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  1. Sega Saturn lot ntsc jap Saturn 110volt console with fenrir Ode installed Sd card included 4mb action replay cart new battery installed 2 3D controllers 8bit do brand new Saturn wireless controller 2 Saturn arcade sticks official grey Saturn official pad 2 black Saturn official pads 1 generic Saturn pad multitap for bomber man ect sega Saturn Pc usb adapter cd lense included if you want to run cds again sega Saturn black official light gun scart cable av Cables psu cable $800 plus postage
  2. It’s the yellow 161 in 1 cart the most common multi cart the bios is factory USA I believe but can be changed to a multi quite easily
  3. Hey guys, ive got a nice little bundle here... neo geo 2 slot motherboard with powdercoated metal case. neo geo cd controller neo geo official memory card multi 161 in 1 cart mini supergun 2 with rgb scart cable and atx power supply. Making this a completely plug and play neo geo consolized system but can also be plugged into a jamma cab ect. looking for $850 for the lot plus postage. Pm me for more pics
  4. Hey guys, chasing an X-men le or pro cheers
  5. It’s got way too many games on it for his asking price
  6. Hey guys, chasing a munsters premium huo pinball either black and white version or colour version not fazed. cheers
  7. Got another pair of nos black mcas $100 if anyone is chasing a set Pickup is in Campbellfield
  8. Also have some artwork here each piece is $150 for the lot lai nos sunset riders 4 player overlay lai neo geo 2 slot overlay lowboy midway USA 4 player nba jam overlay
  9. All or nothing guys sorry I don’t wanna split stuff up i am getting out of parts altogether
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