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  1. Hey All Sorry I haven't been very active in this round of the VPGL. I have been distracted by a new project. I have built a Gun4ir light gun and I have been busy setting up many different emulators and Launchbox to run them off.
  2. Everyone seems to like this table, personally I'm not a fan. I'll probably come last on this one.
  3. Gday Doom1984 I give the Gun4ir the big thumbs up. I built mine in a Guncon2 shell. I didn't do the solenoid either, I did a lot of reading on the Gun4ir discord channel before deciding not to include a solenoid. The Sinden and Gun4ir from all reports are as accurate as each other. Very accurate!! To me the game changer is the Sinden requires a white border all around the screen. The Gun4ir needs 4 IR Led sensors on each screen edge. I hate the idea of having the white border. Also the Sinden needs software running in the background, The gun4ir needs no software running, all settings are stored in the gun on the Arduino. Have a crack at building a gun4ir, its really not that hard if you can solder
  4. Looks like my score disappeared from the leaderboard!!
  5. 111300 Doesn't matter I got a better score anyway!
  6. 232200 This is a really good score for me.
  7. This expires soon, get it while you can https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/689241
  8. 1,497,753,230 Upgrade but not a big one
  9. I just read the first post again and it says 3 balls. Am I going crazy or did you change it RusstyT? Im a bit young to be losing the marbles!!
  10. I just noticed in the first post that this is a 5 ball game. Mine is 3 balls by default. The score I posted is also a 3 ball score. What about the rest of you, are all your scores 3 ball scores too?
  11. 2,208,830 Weird game. For some reason I have to upload all of my pictures upside down to get them to show the right way up on this forum. Was never like that before!
  12. I left the ad up for as long as I could. Its now ended up in a skip bin
  13. After looking at that list it feels like I grew up playing his tables. Our local arcade in the 80's had Bad Cats, Comet, Cyclone, Pinbot, and Taxi there all at the same time. Played a bunch of his other tables at other places. Legend
  14. 1,121,944,300 I'm not too great at this one. Difficult shot to start a mode. I just go for multiballs.
  15. 22,679,710 I practiced hitting just the outside ramps for about 6 games just so I could hit the double score when I needed. It paid off, I doubled 10M and ended up with this. I found you can still get a decent score just hitting the centre ramp for jackpots. Its an easy shot.
  16. 2,228,709,020 This is much more like it. Finally got the 1/2 billion on double score and had 2 good pool ball mania sessions.
  17. Yeah I'm with you on that one Crackers. Terrible sounds on this one
  18. Cant find what you mean RusstyT. I also only know little bits and pieces when it comes to scripting. Back in the early days we used to muck around with the script a lot especially for backglasses Are you using this table: Cueball Wizard (Gottlieb 1992)_0.7 Heres a picture of what the script says on mine around line 61
  19. 2,759,860 This game is tough, its pretty hard to get the ball to the top flipper to make a lock. I have only managed 3 ball multiball so far. Apparently 5 ball multiball equals 5x score on everything. Ching Ching
  20. 940,844,590 Not my best on this one. Cant seem to hit the 1/2 billion shot
  21. Hey RusstyT Could I make a suggestion. Could you include the date the game expires on the thread description. We have done this in past tournaments and I use it all the time. Cheers
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