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  2. Ok guys, here we go after some running around. First of all, thanks to Doug for suggesting the mesh and also Pete for suggesting I attend a door place that makes screen doors, etc. Before I read these replies, I attended Bunnings and they had nothing really suitable except for this insect mesh that just wasn't as rigid as the original. But as Trevor stated, the staples would hold it in place anyway and this was a pretty good option - refer to 2 x pics of the Bunnings product. I then remembered the security screen door place around the corner that made my custom security door last year. They were great and gave me two off-cuts that were the closest to the original. I then dusted off the angle grinder and cut to exact size, although one of the pieces they gave me was a touch narrow but still fit over the holes in the head box fine. I then used a hand file to get rid of any sharp edges and tidy up before a quick spray paint with Dulux matt black. Turned out perfect. Trevor if you want one, let me know and I'll post to you. Doug, I assume you mean the holes in the head box? If so, the current Data East machine I am restoring (Back To The Future), the holes are 37mm diameter. Thanks for the replies fella's! Just note to self - NEVER POUR BOILING KETTLE WATER OVER A PLASTIC MESH/GRILL TO CLEAN IT. I'M AN ABSOLUTE DICKHEAD! DONE MATE.
  3. I am after one of these rectangular black plastic vents/grill that sits on the inside of the head box in front of the 7 holes. I have tried Mr Pinball, RTBB & PSPA, but no luck yet. Maybe I'll have to attend Bunnings and find a similar product then cut to size. The size of the grill is 457mm x 75mm and the main cab has two of them in also. Any advice most welcome and thanks in advance. Glenn
  4. Now you're basically there due to that! Nice. I wish mine loved playing pinball too.
  5. Yeah, just saw this thread now. I reckon Travis, Kurt and the others are right on the money. Around $8k for a good playing honest one, then anywhere upwards from that, depending on what's been done to it. I personally know of one that sold for $22k last year. This was fully modded and completely rebuilt........absolutely all high end parts and custom look. I know of another one that recently sold for $10k and this was an original in really nice condition (no playfield wear and cabinet fantastic). I've had one for 5 years at my place (my mate's machine) and really didn't think much of it at the start. The more I played it, the better I got at it, and now I fully understand and appreciate why it's up there at number 2 on IPDB. It's a real diamond in the rough for sure and I really like playing it.
  6. I have a very good second hand set of 4 x chrome legs with levelers. Pick up from Oakleigh 3166 VIC or can post at additional cost. $100 + postage
  7. You know I will take you up on that for sure. Will call you tomorrow. And as usual, very tasteful Kurt, love the mods.
  8. I played the original version of this game by Heighway and really liked it. Like Kurt said, 'theme is everything' and a truly awesome theme here. I am jealous of the guys who have/are getting one.
  9. Yeah, spot on Jono. 80 grit on a decent orbital sander should do the job on WPC95 but heat gun and scraper still most effective on the WPC. The issue is the sticky adhesive residue left behind after the heat gun. This can be removed in time with a decent sanding disc, not a cheap one that clogs. I use the red ones (Diablo brand from Bunnings) that seem to work well, but you must be patient as it does take time. The belt sander I have also used but must be very light handed using it and make sure you go over well with the orbital afterwards, maybe start with 80 grit then go to a 240 after the belt sander, that is. Like anything, practice makes perfect.
  10. If you want to be sure of it's origin, PM me a photo of the plaque and serial number and I'll get it confirmed for you.
  11. Yes interesting looking cab and spoke to Felix today. Made around 2005 and never had joysticks on it. Designed only for shooting games otherwise you are too close to the screen which makes it uncomfortable to play apparently.
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