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  1. Looks like a lot of hours ahead but should be worth it :) wonder what happened to those caps lol,someone swung a chainsaw at them :huh:
  2. This guy is unreal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YniiDC0J_7k
  3. That's why we don't need reboots in the 1st place hard to please everyone,if it's too different the oldies hate it and if it's too similar people say they just cloned it
  4. transport is transport,if one of the guys is doing the trip why not why would you even ask that kinda thing except to be a smart ass :rolleyes
  5. Yeah it's custom made. If store bought I'd just buy one locally :)
  6. Anyone doing Sydney to Melbourne within the next week? I need this picked up
  7. Dayton make great ones,more expensive though Class D is getting better Even higher end hifi use it now like Rotel and others They can run large speakers too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJTlkidlYPg
  8. Screw, interesting choice
  9. bahahahaha about time! bloody deadshit :lol kinda feel bad for Walter though,he was so blindly gullible Brian Kuh on suicide watch :D
  10. Some fun nostalgia but too corny and childish 5/10
  11. Bunnings have tray utes for cheap
  12. vintage

    Cup holders

    Ahh Rat there is no doubt you're a road cyclist kinda fella ;)
  13. We used to play in the 90s sometimes from 9am till 2am on sf2 and kof using MCA and not once did someone whinge about them. Also wiped the floor with most challengers so clearly they work ok :) It's just what you're used to or learnt on
  14. Yeah use a bit of judgement,PCB obviously lower so you don't cook it Depends on the solder grade too
  15. For real? Well that's an interesting result lol Good thing you had the chance to try before buy
  16. yep bargain not a flogged container pin either lol
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