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  1. Yeah that’s what I’m starting to think. The mosfet has been trimmmed and it was for the Lamp circuit.
  2. Hi all. I’ve got an Airborne that I bought a little while ago. I’ve got a problem where all the coils are locking on at start up. I had to remove the driver board to replace a bad mosfet and the coils issue started when I returned it. Ive double checked all connectors and ribbon cable. Not really sure where to start looking now. Anyone had a similar experience?
  3. Chasing a 16 digit display. Just seeing if anyone has a spare stashed away before I go overseas. No local suppliers have them. cheers. Boof
  4. Really hope you find one. This game was never really in my sights until I got offered one as a trade. Had only flipped it a couple of times so sought one out on site and decided to give it a go. wow glad I did. What a magnificent game. The latest series coming out seems to have driven the demand for this title for sure.
  5. They are finally back in stock at colordmd but not cheap at roughly $850 now.
  6. Nice work. Get the back panel lit up. Makes a huge difference.
  7. For anyone that hasn’t played it yet, this is a magnificent game. Great game to play with the lights off.
  8. He must do this a bit. I was offered a game at an inflated price by the same guy a couple of weeks ago and I found out after that it wasn’t even in his possession yet.
  9. I’m in the same boat. Love the content and want to hear more episodes but I turned the latest episode off as there is too many audio clips.
  10. Me too. Just saying what I was told. I was shocked as I would have thought it would be a big list too.
  11. That’s funny. I spoke with Paul after release and was told the allocation outnumbered the list he had.
  12. Is that confirmed? I was considering it as the game seems to be growing on me a little after the original shock but has now swung way back into the nope category after that.
  13. Doesn’t make a difference unfortunately. There was a guy over here in Perth that was doing it on every one of his listings. The same 2 users were bidding up his auctions every single time. I reported everyone of them and it made no difference.
  14. It’s a wall hanger mate. Not sure how it would clean up. Try some metho on a paper towel or rag. See how it cleans up. Looks to be burned around the GI. Might get a couple of hundred for it as art.
  15. Why? I sold it for what it was worth. The cabinet is absolutely wrecked on it. Falling apart. At 8 k it is just advertising for this company. There is no way that is going to sell for anywhere near 8 k.
  16. That exact top speed was mine and I sold it 18 months ago for $250.
  17. I might be in trouble and have to try Rush then. I seemed to have put together a bit of a Borg section in my cave without even realising. I don’t particularly look at who designs a game. I just go off how they play. He goes a great shooting pin in my book.
  18. Cftbl is factory with no pop bumper lights.
  19. Was 171 your order or game number? They aren’t building them in game number. It’s from when they received your order. I paid in full 6 weeks ago and received an email the same day acknowledging payment.
  20. Nice! Hopefully not long until mine is here now. Getting close to the end of my 8 week estimate from invoice payment.
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