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  1. Hi, please add Rick and Morty (standard edition) to my collection. Thank you
  2. 400 games that is $4,800,000 well done guys :)
  3. I'm in but I can't make the first meet at Cardini's :( but should be good for the rest :)
  4. Made my final payment for Standard #546 , hope it rolls of the production line soon but I know I still have a long wait :(
  5. How depressing yet another Star Wars themed machine :x ... clearly creativity and original ideas are in short supply , another disposable Stern what a joke :turd
  6. Hi guys I’m chasing the plastic located near the 3rd flipper . Maybe someone bought a set and has this one as a spare? I would be happy with a second hand (used plastic)
  7. Great article ...thanks for sharing the link :024:
  8. Hi guys I’m chasing the plastic located near the 3rd flipper . Maybe someone bought a set and has this one as a spare?
  9. They are taking pre orders ... 10% deposit . Is there an Aussie distributor ? Anyone got any info or springing for one :unsure
  10. I know I spelt it wrong should be ‘mother lode’ silly me :fryingpan: but I agree , these prices are outta control :lol
  11. I've discovered why its so hard to find TOTAN's .... people collect TOTAN's only :o Never thought I would see 3 next to each other in a private collection. It sure is a great game, but not sure I would get 3 times the pleasure by having 3 in a row :120::120::120: ha ha :wtf:
  12. Hi Matthew please add Centigrade 37 to my list Thank you
  13. What an awesome :023: Pinfest .... I’m already looking forward to next years :038:
  14. Sweet, i've ended up fabricating something myself and I'm very happy with the result. Used 6mm floating floor trim as a starting point 😉
  15. I’ve replaced a plastic backglass with an image printed onto glass but because the glass is thicker than plastic the lift channel trim won’t fit . new glass is 6mm wide
  16. Good to see you have a Wh2o in your lineup �
  17. How about you sell me twd , then you can buy 2 😂😂😂 ps. Looks like there are 2 versions of this thread. Maybe a mod can delete one ?
  18. I was all pumped to fly to Launceston earlier this year... it's a shame that you had to cancel it. Hopefully it all comes to fruition in 2021 😉 I'm sure it will be an awesome weekend.
  19. thanks for your help . I’m nervous buying stuff from os at the moment but thank you anyway
  20. Thanks for your input much appreciated 😉 I’ll be doing some research ... are the driving kits an after market product that is readily available or a home made job ?
  21. hi I imagine stand up would be cheaper , but I don't care whatever I can get for the cheapest price. I don't care what it looks like as long as it works 😊
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