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  1. I think we’ve scared him off this purchase now. :lol
  2. I’ve got a mate who has a DE Simpsons. It’s missing this spring to stop hang ups on the pop bumper. Can anyone tell me a part number or where I can get one please. Cheers. Edit: I found out it’s a ball catch spring. Marcos have them in stock. Any one have one local before I pay $80 postage on a $1.50 part. :cry
  3. Is this from the GnR manual? I use PP rubbers and they definitely haven’t blown out like descriptions on GnR.
  4. If they do weed out the people buying just to flip them I think that will be wonderful. wouldn’t be hard to have tracked them. You see the same people over and over again. I know once it’s theirs they can do what they like with it but I’d rather see the machines going to true enthusiasts rather than entrepreneurs and jacking the price up for everyone.
  5. Is that direct from AMD or a rumour?
  6. I did like the look of this cab mock up.
  7. Me too. They very rarely pop up in any condition. To the op if you seriously want a topper I wouldn’t let this one get away. Worst case if a better one pops up you can always sell this one.
  8. I can’t answer that. I had never bought a new pin before. I just know I’d do anything to get a back to the future new release so let the local distributor know my interest a few years back just incase. “The List� helped the few lucky GnR CE buyers get theirs as Paul let them go to people in the order they expressed interest.
  9. Many are going to miss out. 80 or so orders and maybe under 40 allocated.
  10. I know Saul. I’ll get a message to him.
  11. I think they were sold out two times over before it was even released.
  12. Honestly a little flat with it after all the hype. It looks ok. Definitely not an instant buy for me.
  13. I think Centaur and 8 ball deluxe are a given. Hard to know what titles people will drop 12k on after those.
  14. Looks like some distributors in the states are auctioning off the LE allotment they get.
  15. I’m starting to regret swapping mine from the first container for one in the second to an operator so he could get it out on site. Hasn’t been put out yet. A bit frustrating really while waiting for this second container.
  16. So they have sold more than 150 standards as the mermaids seem to be still available?
  17. Anyone know of anyone that has or can supply me with a set of Ripley’s cab decals before I order from overseas? I want to tidy up my cab before I sell it. thanks. Boof.
  18. I’ve said it a few times now. Release some gameplay of the 2.0 and some more sales will come, if it’s any good that is. I know at least 4 people that won’t buy it until they see that and that’s ones I know of. Imagine how many others are out there thinking the same thing. Would have been a lot more hype if that was shown at release IMO.
  19. What was the order number?
  20. Anyone want to guess how many Mermaids are sold so far? I’ll have a stab at 170.
  21. It is on the mermaids.
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