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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the great effort you are all putting in to make this event a reality. Just wondering what the parking situation is at the main venue? Is there sufficient free parking in the area? Or will we have to be mindful of topping up parking meters. or maybe moving cars periodically? Cheers.
  2. @droogi Just wondering when the next comp is?
  3. If it is a true Queensland comp, then anyone from anywhere in Qld should be able to qualify. It would be dreadfully unfair if the comp was set up in such a way, that only people competing in large comps are able to make the finals, that people from metropolitan areas had no chance of qualifying.
  4. If you get things going i might even turn up. It's only a quick trip up the range.
  5. I also like the idea of a rolling handicap. Maybe 10% for each win, and 5% for 2nd or 3rd. Re-sets back to scratch when player doesn't finish in the top three. Will stop the same people from winning all the time and give others a chance. @droogi . When is the last Coomera comp for 2020? Hi, I've just found the date for the next Coomera comp on their Facebook page. Is on Monday 14th December.
  6. @droogi . Is there another meet coming up at Park n Plunge? Or has this been suspended due to the latest Covid situation?
  7. Hi all, have just heard gatherings in greater Brisbane area, from today, have been limited to 10 people, due to positive tests at Brisbane Youth Detention Centre. :( See section from link - https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/austr...ed/ar-BB18f1cY "strict new restrictions will be imposed on gatherings in South-East Queensland. Gatherings at homes and outdoors will be limited to 10 people across greater Brisbane from today. The rest of Queensland will be limited to 30 people. The regions affected by the restrictions are: Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Moreton and Redlands." No mention of Gold Coast area. Hope everyone can stay safe.
  8. Sorry for the late notice, can't make it guys. Hope you have a ball.
  9. Hope to see you there. I tried to get there last time, but got lost. I thought it was further south than Dreamworld, and ended up at wrong centre. Looks like it is next to Coomera Train Station, and a part of Coomera Town Centre shopping.
  10. Do you have to bring your own partner? I'm interested.
  11. @Jimmy Nails "Shirts will be available via pre-order for $30. . .". Do you have anything that shows what the shirts will look like? Apologies if i missed this in a previous post.
  12. I like this idea of four comps in 24 hours, over the idea of one 24 hour comp.
  13. There is a Thunderbirds at Pincadia, over the road from the Gabba, if people are interested in getting some practice.
  14. It's good to see you getting back into pinball. As you said to me the other day, you have healed a lot quicker compared to some in a similar situation.
  15. Hi Dave and others, thanks for running these home comps. I'm keen.
  16. @Fair Dinkum Dan Have received message, and paid for ACS finals spot.
  17. Hi Dan, Did you say you have sent a message to my AA account, or that you were going to send it? Cos I can't seem to see it . . still getting used to this new format for AA, so may be looking in the wrong spot.
  18. Shame about what happened. I was afraid you would change to non attending following your accident. :(
  19. Someone thought our choice of breakfast was exactly the same, so a photo was needed to memorialise the moment.
  20. Hi @Lambo and others, I have just paid $125.00 for all eligible comps. Thanks, Warren
  21. I'm starting to wonder if you are on commission with Tiger air. You have mentioned their sales a few times, in various posts.
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