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  1. Just a reminder we're on tomorrow nite (Tues 25th) for the first comp of 2022. This will be an IFPA comp with world ranking points on offer. This comp will also contribute to points for the NSW State Champs of which the top 4 players from the State Champs will get direct entry to the Aust Champs in early 2023. While all IFPA comp rules will be in play theres still room for fun nite taking pin like minded ppl. Hope to see you Tues nite Tattersalls Hotel Penrith for a 7pm start
  2. Hoping 2022 throws no curve balls and we can all catch up on a Sat nite once a mth next yr and enjoy the frivolities that WB brings. Merry Christmas @cardini& to all my fellow Wildballers have a great festive season & I hope santa brings you all plenty of Grand Champion scores 🎅🎄
  3. Last comp for 2021 is Tues nite (21st) being Christmas there will be some serious pin playing, some shenanigans and some just having a good time with like minded ppl. See you at the Tatts for a 7pm kick off.
  4. Hi Sydney Pinheads The first two comps for 2022 will be on @Tattersalls Hotel on Tues 25th Jan & Tues 22nd Feb We will meet from 6.30pm, however the comp will kick off at 7pm to give ppl time to get there & have a few warm up games (or grab a feed) Tournament will be Group Matchplay Qualifying - 5 Rounds (4 rds if more than 16 players) First round pairing: Players will be randomly paired against each other in the first round. General pairing: Players will be paired against players with the same/similar win-loss record. Scoring system: IFPA (7/5/3/1) for 4player grps (7/4/1) for 3 player grps. Arena draws: Attempts will be made to assign an arena that has been played the fewest times by all opponents. Five rounds (or 4 depending on numbers), one game per round. Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off. Ties will only be broken for first, second and third places in the semi final & final. The finals will consist of the top 8 (or top 4 field if less than 16players). Semi Final - players will be seeded into two groups with the top two players from each group going through to the final. Ea group will play 1 elimination final with placings awarded 7/5/3/1 with the top 2 players from ea group going through to the final Final - The top four players will play 4 games concurrently in chaos style format to maximise IFPA points ENTRY FEE: $6 ($5 into the prize pool, the $1 IFPA\Aus Champ fee) Newer Games are $2 & Older Games are $1 ea (this is public venue) expect to play 9 games if you make to the final 4 Prizes 1st, 2nd, 3rd will receive cash (& Im hoping we can work with the Tatts to start contributing vouchers again) VENUE: Tattersalls Hotel Station St & Union Ln, Penrith NSW 2750 GAMES: Led Zep Prem Aengers Infinity Quest Prem TNA Alien Poker Embryon Big shout out to Austrojoy Pty Ltd 1300 668 889 We expect to be finished just after 10pm. All normal tournament rules apply. This event will be played for IFPA WPPRs
  5. Try Babak at Pinball Haus
  6. Tatts this Tues (30th Nov) will be a #Sternarmy launch for Avengers Infinity Quest. Winner on the nite will take home the AiQ translite plus the usual share of entrance fees Highest score on AiQ on the nite between 6.30 & 10.30pm will win the AiQ GC Plaque There will also be a couple of Stern face masks to give away See you from 6.30 for a 7pm start
  7. thx. Wasnt quite sure but that makes more sense. Wondering whether maybe someone had fun with a zippo lighter back in the day. Theres no burn marks just the silkscreen is rough. Sold cabinet so if anyones willing to but the effort in it would come up a treat
  8. SOLD For Sale- Hurricane Pinball - $5,000 ono Please read description - Happy to provide more pics or video if needed Third game in Rollercoaster trilogy (Comet & Cyclone) The Good: Playfield has no wear(diamond plate) and has been stripped, cleaned & waxed No errors & everything working 100% DMD has no pixels\lines missing New CPU Board Driver board redone by Ken (new caps, new ROM, new fuses, etc) A number of header & connectors redone New Ferris Wheel belt New LEDs, Rubbers, Balls New backbox spinning disc motor New glass & Lift channel Original Topper with all lights working New Sling Plastics (ordered & on their way) Custom Apron Cards New leg bolts & switch covers installed The Average: The cabinet is solid however art is faded & worn with one side copping a bit of moisture at some stage in its life. From the front it has been touched up so looks good in the middle of a line up The ramps have a few repairs - mainly tabs that screw into posts above the slings & decent crack to the side of the main ramp at the end of the shooter lane (see pic) however none of the repairs impact gameplay and should ensure they last for ages if you dont want to replace Plastic above dunk the dummy broken - it always breaks so Im not replacing Speaker panel has scratches, hardly noticable when games being played (see pics) Rails have dent from backbox coming down too hard If you want a new Dunk the Dummy plastic, Speaker panel and/or cabinet decals they are all available from Pinball Ctr in Germany Machine is a fun family themed game & with the work done to make it trouble free. Take it to the next level if you want or play as is Come have a game or two or happy to work with Bill or Mark if interstate
  9. this time in 7days we'll be back at the Tatts in the first IFPA comp for WPPRs in Syd since Feb 20. See you all there
  10. Pins are back at the Tatts with an awesome lineup for our first comp back on Tues 30th Nov, Led Zep Prem Avengers Infinity Quest Prem TNA And a couple of classics from the early 80's Alien Poker Embryon Big shout out to Austrojoy Pty Ltd 1300 668 889
  11. Still after the slingshot plastics if anyone has a set. May be interested in a cracked\broken set if theyre better than mine
  12. Just putting a reminder out there. Will be confirming with the Tatts in the next couple of days however lookin to kick off comps again starting Tues 30th Nov. Will keep you all posted closer to the date
  13. Theres one on Gummy but I feel the owner has been on the crack pipe as he wants $14k. Says its a divorce sale so if youre lucky and the ex answers you may get a bargain 🤣 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eastwood/collectables/iron-maiden-pro-as-new-pinball-machine/1283429324
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