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  1. I will have one including mini pf, but probably a month or so off at least. Will list it up for sale when ready in my parts for sale thread.
  2. Happy Birthday Peter...been great working with you over the years on those rare charts. Thanks for everythingh you do...one of my favourite people I've never met person in the hobby!
  3. Wow wish I had a shed to house some stuff. Look forward to seeing it all anyway.
  4. You can dampen the action a bit as well
  5. Or maybe someone had a colordmd with stern harness and modified to suit it ...just a possibility. Change it back to original for sure.
  6. Agree 100%...also if possible mirror polish the lane guides for long term benefits
  7. Yes, sorry I tried to paste link and did 2 pictures. Take 2. https://www.coos.net/bingo_e/backglasses.html
  8. I listened to an interview with them. Super genuine guys...I was impressed. We need more manufacturers to give us some non cookie cutter shit spewed out by old has been septic tanks. I'd be in on an Alien if I could purchase direct, and wish them all the luck in the pinball world and won't pass judgement on a picture and clip released in the last 24hrs.
  9. Welcome....you've come to the right place!
  10. Absolutely.. Good on you...there are still some good dudes in this crazy world
  11. I know everyone mostly adores the Bally and Stern SS stuff...but for me it's Williams all the way....just something about the art and flow
  12. Well I thought about 5 of mine were in this category, but circumstances change and new projects await so I have let some heartfelt favourites go lately. Been up to 24 at once hovered at 12-14 for a long time and now down to 7 with intention to go to 5. It's about space and funding my projects really. I think I'll end up with most games being rethemes or full blown custom in the end. None of the NIB stuff excites me whatsoever in the last few years other than my custom Stranger things. Alien maybe..but then, well, you know.....
  13. Great job and thanks for doing the write up.
  14. Forget those names in your first post......looking awesome Time bandit! Tommy is almost one of the only DE games I have wanted to mint out and pinsound ever..watching your progress with some mild jealousy! Bring it on....
  15. I think alot of people are just sick of the cookie cutter stuff splashed with multicolor. Personally to me they look terrible, but I know other friends who will love it. We need more manufacturers and style I think.
  16. The original games came with plain rubber. Then they used some generic hybrid which was breaking. The very latest games are being delivered with better silicone rubber. This is from what I have gleaned from about 20 owners and also Perfect Play kits I have provided to them all. I do not have all the facts but only from my experience.
  17. Yep thanks Steve..all over it! luckily it's not too bad under there..
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