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  1. Yeah there was this place down towards little bourke that we called the Red House. Opened 24/7 and always had grannies at the till. A another place next to the Souvlaki bar which was next Hungry Jacks. The bloke owned a harley but he mostly had arcades and not pins. And there was an arcade on the corner of little collins or flinders lane and swanston st up one level. This was the place where I got to the mansion on TAF for the 1st time. There was another arcade in a basement on flinders st opposite the station. I used to go there when I changed trains.


    Wow I didn't think anyone knew about that basement one at flinders. It was so grubby and seedy haha


    Used to play there and red house wagging school !

  2. We rocked up at Timezone in Bourke st and say started at 6pm and played till close. Might have been between 12-2am. Sometimes we would then go round the corner and hit the arcades in Russell st and Lygon st. If we felt like we wanted to keep going then we would hit night fever in Fitzroy St. Had about 12 places that we could crawl to. Fun factory, Princes's pool hall etc etc


    Russell st arcades were interesting back then ;)


    They stayed open all night too,great times mostly with the occasional drama lol

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