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  1. 965,770,970 The colours in the photo are weird compared to my other photos. I'm having trouble hitting the snack bar targets without draining. I noticed you need to hit the targets after you score a super jackpot. Just going into the snack bar gets you nothing but a score. Disappointed I didn't get over 1B after having 800M on the first ball including an extra ball.
  2. Hi all. I noticed that my go to site for downloads has shut down. The reason I post is because I was looking for Teknoparrot games/roms hoping that there would be some on pleasuredome. Now I am unsure where to look
  3. Great job Wombat. I'm really jealous of the coin door, I think it adds that finished look to the cabinet. I have a wooden door on my cab and have always wanted a real coin door. Does yours accept aussie coins?
  4. Thanks again JAR for running the tournament. I hope you find somoene to take over running the next one. I would offer but working away has too many challenges, especially internet/phone access
  5. 30,661,980 Where's the scoring in this one???
  6. You have to go through the metamorphosis again. Or if you like you can try your luck at the centre loop. Its tough but I have pulled it off before.
  7. So.... right after we happen to finish playing this in our comp, Goldchicco releases an updated version of this table. It looks and plays great. All of the lights are much more visible. Drop targets reset like they should I like it https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=16142
  8. 26,439,010 I had another crack at this one, still can't figure out how to score. I really hate the sound on the skull, might have to turn that off. Very slight improvement on the last score
  9. 2,088,085,600 Might be a matter of how many times you can get the billion. I just keep shooting the shuttle ramp and use the billion shot as a ball pass to the right flipper.
  10. 24,759,680 I have never been any good at this one, nor have I ever figured out the rules. I may get another crack at it before it closes. Not even enough for a replay!!!!
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