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  1. Play fields almost finalised. Here’s some teaser artwork. Feedback appreciated There is some fresh ideas in this one never seen before in pinball, I look forward to sharing them for the creator in the future :)
  2. A friend is putting together something special, he got the license for SPEEDBUMP recently and I’ve seen what he has built so far on it and it’s very promising. his last machine was coconut island about 10 years ago.
  3. Looks mint, hope it plays well, I’ve been a bit under impressed with some other big titles, hopefully stern didn’t get ripped off on the licence fee so they can put more in. Time will tell when I get a crack when I’m in the city next
  4. Who would throw this beaut in the dump :,(
  5. I wonder if they can play a pinball machine on the moon 🤔
  6. I'm not much of a star wars fan though I feel they missed the mark on the artwork a bit on this one. I think it would work way better without the photoshopped art. Ghostbusters hit the mark massively with me on art alone. I know you don't play a pins art though hopefully a future vault edition sorts this out like spidey did. A buddy of mine reckons that securing the license for the title would have cost a whopper giving them less time and cash to developed a decent machine. I hope his wrong :unsure
  7. Congrats on the purchase! I've played it on site for a short time and loved it, themes great and games fun. Worth every penny to have your own nib.
  8. I'm thinking about ordering in Family guy blades, there a bit bland though. Never used blades before I'm afraid of scratching them haha
  9. Looks pretty, what happened to the Airborne? :P
  10. I love AFM such a smooth game so much to do. Would really love one or even a remake it's just so damn expensive, creatures my favourite themed though love it all especially "FOCUS"
  11. Can't wait to see it all completed, love seeing a dedicated pin room with all pins lined out nicely :)
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