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  1. someones grabbing it this week :)
  2. Any others into older vintage hifi? I buy and sell mostly 80s 90s early 00s. Good 70s gear is hot at the moment and too pricey Have had quite a few NAD integrateds,favourite being the 3140 but now finally got my hands on a separates setup being the 1155 pre and 2200 power amp After reading lots of positive feedback all of it seems true,effortless power and clarity. Best analogy would be steroids for the speakers. Great bang for bucks without spending $1000s on Denon POAs :) It's running some Subsonic XM2 mk2s and Jamo P190. surprising dyno test
  3. really sorry to hear Hank,not good at all mate *virtual hug*
  4. You can still browse and join groups on FB without giving any real info :rolleyes All the selfie and pics of your dinner is a wank but the market place is very useful for any kind of collecting
  5. Welcome aboard,loved you in Police Academy :D
  6. bump take it please,don't wanna bin it
  7. holy shit I saw that too,surprised we didn't bump shoulders lol the guy said he was very negotiable it's so faded I didn't bother posting it here
  8. staffys have the best temperament,great with kids or any scenario
  9. agree with most of that,a few more WTF's the Luke green milk scene instantly felt like a SNL skit,Leia waking up and flying through space was mega cringe LOL and yeah the asian girl/tumblr nerd was annoying as hell overall the whole thing felt like a pisstake monty python film next one is Solo,another flop I think
  10. Added to main list. Vic. Mulgrave Village Green sports bar - TOTAN South Park
  11. @miraclemandi :) the redneck thing was bit of sarcasm and inside joke lol, you'll see :D got any pics of the pins?
  12. The Last Jedi,yes it was as bad as people have been saying. and The Outsider from Netflix.American guy joins the yakuza,visually stunning but the plot is thin http://images.firstpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/OutsiderLeto-380.jpg
  13. welcome aboard,what pins have you got? oh and we don't like to use derogatory terms like "redneck" around here,it's inappropriate to sensitive viewers ;)
  14. no trolling pls it's a rotor contact board
  15. not at all,his audience has begged him for years to show the cars....not his idea
  16. Last Gamer Joel Hopkins has started a youtube channel for his car collection,he even has a KITT from the Knight Rider series not a mock up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEu_nz6sNTw
  17. The ones made for drills/drivers are magnetic
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