SD image is all zeroes and there are several occurrences of the hex string, all of which are near the front. I would have thought that my SD image would have the boot "section" at the front too - the partitions at the end are all empty/unused space. Finally can anyone explain what the "fuse" process actually does? Is it relocating the boot image in some way? I am fine working with Linux/Unix but the boot process is beyond my knowledge.
  2. Excellent, thanks - - - Updated - - - Instructions are in the link I gave. First step is to get a working backup.
  3. Okay I managed to image it using an USB SD card reader and AOMEI and did the sector by sector copy. The target card is the same size (8Gb) but the copy doesn't boot. Gives an error about no video connection. The instructions on this page (at the bottom - "Backing UP Your SD card"): http://dan.van.derveer.com/twenty/category/arcade/ say you need to fuse a bootloader to the copied ROM. This page also tells you how to add a high score save facility which I really want to do. This post: http://forums.arcade-museum.com/showpost.php?p=2659821&postcount=783 has the v 1.29 boot image I think I need for the 8Gb 412 in 1. But I've not been able to register on the site (have emailed the site admin) to allow me to download it. Anyone got another source?
  4. Cool, thanks. So you didn't get any boot loop issues after modding the card? I read that there is a checksum which is tested during boot and causes a reboot is the card is modded. How about adding your own ROMs?
  5. I have seen a few posts where people mentioned customising these boards e.g. music, background images, pop-up graphics etc. I was only to find an old link (on a different site) which started describing protection schemes on the SD card and indicating he had found possible workarounds but then the thread died. Are there any posts here or sites which have info on this? The thread I mentioned above also indicated it wasn't possible to just duplicate the SD via dd (I am quite at home with Linux). I would want to back it up before any tinkering - any info on that?
  6. I appreciate the opinions on the likely quality but I'm not interested in building something (I don't have the time, the skill or the inclination) so I just want something that's plug and play. I don't want to be fiddling with switches and settings. I've tried all that with MAME on several platforms. I have tried out a few of these types of machines and this is the best configuration I've seen. I want the flexibility to be able to play both portrait and landscape with the screen displaying in the correct orientation. I tried one machine where it displayed everything in landscape and it was awful. No way round that though if you don't have controls on 3 sides? Not sure what you mean by vertical cocktail - you mean upright? Not too fussed about two-player in landscape, I just want controls in both landscape and portrait modes. I'm not interested in an upright machine - I'm too old to stand :) So far the only supplier I've been suggested for the 3-sided machine is Mr Pinball but he is charging over $2k whereas the one I found in NSW is $1550. I checked out Arcadeworx. Their equivalent is $2795: http://www.arcadeworx.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=56 plus whatever it costs to ship from Perth. Admittedly it does look nice but I can't find any details on their site about what hardware is in these. Presumably its something that justifies the extra cost? Anyway I have emailed them for more details. Happy to listen to alternative suggestions for any other ready-built machines, hopefully a bit cheaper?
  7. Thanks. Wow, this one is $500 more than the one I found in a different state (NSW) and only has 1300 games instead of 1505. Looks identical though so I guess its from the same chinese source but an older or cheaper model and $500 more! It also doesn't mention the screen size - the one I found is 22" with an option to go bigger I understand about the cheap chinese comments, that's part of why I want a local source. I've posted my request in the Arcade forum now too.
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for something like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]96756[/ATTACH] So far I can only find one in another state with hundreds of dollars for shipping plus of course potential issues should I need support. I have found a few suppliers of machines in VIC but none with a 3 sided machine in this orientation.
  9. Thanks for the reply. On your site I can only find parts or boards not ready-built machines. Did I miss a link on your site? Do you sell a ready-built 3-sided cocktail machine? You mention dozens of sites in VIC but I haven't found a single one (after extensive searching) that has anything like this:
  10. Hello all. Potential new arcade cocktail owner here - if only I can find one :) I am looking for a supplier of 3 sided arcade cocktail machine and am struggling to find anyone in VIC. Where would be the best place in the forums to post my query? I looked at "wanted" but that seems primarily to be for specific parts and spares. Thanks.
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