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  1. Earning ability on an old game that's an interesting criteria
  2. Yeah try to find a used old one not the newly made crap. Alternatively make your own with half a laminate table, http://bfcolympiad15.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/vintage-kitchen-tables-on-magnificent-chrome-kitchen-table-.jpg And upholster the benches with old hotrod pearl vinyl
  3. vintage

    UFC Thread

    this had been SO long coming and such a good match up,really sucks Poor Maxy has got his work cut out for him lol,don't like his chances but would be incredible if he pulled something off
  4. Judging by sales on here mods do add some value to the selling price and guys are usually keen on them not keen on mods myself
  5. vintage

    UFC Thread

    Tony Ferguson is out of UFC 223 wtf! One of this year's biggest fights down the drain...
  6. Pls don't go any lower :( come on someone grab it ffs!
  7. just go with the flow,say how's it going :)
  8. Ima get me a red sports car mmhmmm you're right though,there's going to be a lot of instant millionaires thanks to our Chinese and Indian friends buying the family homes when the oldies drop off and those kids will need dmd games for their mancaves ;)
  9. Anyone want a free instruction manual? Bit folded but still ok,maybe to complete a box set can probably post it in a large envelope for few bucks
  10. Are you volunteering to get the ball rolling? Please sell me an Addams or TZ for 3k :) everyone wants bargains but top dollar when selling this thread is beating a dead horse
  11. Welcome pal What pinball do you like?
  12. Too much legwork,just clean windscreens at intersections
  13. They buy your details from hackers so you have been compromised at some point on a site you've joined up.
  14. :lol f'n icloud! http://www.techcult.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/yelling-hard-drive-latency.jpg
  15. mods pls delete that post ^^^^ :realmad: :p
  16. Unless Pauline Hanson becomes prime Minister suburban house prices aren't going down Interpret that how you like ;) It also has a ripple effect as the blue collars get priced further and further out either renting or buying Add the population growth to that too Rural is the only area not moving so much
  17. they've been saying that for 10 years or more never gonna happen
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