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  1. If Cadbury Caramilk is worth $1000 a block then this is a bargain!
  2. Remember woodworking class at school? Woodglue mixed with sawdust Personally I'd use epoxy filler
  3. Anything to keep them off that bloody Instagram is a good thing :)
  4. He did say looking to buy another machine Some people would rather buy from enthusiasts than flippers or random sellers Common in the car community when you're looking for particular models to buy from forums
  5. Do they make one with female pheromones scent?
  6. Will be interesting to see your version of it I always thought the artwork ugly but know it's very popular
  7. What about Entertech the electric ones :) Can still remember the ad jingle had the fluro green one Couldn't have them now though lol
  8. The only people I'd trust to recommend don't do it anymore :(
  9. You could try the auspost u.s post forwarding service It's simple to setup
  10. they used to work so good there was also a huge canon one which still brings good $
  11. welcome,the early KOF were awesome iori clark heidern killer team!
  12. don't suppose you've got a split window bug you'd like to offload cheap? :)
  13. Old pupper and current head of the house :D
  14. no but clicked on ad assuming it's for sale,meanwhile it already sold common courtesy
  15. I can get the mandarin speakers and contact with some over there,but doubt they'd wanna go into business with you unfortunately lmao thinking of him is so cringey just had an idea,ask old mate HOMEPIN :D
  16. Can't say I've ever seen those out in the wild. Only smaller bookshelf ones that were made in Italy. A bit of googling says they were outsourced to another manufacturer .. NAD is more known for their amps
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