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  1. Retroplay...Strongly advise against....but following topic as would like to know as well
  2. No longer needed $320 plus post
  3. No longer needed $320 plus post
  4. Very nice Ray...you are quite the Boffin! Retirement is serving you well !
  5. I remember my mum and dad in the 70s and 80s falling for pyramid schemes. Seems like this is the net version 40 years later...
  6. Unfortunately I cannot make it now and wipe George's scores off AFM. Please drop me off the list.
  7. So my projects are thinning down and I like to keep momentum on my next ones. I hate having no projects or ones that drag out for longer than 3 - 6 months. Reflecting back I really miss these 2 titles super blinged out. I know alot of people don't rate them but to me they are fantastic when blinged out. So...looking for average but complete games...main focus for me is that the wireform ramps, lane guides and unique mechs are there, and all harnesses and transformers etc. Superficial stuff like legs, doors, cab, translite, displays not really an issue. Please shoot me a pm if you can help. Thankyou cheers Kurt
  8. I'm working on an interactive backboard and apron mod now. Here are the finished panels but won't be able to demo until my game is built in a few weeks. Have also done Drac and and Afm, and Creech in design now. Here is a link to my Afm mod apron in motion. Around 3 min mark... Happy Friday AAers!
  9. Looking good Hamish...doing the same project currently myself
  10. Shed is a bit lean, but some good food and games ahead. Happy Saturday.
  11. Wpc 95 wiring cabinet harnesses new. $395 Transformer to GI, Transformer interlock, Plumb bob and tilt switch, full switching and speaker. Post $16 Austwide.
  12. This is the precise reason I don't offer led kits. Everyone is different and the kits railroad you into what they think is right. And some are awful. It doesn't take much effort to add up what you personally want imo.
  13. Awesome...Staffys are the best! Honestly nicer than a lot of humans! Congratulations and may you have a long and exciting life....
  14. Here it is all done... I am going to do these interactive aprons for a few of my games like Creech, MM Theatre etc. If anyone wants one drop me a pm. Happy Friday
  15. Can't stand it myself, Black all the way on this title imo. Just finished my custom original build...loving it. 20220605_150522.mp4
  16. Try Lou 🙂 what a joke
  17. As pictured 35 dollars pickup or 45 posted Auswide.
  18. It started for me unbeknowns in the late 70s. Mum and Dad opened a record bar with full chrome and red shagpile trimmings.. Dad always let us open the boxes at home from the record companies (I was was the first kid at school with Kiss Dynasty cassette and boy was I popular at age 9!) Anyway he had a swag of these booklets with a red demon on them and promo for Gorgar...I was in awe. Played it non stop on my turntable. Dad took me to the local pool hall to see the game but I was a bit blown away by all the teenagers and smoke and girls so pinball never grabbed me. The girls were amazing! It was a couple of years later, Clancys takeaway in Caloundra had Firepower and Stellar Wars, the milk bar at Currimundi had Flash and Kiss. Ultimately, Firepower had me hooked and I dropped lots of 20s into that beast. I think its stayed with me...I have a penchant for the early Williams stuff over the other brands...they just grab me. I played later at Grundys and through my Army years as the bases always had pins. I was determined to one day own a pin or two, but family, moving, house renovation and other hobbies always took over. About 8 or so years ago I finally did it and boy have gone hard ever since.... Owned prob about 70 titles, most I ever had was 24, been slowly weening myself down and now find working on and bringing and customising is my passion. That and small get together with great mates. I think actually meeting some great people and new friends has been as much as a highlight or more. Also met a fair share of tools to be fair! Like any hobby I guess but the force is strong in pinball ! I love helping people out with custom stuff and bits and pieces. Currently I am at 4 pins....Jaws, Mad Max, Creature, Afm original build, and 2 more projects in preparation....one I am extremely excited about purely for selfish reasons!. More on that later. Pinball's great! cheers Kurt
  19. I just bought from them for some custom mods for creech
  20. love it grunta I want a joust ..so so bad
  21. Try Pinball Rebel or its very easy to just make your own.
  22. Happy Birthday, handshake or nothing!
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