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  1. Not one for me, i feel relief when a game comes out i don't want 😂 It does look good and if i was a Rush fan i would be all over it. I do not know any of Rush music at all but i look forward to playing it on location. Curious as to what the demand will be like here in Australia for this game.
  2. After the epic wait and all the dramas you getting rid of it so quick? Not a fan of the game?
  3. Cheers. I wont hassle them out, its been a while since I bought NIB from them but they used to send through what boat the game was on. I haven't seen anything but was hoping someone else might have. Is what it is and it will get here sooner or later. Im prepared for delays, it's the way of the new world.
  4. Does anyone know if the LE's are on the water yet?
  5. This is a good price and a great game! If I didn't already have one I would have bought this. On the latest podcast I listened to, apparently next run for these is tentatively slated for December 2022.
  6. It will be the same as Mando i think, Pros arrived well before the LE. it was a couple of months earlier im pretty sure.
  7. Looks like the Godzilla pros have arrived into Australia! Has anyone heard any updates on if the LE's have left at all?
  8. I actually love the look of this version, don't love the price and the fact it doesn't even come with a topper at that price is insane! I managed to just acquire a premium and wow i love this game!! I didn't expect to like it so much, not really into the theme but it really works.
  9. Enjoy your new pin guys, I loved playing the Pro and im sure the premium/Le will be even better!!
  10. Thanks to everyone who came along we had a great day! A big thanks to rusty for organizing and everyone who helped out. Also a massive thanks to those donated games to make it possible! Hopefully I will have enough of my own machines one day to not need to borrow any. Looking forward to the next one whenever that might be and seeing everyone again.
  11. I wanted a mando LE and missed out, I’m kinda glad now coz I could not have done mando LE and Godzilla LE. I managed to get Godzilla LE and I have played plenty of the mando pro which I love. I’m happy to order a mando pro at some point and can’t wait for Godzilla LE!
  12. Good idea, I haven't seen him in a while, might hit him up and see what he is doing.
  13. Thanks Noob, you just like coming up because you can get high scores on my games because mine are so low. Shame you cant come up and join us.
  14. Someone told me the other day AMD wanted 50% deposit for a Godzilla premium but thats third hand and not direct from AMD so who knows.
  15. I am almost certain Pro and Premium are 50% deposit.
  16. Geeez thats a bit rough if we only got 20 out of 1000!
  17. Does anyone know how many of the Le's Australia is receiving out of the 1000?
  18. Game looks amazing! Blown away
  19. I’m not sure how many came in but I know myself and a few others were down for an LE since March. I know there were less allocated to Australia than AMD were hoping which sucks since stern made 1000 of them.
  20. If its a pin based on 7/11 that is my dream theme! Shut up and take my money! 😂
  21. Playing again last night, its a tough call but i think Cilvil War is my favourite light show. So much fun!
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