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  1. Nearly there, Friday arvo time for a beer and marvel at this beautiful cabinet from Flippercraft. Custom translite and art work tweaked and enhanced came up a treat. Playfield 99% done and blinged out - hoping to bring them together this weekend. WIll post up when done. Happy Friday AA'ers!
  2. I like to use Tangles where possible. If this works. https://www.tanglestech.com/TPP-1025-Rectifier-Board
  3. My old girl.....loved doing that door. Good luck with sale Grant.
  4. Yes, used sets, but in Brisbane.
  5. Great game, I loved mine. Not worth the prices being flipped around. LE and Premium owners, I'd be buying a backup projector asap...
  6. All cats belong in crab pots
  7. Bump still looking for these..no nba to trade any more. Also Added Dracula
  8. Pinball Pimp WIlliams PIN-BOT full stencil kit $150 pickup Brisbane or post at buyers expense. http://pinballpimpstencils.com/pinbot/ Thankyou Kurt
  9. I was working with a guy in the Usa who shall remain un named when I had mine...which were ok but a bit tired. It never went anywhere due to tooling costs and weight out of silicone ( as its like a dense eva) I even went to the trouble of posting mine over to him and eventually got them back! OB1 bumper
  10. Hi All Still looking for Bride of Pinbot especially. I have a working player condition NBA Fastbreak to trade as well.
  11. No longer needed for a past project. $ 490 plus post. https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/PS-8000-P
  12. Finally after a long wait and many false leads I have this little beauty in the shed. Been wanting for an EM in my small collection for a few years now. Such a beautiful game. I initially started looking for an Aquarius...as I was born in 1970 and an Aquarius myself! But it's no where as pretty as this. I initially saw the game online and checked out alot of EM's. Then I was lucky to play Jimmy's from Netherworld one casual arvo at Dave's house and was in love at first site. The art and game to me is 10/10 and I am very grateful to finally own one.....Thanks PC for the quick and easy transaction with no stuffing around and the elusive Bill for the delivery. Unlike my normal approach..I'm leaving this fairly untouched as it plays beautifully and everything is very nice. I relit and rubbered it all and a clean up here and there and will maybe add some more very subtle cleaning and polishing. Happy Saturday AA'ers!
  13. Happy Birthday Boffin Brett!
  14. Bump and price drop $220...complete assy with trigger and switch...grab a bargain!
  15. I have 4 here DAG Unfortunately attached to my new baby!
  16. Squint a bit and you'll think it's Thunderbirds!
  17. Good luck with the search Rich, all pretty easy to pick up I think in the short to medium term. I think scratch builds are the way to go for all early ss games now, all parts are around and if you are prepared to put in the time you'll end up with a better than new machine for alot less than you think but still has the original charm and presence. Not to hijack you're thread but I'm still searching for another Bride...they are around in various condition but people are way over pricing....might be my next scratch build.
  18. Been playing alot of Justice Der and Khruangbin in the shed lately.....great resto music for me. Yesterday was a full Vera Lynn playlist though not sure what Rob thought of it when he dropped over!
  19. Played some Creech yesterday....always has that one more game for me. It was my first full restore. Being a picky bastard....I am going to redo it all again now with the knowledge I have gained and also of course to custom things up alot. So I will have a nice full cabinet up for sale in a couple of months with full black ripple powdercoat hardware trim if anyone is keen. Might do some more pinsound work on it today!
  20. Decided to to these again, after the copygate debarcle.... Bally Williams style in 3,4 and 6 ball $9.50 each to AAers. cheers Kurt
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