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  1. Anyone going to Expo next month? @Hashman and I are heading over.
  2. Love you my beautiful friend! Hope you have the most lovely day! 🥰🥳Cheers to you!
  3. So sad to hear this news! Matthew was such a lovely man and it was always good to see him at Melbourne meets. 😢
  4. It’s the birthday fairy’s special day! Hope you have a lovely day my friend! Wish we could be together celebrating your day! Love ya! 🎁🌺
  5. I’m so thankful for the too many to count great times Dave and I shared with our friend. Ali, you’re our family, we love you. Mark, one more shot of Sambuca in your honour .. then I’m never drinking that shit again! 🤣 Raise your glasses everyone 💔
  6. Thanks Ali the beautiful birthday fairy! And everyone else for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day even though lockdown 4.0 tried to spoil it!
  7. @thegrunta666 Hey Grant! Please and Dave and I to the list of you still have space... Just discovered this post !!
  8. Happy birthday my friend! Hope you have a fabulous day! xx
  9. How exciting! Can’t wait to see new shed come to life!
  10. Hahaha @DAG .... I’m a Toowoomba girl turned Mexican :) I’m always up for a good drinking competition � #shotclub !!
  11. It’s our favourite birthday fairy’s birthday! Hope you have the most wonderful day Ali, we’re all with in spirit to celebrate your day! Lots of love!
  12. Come and say Hi ... we’re birthday streaming on Melbourne Silverball tonight. twitch.tv/melbournesilverball
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