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  1. Here you go. http://www.recochem.com.au/index.php/products/consumer_products/solvents/item/diggers_shellite
  2. Shellite is perfect for this. I use it all the time.
  3. I don’t understand. Did you sand the playfield to give it tooth before the clear? If you didn’t that will be the problem here. Also it will have had years of wax applied to it. A really good thorough cleaning would be needed.
  4. How much did you rub the playfield back and how much cleaning of the playfield was done before the clear.
  5. It all depends on if you’re happy or not with the finish. If you are getting anything else on it you need to block it flat or at least a bit flatter than it is. The bumps and lumps will get bigger. I use a fine finish orbital sander with a 800 grit to flatten out. Be careful though or your touch ups will grow.
  6. You’re going to need to knock that back a bit before any touch ups anyway. Sand the insert back a little whilst doing that. On the first seal coat I put extra around the inserts to fill the gap between the wood and insert.
  7. For what it’s worth all I can see in the original post is the finished product. The restoration pictures I need to click on to see.
  8. Trying to find out about this game. Can’t seem to find much online at the moment. Any good? Should I run away?
  9. Pretty sure the bsd has some average airbrush on the cabinet. Both have Pin2dmd I think. Rockingham
  10. Gday everyone. Just a heads up incase anyone out of WA gets offered a Bram Stokers Dracula or World poker tour. A good friend of mine had both stolen from his workplace Sunday night. Please contact me if you do. thanks.
  11. Chasing a couple of parts for a Freddy I’ve found. Chasing the rubber shroud that goes under his head and the always broken glove. Anyone have these they would part with or know the best place to find them? Thanks.
  12. My last few pins have been from swapping. So long as both parties get a good look at the pins it works really well. Swapping via pictures and messages would be a bit scary. Everyone’s idea of condition is very different. Hope it all works out.
  13. Wait until you start blowing 100 million plus song jackpots! I’ve never yelled at one of my machines like I do this one. I love it.
  14. I don’t know about that. Nearly 30 years between the two. You’d hope there would be advances. The original is still good.
  15. Have a good day mate. Hope you get a Dees win for your birthday even though that’s my wish! 😉
  16. I’ve only got 5 games out of 15 that are never going to leave. F-14 tomcat,Back to the future, DE GNR, Banzai run and twilight zone. All others are very dear to me but I can’t say never. Munsters and GnR have only just arrived so still in that honeymoon period but are looking like stayers.
  17. I think you hit the nail on the head right at the end.
  18. I’ve heard stern then jjp and now I even heard CGC so it’s all rumours at the moment.
  19. I got mine last week. This is the most addictive game I’ve come across. It is so good. Aside from it being a beautiful machine to look at I think it shoots really well. Loving the rules so far. Got a lot to work out with scoring though. My playfield has washers on the slings but that’s it. No pooling at the moment with about 100 games on it. I did make up some bushes for the troublesome posts that seem to pool/chip. Had a little tweaking of the right ramp gate to do as the ball kept getting caught between the ramp and the drum stick. All sorted now and not one Hang up since. The rubbers are absolute garbage. Sling rubbers broke after 30 games. I’d be getting some others now ready to change them over if you have one coming. I did have some creasing in the decal where the backbox hinge pivots. I’ve been in touch with Paul and this is all sorted and I’m happy. So as far as my first NiB purchase has gone I really couldn’t be happier. The game is amazing and I can’t see this ever leaving my possession. I will add I blew a 150mil song jackpot during November rain yesterday and could have cried. I reckon I was a few seconds away from applause jackpot but too far away from the level increase when I drained.
  20. Well I thought I’d wait a few days before I said and thing about this game, so here it is. I couldn’t be happier and this pinball was well worth the wait. Just amazing.
  21. I’m still trying to find all my creature stuff. I think I have all this stuff but just trying to work out where the bloody hell I’ve put it.
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