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  1. Got one here,no controllers ,box or AV lead. What you see is what you get :) Lemme know what you're willing to pay
  2. Has it got a bag of diamonds inside? :)
  3. Thankyou I've already spoke to them. The price is ridiculous imo
  4. Hi Defender,thanks for that. Hopefully he chimes in :)
  5. Hi guys wondering if anyone has a Surf Champ in Melbourne to sell or trade I have some machines which could be traded with or without cash adjustment Gottlieb Outer Space Gottlieb Spin Out Gottlieb Volley Gottlieb Grand Slam Gottlieb Wild Life Bally Nip It *as used in Happy Days Any assistance appreciated
  6. Hi mate,incredible collection! Would you happen to have a Midway Wild Kingdom? or any other Midway gun games of that age?
  7. Hi mate,yeah both of those have been repainted,the Strange World is done to factory style but unfortunately the Road Race was done in a gloss finish. It looks great but not true to originality.. Both were found in the late 90s from old italian/greek milkbar owners,they used to have alot of EM machines in their garages from the old days :) thanks for the link,that could be interesting this ones not really bad enough to justify a replacement,its only really around the numbers and small section near the SPECIAL but will keep in mind :023:
  8. Hi guys,new member from Melbourne. I have a Strange World here in good condition,9.5 backglass and playfield worn in a few little spots Its a great fast playing machine for sure http://s2.postimg.org/siijyo8u1/IMG_20160208_170600_1.jpg http://s28.postimg.org/f14hpda3h/11934613_1636956993210678_726565249_n.jpg
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