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  1. I gave a huge hint with that gif right at the start.
  2. Ding ding ding. Now what is the topper?
  3. Let’s see where this goes. Just picked it up. 600x500x300. I’ll donate $20 to AA on behalf of whoever guesses correctly first or just the most creative guess if no correct guesses. ok you twisted lot. Go!
  4. I think AMD opens and checks all the games before any leave. They don’t have to check the others as Zax and Joe do their own checks. They probably got them shipped just before they shut shop and didn’t have time to check them all. Joe over here was obviously open when AMD wasn’t to check and deliver.
  5. They definitely landed. There’s guys in WA that received them earlier this week.
  6. Try swapping the flipper button opto boards. Does the problem move with the board?
  7. Title isn’t for me but while we can’t get any pins at the moment, I’m sure whatever AMD can get in will sell-out immediately.
  8. I had the same issue. You have a faulty skill shot sensor board. Contact Paul to get a replacement.
  9. Selling my players FT. Playfield has a decal on the 4 fish above the flippers. Rest of the playfield is good. Topper works. Cab is solid but faded. LEDs in gi and inserts. Incandescent flashers. I find LEDs too bright. Full perfect play rubbers. located in WA but can pack and drop at transport. It’s much cheaper going west to east. $7000 some of the pictures are from when I was stripping it to clean and re-rubber.
  10. Pity Fishtales isn’t on your list. I’m selling mine now. In WA though.
  11. What are they due and how much is the deposit?
  12. I’ll grab the rubber set if still available. Never tried titans. And the IJ plastic also if available.
  13. Still all contained in the cave mate….,,Just!
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