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  1. This game seems to have turned around from a lemon to a cracker :)
  2. Could you maybe do a video tour with a gopro mounted on your head? I'm sure people would love to see :)
  3. MCA are the best imo,grew up with them
  4. Joel Hopkins lastgamer would buy the Sonic for sure
  5. Is it a commercial junkyard or you mean someone's private property?
  6. Heat gun for decals,obviously not so close that it melts nice Jensen sub they pump
  7. Did anyone catch this series? Cringeworthy at times but still was ok [video=youtube;FHgg-NTFX3U]
  8. vintage

    UFC Thread

    Max is out too :realmad: Al Iaquinta steps in lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLaHGcI7new
  9. Welcome, the oracle said you were coming
  10. vintage

    UFC Thread

    hahahaha hahahaha this is gold, conors lost the plot! - - - Updated - - - [video=youtube;63OCvuC-GSY]
  11. Waiting for the 1080p d/l
  12. bahahaha mr blobby! how the hell did you find that :D the tv show was a trip
  13. it's a wonder they didn't use this guy as Dr Smith lol http://wikinetworth.com/uploads/Carson%20Kressley%20(FILEminimizer).jpg you bubbleheaded booby!
  14. http://globalspin365.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/tenor.gif
  15. When will they stop remaking our childhood classics! never :realmad: original ideas please
  16. Geez looks like an awesome spot you've got there,living a little dream :)
  17. It's not really a black and white rule. Every case and buyer is different as most have agreed though, for example $1k in doesn't automatically = $1k on the sale
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