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  1. I was told to expect my game in Dec/Jan when I paid my deposit. I haven't been asked for any further payment so I'm confident my machine is not sitting waiting for a container it hasn't been built yet and I have no expectation of when it will be.
  2. Quite likely but frankly that's just not good enough is it? They've had money and orders for 6 months. JJP must have a good idea of their build schedule. How hard can it be to give people a ball park idea of a realistic time frame?
  3. Same. Seems like a lot of people have been completely and deliberately misled.
  4. Absolutely but expectations were set when orders were placed. Now, for many, those expectations are not being met and no communication is being received except for ' It's not our fault, please buy a hat and stop complaining on forums'. Some more respectful individual communication as opposed to being treated like mushrooms would appease many I suspect.
  5. I was told when ordering (like many were I expect) that I would be in the first batch. To date the only email I've received has been the 'Please buy hats and t-shirts and stop complaining on forums email'.
  6. Is the container on the way yet have you heard? I paid in full about 7 weeks ago and that was the last I heard. I didn't receive any further info about shipping from Spooky yet, has anyone else?
  7. Paid for mine over a week ago, no info about shipping though (didn't ask!).
  8. They are expensive no doubt. But I think they really enhance the game. I have them on SM and TWD Prem and both benefit greatly. I voted for TWD FWIW - problem is if you get one set you'll want more. @symonz where are the SImStadiums Mate ??
  9. Pro is streaming now https://www.twitch.tv/deadflip
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