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  1. Gday Railways Will do Don't want to scratch them off David
  2. Gday Kimbleseven Back in 1977 the original El Dorado was the only game I had access to Second machine I ever played 11 years old Formed a real live hate relationship with it More love though So when I saw one come up I grabbed it Had it 3 years and I so regret putting that playfield protector on Most parts are original and it used to play like new Everything but the right flippers still going strong Love this pin David
  3. 😔Gday Rich not offended at all just a bit frustrated Have checked the diodes on the coils and they test ok although I know that it's better to check them when they're off so I may as well install new ones Bottom right coil (weak) is new Top isn't Have done what Gemini2544 said and traced flipper wires back to board and it seems ok Did notice yesterday that there is a lot of sparking on right flipper button I know they do spark a bit but this seems to be more than usual Could that be a problem Did as Arcade King said and checked the ground wires It also seemed ok all the up to the driver board Will order flipper kits but would like to solve the problem before they arrive Anyone know why there's all that lightning coming from right flipper cabinet switch Really appreciate everyone's help David PS Couldn't get rid of that emoji at the beginning
  4. Gday Gemini2544 Was just about to send you pics of left side flippers and it turns out that that coil with the red is on the left and works 100percent Never used lubricants I've owned 17 pinballs and currently have 7 so I'm not entirely silly The top coil (yellow) has NO drag as I've said Here are pics of bottom right flipper mech plus shot of under playfield to show that I'm not fibbing David I do also have two new plungers Should I install these?
  5. Gday Rich here are top (yellow paper) coil and bottom (red,no paper) coil pics Hope you can expand to see Eos open and closed David Thanks Gemini2544 I'll get onto that tonight DB66 David
  6. Yes Even changed coil sleeves When you move them by hand under the playfield they move very freely same as left side They are not touching the playfield you can put a piece of between flipper and playfield so not dragging That's why it's a mystery (to me anyway) Piece of paper between flipper and playfield
  7. Gday Gemini2544 Nothing changed but bat removal I have checked all four EOS on flipper mechs All same Have installed new leaf switch on cabinet flipper buttons Thinking it must be something on boards? Next would be following wires coming from 2 left flippers See what happens David
  8. Gday Rich Have played with the bats a bit Removed and reinstalled numerous times With the glass off the bats move freely just like the left hand side Same as with playfield raised and moving bats with flipper mechanism it's very smooth and strong Same as left flippers That's why I can't work out why they're weaker in gameplay Thanks for replying DB66 David
  9. Gday AA Glad you're back better than ever Recently put a plastic playfield protector on the pinball Very bad decision It really didn't fit and also altered gameplay So after five or so games removed it Only had to remove the flippers to remove But now the two right flippers are very weak Were fine with protector Both left still very strong Strange how both right flippers are weak Cleaned connectors changed coil sleeve but it's strange how both left flippers weak Any ideas please? DB66
  10. I've lived off grid since 1997 You obviously are a newcomer to solar So check out someone like Nimbin Solar Co or an independent company Don't talk to electricity suppliers because they just put power back in the grid Get someone who does off grid Whole different industry DB66
  11. Gday all I am helping a friend fix his Addams He thinks one magnet is stuck on because of a hum and burning smell coming from that area So I took that high power board underneath the playfield and replaced all three transistors resistors and diodes and also resoldered every pin on the back of the board It didnt help I havent been there when the machine has been turned on so am unsure what is really going on i heard that Q44 is a driver for that board so should I replace that? DB66
  12. Thanks raysco and Autosteve for your answers Im getting the manual today and will check it out I saw a new sound Rom for Time Warp on e-bay for $12 US Wonder whether I should buy that or maybe a rottendog board? When I do adjustments and put adj 35 to 1 it makes a sound every 5 seconds but no pitch increase DB66
  13. Gday AA Got a Time Warp pinball machine delivered today and I am setting it up A little bit hard with no manual but am looking on the internet However I am having no luck finding how to turn on the pitch increasing sound effect From what I can see in the manual it is adjustment 35 but it does not say what setting for that effect Can anyone with either a Time Warp or maybe Flash [it has it too]help out with this game adjustment Thanks in advance DB66
  14. An update of yesterdays post because I left out a vital bit When I was plugging the connectors back in I didn't double check that they were all seated correctly I had put CN4 in with the pin on the far left of the 12 pin was not in That's when the playfield lights didn't come on Connected properly and still out As said before not a fuse DB66
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