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  1. I just wanted to share a recent project. I purchased a new small bartop arcade unit a few months ago purely for the practicality of it. In addition to pinball, I played heaps of arcade video games when I was younger, especially Galaga. I once owned a full sized stand up machine but took up far too much room. As space is still an issue, the bartop was a great option. The kids and I can play on the kitchen bench and I can also take it with me to family and friends' houses. There's only a handful of games I like to play, so a 60 in 1 was perfect for me. It has a vertical 19" screen and overall, just a real simple unit, but I am loving it. I needed somewhere to keep it when not on the kitchen bench, so I decided to make my own custom stand. I used 18mm MDF, primed and sprayed 'Satin Black' with 18mm black T-mold. Had an interesting time cutting the T-mold groove! The stand has a shelf half way up and a footrest that I covered with aluminium checker-plate. I got extra Galaga decals for the sides and a Galaga marquee decal for the top of the stand too. My mate also jumped on board when I ordered my bartop, and as I was making my own stand, he twisted my arm to make one for him too. I hope this post is in the correct section, if not, Mods, feel free to move. Cheers, Glenn
  2. Completely agree. The next 12-18 months in a post lockdown era will be interesting and we should get an idea of what direction things are heading. Also agree on the second hand market not being sustained. Many people seem cashed up not travelling/holidaying, not eating at restaurants, not attending shops to buy shit, not refuelling the car as often, etc...... When things open up and we get back to some form of normal, I can see the wives of many first pin owners saying, "Now I want that holiday, I want this and that, etc, so you need to sell that pinball machine you paid $20k for. You don't play it that often anyway!" I could be wrong but I think there will be a larger supply of used pins advertised in the coming year/s. I've said it many times, it's all about supply and demand. Demand appears to be very high currently and supply seems limited. There are many people buying pinball machines for the first time who literally know nothing about them. I think this will change in the next 12 months. I know a guy that paid a very high price for 90's machine, only to be shocked when he learnt of the cost involved to get a tech over to fix a problem. He told me it cost more to service and fix his pinball machine than a major service on his car! I stressed the importance of learning about them and rectifying minor issues himself. I'm tipping his machine will be on the market in the near future. But, time will tell gentlemen, time will tell..........
  3. Scott, Real good question that is often talked about, "When will it end?" I guess this discussion is for another thread but it will end. Everything does.
  4. So who has the BTTF rights, Stern or JJP? I heard it was JJP.
  5. All it needs it a topper like the one I recently did for the T2 I restored. I love the chrome edition - looks amazing. I wanna see more pics Kurt.
  6. Hi Lou, Budget is $12-$13k for a good clean players machine with a excellent playfield. He is happy to pay more if the machine is better than expected and/or mods included, etc. I am in discussions with someone now that appears it's going to be a deal. Just need to inspect the machine to confirm it's what he's after. Bloody lockdown is making this hard.
  7. I have a close mate who wants a Scared Stiff, preferably in VIC so it can be inspected. He has 3 pins at my house and is keen to add this title. He has been after one for a while and has narrowly missed out on a couple over the years. Preferably one with a nice playfield, the cabinet and other things can be restored/replaced easily enough. I know there is one currently on Gumtree but he has dismissed this one. Thanks in advance, Glenn
  8. I have a used but very good-excellent condition toughened wide body (1093mm x 604mm) piece of playfield glass from a recent IJ restore. Couple of light scratches on glass but overall, too good to throw out. If anyone wants to attend Oakleigh 3166 VIC to collect, it's free.
  9. Bloody crap news for today. Sad news indeed. Great bloke for sure and will be sadly missed, as many others have stated. Alison, my thoughts are with you.
  10. PM me your address Rod and I'll post straight away.
  11. I'm here! Always lurking somewhere. A few of you want some labels? I have 12 of them. PM me your name & address and I'll post FREE! Just don't expect them in a few days like things used to be! Bloody Aust Post taking much longer now.........
  12. Yes a lot of work went into this one. About 100hrs. Plays beautifully too.
  13. Don't worry Ponty, With some hard work and funds, you can get it looking like this...........
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