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  1. 46 minutes ago, furballx said:

    I reckon I was pretty close, the people in that pic NEED Band-Aid's 🙂

    I gave a huge hint with that gif right at the start. 

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  2. Let’s see where this goes.
    Just picked it up. 600x500x300. 
    I’ll donate $20 to AA on behalf of whoever guesses correctly first or just the most creative guess if no correct guesses. 
    ok you twisted lot. Go!200.gif200.gif


  3. I think AMD opens and checks all the games before any leave. They don’t have to check the others as Zax and Joe do their own checks. They probably got them shipped just before they shut shop and didn’t have time to check them all. 
    Joe over here was obviously open when AMD wasn’t to check and deliver. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, OurManinOz said:

    I can imagine getting a call any time from tomorrow when AMD are back. I'm still a bit confused as to how you're sure they're rolling out this week when AMD have been closed since the 24th. Did you confirm the shipment had landed before then? I'll probably shoot them an email tomorrow anyway. Mind you I'm meant to be away most if not all this week so probably couldn't coordinate a delivery anyway. 

    They definitely landed. There’s guys in WA that received them earlier this week. 

  5. Selling my players FT. Playfield has a decal on the 4 fish above the flippers. Rest of the playfield is good. Topper works. Cab is solid but faded. LEDs in gi and inserts. Incandescent flashers. I find LEDs too bright. Full perfect play rubbers. 
    located in WA but can pack and drop at transport. It’s much cheaper going west to east. 


    some of the pictures are from when I was stripping it to clean and re-rubber. 














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  6. Thanks to the remakes release this title has become accessible for me. 
    I know the remake will have more rules/code but this was just way to nice to pass up. Plus I have all the other original games. 
    This this is all original and not molested at all. Still running the incandescents. Matching serial numbers and untouched boards. 
    last three pictures are original translite with incandescent globes, same translite with LEDs and finally a NOS translite I bought ages ago with LEDs. So glad I did. Colours are so vibrant. 













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  7. 19 minutes ago, Autosteve said:

    Ow I'm being educated here. I can honestly say I never knew what Shellite was used for. Can you use it to clean any surface before you paint?. Ok for water and oil based paints?.

    I've always used water and let dry or metho and let it dry or solvent for metal on cars prior to painting or just vacumn the dust off but hey, I've seen some of the playfields you guys have cleared so if it's shellite you use, I'll be doing that way next time.

    I've never done a playfield and would regard my painting skills as poor so this is all new to me.

    Here you go. http://www.recochem.com.au/index.php/products/consumer_products/solvents/item/diggers_shellite

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  8. It all depends on if you’re happy or not with the finish. 
    If you are getting anything else on it you need to block it flat or at least a bit flatter than it is. The bumps and lumps will get bigger. 
    I use a fine finish orbital sander with a 800 grit to flatten out. Be careful though or your touch ups will grow. 

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