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  1. Just seeing if anyone has a 780ti they would like to sell. I'm chasing either the "SC" or "Classified" EVGA. PM or post here if interested. Thanks!
  2. It doesn't matter if it needs adjusting further, I don't mind. I'd rather get it right for you.
  3. They're AI files, so you will need Illustrator to open them. Let me know what you would like changed.
  4. Hi Trev. Hopefully this is what you had in mind. The font isn't 100% accurate but as close as I could get with my limited typekit. You also get a couple of variations to choose from as a bonus. :) Let me know if you would like to use them and I'll link you to the printable files.
  5. Decided to start learning more about the pinballs so I bought the GnR Ultimate and Flasher led kits off PinballBulbs.com and started on the upgrade last night. It was a good purchase for a beginner like myself I think, as the leds are separated into labelled bags and there is a guide included to help work out which leds they suggest go where. The backbox swap was quick and easy and is already finished. New DMD arriving soon. As this machine was a HUO for the last ~15 years I'm also cleaning all the plastics and the hard to get to places on the PF as I go with Novus 1/2. Pop bumper comparison and top lane lights replaced. Most of the topside leds swapped, but still WIP. The S5 camera really doesn't pick up the vibrancy and brilliance of the new lights unfortunately. Speaker/DMD surround still to go back on. This won't be a project thread or anything like that. I'm just posting an update on this for anyone interested or who needs the motivation to attempt something similar on their machine.
  6. Well done on the sale. I was going to pull the trigger on this if it was still here when I got home from work this afternoon.
  7. I've got the same Lethal Enforcers cab if you need any measurements at all.
  8. I picked up a decent Namco Noir awhile ago and decided to pull the System 357 board out and replace it with an i5 Win7 PC. As well as replace the shagged sticks and buttons and give it a good clean. There was some big wads of gum under the CP and lots of hardened glue residue around the screen. Orange Power worked wonders. I have almost got the project completed now, so I thought I'd share the results so far. Specs: i5 6500 3.20GHz CPU 8GB 2800MHz DDR4 RAM EVGA 780Ti SC GPU Samsung Evo 500GB SSD HDD Seagate 3TB USB HDD Wireless KB + Mouse JVSPAC Xbox One Controller Before. After. I removed the control panel surround and had it re-powder coated and painted due to the heavy wear, as well as fit all new Sanwa sticks and buttons. I went with black to match the paint. I also installed the locks, coin mech and coin return button, just for aesthetics. The reason I decided to use a gaming PC was so I could run PC games as well as Hyperspin etc. There's about 23 PC games installed on it so far. Here's some examples; Farcry 4, Just Cause 3, FIFA 17, Pro Evo 16 and NBA 2K14 as well as all the MK/SF/Tekken etc. fighters I could find. The PC fits perfectly in place of the 357, however I did have to run the PC's power button through to the back of the case and hot glue it into place to make it easier to access. I have also set the BIOS to boot when AC is on though, so it's slightly redundant. The button is handy while working on it all though. Most of the peripherals fit under the CP when not in use. I think all that's left is to fit the sub properly and then close it all up. I realize this probably isn't everybody's 'cup of tea' but it is pretty fun to play and I thought it might be something a bit different to share. :)
  9. Or just wanting to replace their damaged/worn ones.
  10. A little late but I know how much you guys like pics. I have to re-arrange the game room now so I can put the toppers on the GnR and JD.
  11. @KISS You're a legend man! Thanks for the link. Picked it up yesterday. Stoked!
  12. Ok, I've been well and truly bitten by the bug it seems... I have a decent collection of 2000 A.D comics I collected as a kid and thought a JD would be the next pin for me, so I'm just seeing if there are any members interested in letting theirs go to a true fan. PM or post here if you would like a quick and easy sale. :)
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