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  1. @redferatu I was really exited to do a project with real hardware for a change as all my other cabs a using emulation. I'll keep it in mind though, thanks for the info. @Berty As best I can tell everything in the front of the cab is there and everything from the back is missing. No cage, EMI filter board or game board.
  2. Just acquired a Sega Deluxe G-LOC cab. When I went to collect the guy gave me a large box of PCBs that he said had been removed from the cab including the game board as he pointed to a board at the bottom of the box. I got home and after a 6 hour round trip only to find the box contained 3 dead monitor chassis and a bunch of other unrelated circuit boards, NO Game board. I'm I likely to find a game board for this beauty or is my project dead before is even gets started?
  3. Hi All I have some of these CMVS-RGB v2 boards by philenotfound left over. I'm wondering if they would be suitable to use on the PC Engine Duo-R if the caps and resisters values were changed ? If so would anyone know the correct values? Cheers
  4. @stuzza Another AA member made repros of these control panels a few years back. Might be worth sending him PM if you still need one. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/trading-forum/for-sale/for-sale-arcade-open-for-posting/98138-lowboy-control-panels-brand-new-with-artwork-installed
  5. My order took 5 days too. Never soldered surface mount components before, its fun!
  6. I found them on DigiKey and figured they would take a month or more to get here like every thing else I've order from the US lately. Anyway have ordered them now so we'll see how they go. Cheers for the reply @waali
  7. Hi All Just got some PCB’s from OSH Park, MVS RGB amps by philenotfound. Finally going to consolize my MV-1c but I’m having trouble finding the THS7374 from an Australian supplier. Does anyone know where I can get them or have a few spares that they can send my way? I really don't want to wait 4 weeks to get them from Digi-Key or Mouser. Cheers Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Cheers Frank. I found a design on thingiverse (3102960) by Dreamcazman, its a modified version of twistedsymphonys design thats 1.5mm lower profile. It fit my clone perfectly. As a result I have this really nice print of the twistedsymphony design to give away to anyone willing to pay the freight. PM if your interested.
  9. Has anyone had any issues fitting them when using TwistedSymphony tray? My DGEMU doesn't sit down far enough to the to connect when I have the tray installed. I measured the 3D print with my vernier caliper and its exactly the same size as the design file. Its a simple install, I can't see how I'm doing anything wrong.
  10. I wasn't really sure how to implement the 180R resistor. I got 5V from a transistor located at TV01 and using a couple of resistors i was able to get about 3.2V to feed in to pin 26. And it worked! it was really bright at 1st but if i turn the contrast down to about 25% it looks great. The geometry was a little out so I powered it down and held down the TEXT button on the remote to start up in service mode. I played around with a few settings, got it looking pretty good and power cycled it. Now it just goes to the initial Auto Install menu every time I turn it on and the geometry has reverted back to how it was. I haven't been able to get back in to the Service Menu again.
  11. Link Updated As best I can tell the RGB inputs on the TDA8842 are active because the OSD is spiced into the same inputs as the SCART plug.
  12. Hi All I'm trying to RGB mod a TV that uses the Thomson RX807 Chassis. I de-soldered the RCA/Composite block and dropped a SCART plug in its place. The PCB looks to have all the caps and resistors on the RGB lines listed in the diagram below. When I connect a console and turn the TV to AV1 all I get is a black screen. Do I needs to add voltage the blanking pin on the TDA8842? PCB Diagram for the chassis https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vS48Rv7hjiicRjiEE93nhQGVqgfhfDSb Cheers, Ben
  13. Just ordered one from Aliexpress. $73AU after new member discount and GST. Any recommendations on which tray to 3d print?
  14. There seem to be 2 different versions on ebay. 5.5 has plastic SD card holder and good connector. 5.15 has metal SD metal holder and chopped connector. Some sellers let you choose which version when adding to cart. @Frank_fjs Does the seller you brought from have them listed still? I can't find them for anything even close to what you paid.
  15. I got @MamePatrol to do a cpo repo for my Astro City a few years ago. he did a great job.
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